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One Shot Kill

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

One Shot Kill : Carolyn Crane : : 2006-03-28

You anti-american son of a bitch you could end up in the cross-hairs of some U.S.SOLDIERS sniper scope. ONE SHOT ONE KILL! GOD BLESS AMERICA

You, as an American don’t love Canada, so why should I, as a Canadian, love the USA? Since when is disliking the USA a capital offense? Why should I pretend not to notice the really dumb things your country is doing? namely:

If you had any pride in your country, these things would fill you with shame and you would want to correct them and put the USA back into its traditional place as moral leader of the world. There is some moral defect in your character that you celebrate these shortcomings and celebrate your country’s fall into expediency. Many of your fellow Americans take pride in their country. You do not. You have given up on it.

Why should I pretend not to notice? Why should I pretend to approve? What’s so terrible about that? I have not done anything at all to harm you, other than boycott American goods and produce. You on the other hand, have with your taxes, your votes and you cheerleading, aided and abetted torture, murder and child rape. That makes you personally a rather obnoxious bitch who should be stopped. I would say I have far more of a bone to pick with you than the reverse. I am not killing kids. You are. I am trying to save kids. You are trying to intimidate me into letting them die. What on earth motivates a monster like you? Cruella de Ville wanted to skin Dalmatian puppies to make a coat, where you want to burn young kids alive so that you can have cheaper gas. How can you bear to look at yourself in the mirror knowing how insanely selfish you are?

If I irritate you so much that you have fantasies of killing me, think why that is. The pain you feel is your own conscience pricking you. This is a sign of your mental health returning. Welcome it. Having me killed won’t make your conscience stop hurting you. It would make it even worse, not to mention the inconvenience of the legal reprisals now that you have publicly identified yourself as a suspect should I be murdered.

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