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That is not a hole

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

That is Not A Hole : Jan (last name withdrawn) : withdrawn : 2001-09-15

I am an American. I know that sometimes Americans behave badly and our government makes mistakes. No country, not even yours, is without blemish. To point the blame on the U.S. for Tuesday’s attacks is a justification of what the terrorists did and there can be no justification for such acts. Yes, I am sorry, sorry that 5,000 people are dead or missing because of some fanatics that have a perverted sense of what Islam is.


PS That hole you speak of, is not a hole. It is a huge mountain of rubble, sir. In it are the remains of my countrymen and some of your countrymen as well.

That mountain will be carefully cleared. The hole that is left should be filled with water to form a lake or pond. Eventually there would be fish, frogs and ducks right in the middle of New York.

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