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Non-Military Use Only

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Non-Military Use Only : Christian Peter : : 2008-06-09

Seeing you restricting your products for non-military use only made me really happy. I wish many more creative people would decide for their creativity not being used for destruction, torture and killing. I hope your definition of military use also includes activities of intelligence and interrogation services, governmental or commercial ones like Blackwater.

All the best and thanks for your firm standing,


I describe the non-military restriction in the contact section. Rockwell once asked for an exemption. I said No. They said Fuck you!, we are going to use it anyway. I was so furious I saw red fringes around objects, literally seeing red. I can’t actually stop people from misusing my work, but at least I can refuse to give them permission. Unfortunately, the wording has scared off the legal departments of many legitimate users. SourceForge for example won’t let me post my projects on their website.

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