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and yet, I still smile…

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

and yet, I still smile… : Daniel Craig : : 2008-04-29

I stumbled upon your website by a pure stroke of accidental misfortune, yet was unable to stop reading the contents. I am an American Soldier; I am college educated and studied Middle-Eastern history and I am well versed as it pertains to Mesopotamia, global-terror and global insurgencies. I have deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. In 2003-2004 I served in Al-Fallujah and Ar-Ramadi in the Al-Anbar province and in 2005-2006 in Tal’afar in the western Ninewah province. I spent seven months in Afghanistan training Afghani Security Forces, and would go back again to either country to serve for one reason only: my Soldiers. Although I am career-military, I do not now, nor did I ever support the Bush Administration or the pretences under which we invaded Iraq. But, unfortunately, we are there.

Surely you are aware of the Nuremberg trials. Surely you are aware that lame excuse for war crimes is not valid.

Let me emphasize We. You, Mr. Green, are not deployed. We have the obligation to be there for as long as it takes to fix the mess we created.

Surely you are aware of the Nuremberg trials. You are personally responsible for your actions. Just because you joined an army does not give you a licence to commit crimes. You are not in the least obligated to be there. Instead of the many useful things you could have done with your life, you decided to sign up to be a war criminal. It was as bizarre as signing up to be a Mafia hit man. Both are illegal. In law, going to Afghanistan or Iraq is a more serious crime than being a Mafia enforcer. Granted the chance of prosecution for either is low. But that does not change the fact you volunteered to commit a capital crime. The fact that lots of other naïve twits also did so does not change the law.

As a leader, I have the obligation to be there with my Soldiers and the local national civilians, to do my utmost to provide a secure environment for all.

Your very presence in Iraq was a war crime. Aiding and abetting an aggressive war is a capital war crime. You are already guilty of a hanging offence. It does not matter what you did there. Just going there put you on the same rank as those child rapists on death row.

So your essays and responses, which are filled with half-assed rhetoric and more inaccuracies (for example, Sunni’s and Shiite’s have merely tolerated each other since Muhammad’s death in 632 CE. There is quite a bit of contrast between the two Islam’s, which the large percentage of deeply religious Muslims still recognizes) than the O’Reilly Factor, bring me a genuine feeling of comfort and pride.

I think I know far more than almost any non-Muslim about Islam since I hung out with them attending various mosques, including reading the Qur’an from cover to cover, but even I were incorrect on that, it does not matter. It has nothing to do with your criminal behaviour.

While you spout that you are not in fact anti-American, only Anti-Bush and US-Government, but still have the audacity to malign the very people who, if you were an American, grant you that same liberty, I find myself even more proud to be an American and a Soldier.

You are a war criminal and a serial killer. You butchered people for reasons you admit were bogus. You should be contemplating suicide in regret, not cockily bragging about your war crimes. Killing innocent people decreases my security. You are insane in the legal sense. You don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

As I read your replies where you refer to individuals as retarded for their improper grammar, when I read several essays of yours that had improper grammar, my smile continues to grow.

But no citation… You are probably referring to unusual typos caused by using a DSK keyboard e.g isin and thatthan. Spell checkers can’t catch them.

Your Hollywood-esque conspiracy theories over who caused 2001-09-11, or beheaded Nick Berg are absolutely hilarious.

But you are so ignorant of science you don’t even understand the most important argument. Bush’s story can’t be true because it violates Newton Law of Gravity: d = ½ gt². You provide nothing to refute that or any other argument, just ad hominem logical fallacies. Your objection has nothing to do with the evidence. It is based on emotional reasoning, in particular fear: fear of being thought eccentric or fear of a corrupt administration. You would sooner bury your head in the sand than actually sift throught the evidence. But what would I expect from a sheep in human flesh? You are such a group-think zombie. You are such a conformist, you are afraid to even look.

Sir, have you ever held a young Iraqi child in your arms, returning him to his parents as they kiss you and your Soldiers’; cheeks, after he had been treated at a US facility because terrorists sodomized him and cut out his tongue? Have you ever looked straight into the eyes of a terrorist, who swore allegiance to Zarqawi and proclaimed himself a holy warrior and seen pure evil?

Bullshit! In any war you can always find anecdotes to show each side is heroic/evil. You have to look at the big picture. You bastards have spend $3 trillion creating misery for Iraq. You fight by high tech remote control because you want to keep your own casualties low. That necessarily means you kill mostly civilians and mostly kids. The resistance has almost no budget to fight back. The resistance will do horrible things to the traitors who collaborate with you occupying Americans. You are the ones torturing. You are the ones with Shock & Awe broadcast on CNN (Cable News Network) like some sick Romans at the Colloseum. You are the ones who started the damn war. Others of your ilk have send me colour propaganda glossies of soldiers handing out candy, building homes etc. If you wanted to do that, you would have joined the Peace Corps. The army is about killing people. Besides handing out 10,000 bags of candy does not excuse you for killing even one kid.

And while your medical personnel treated him for burns (which were sustained when he poured kerosene on a child and his father and attempted to set them on fire publicly, only succeeding to set himself on fire) he spoke perfect English and vowed to remember your name and kill your family. I presume you would view this as our fault, correct? Well, maybe it is our fault, due to the occupation. But here’s the difference between the American Soldier and everyone else: when it is our fault, we acknowledge it and do something about it. We help people, good and bad, bottom line. Do bad things happen? Of course. Are all Soldiers and Marines upright citizens? Of course, not.. That’s why one Marine out of 30,000 threw a puppy off of a cliff and four Soldiers out of 121,000 raped a 14-year old girl and killed her family. These actions were inexcusable and tragic and the individuals in question were/are being dealt with. To generalize every American Soldier and Marine as a rapist and assassin based on these isolated incidents vividly shows your lack of any rational thought.

You have shown yourself to be a psychopath from this email. You kill for no reason other than the joy of killing. You even admit you think Bush’s justifications are bogus, yet you kill anyway. You are a perfectly typical of the sort that join the military.

You are obviously intelligent, based on your BS and MS in Mathematics and I won’t dispute that. But I am concerned that your genius may be borderline insanity.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-10-02 1948-01-30 age:78)

What you mean by truth is consensus among my friends. If you hang out with fellow war criminals, you naturally have a very warped notion of truth. You have to be willing to actually look at evidence and to be willing to allow that to guide your conclusions. You lack the courage to do that. You are at heart 100% sheep. The other thing you don’t understand is in the city where I live, my views are mainstream. They seem insane to you because they are so different from the military mindfuck you have voluntarily surrendered to. I hope to show you some of its inconsistencies so you may begin to free yourself from it grip.

That’s the only conclusion I have come to in reference to these inaccurate bias’ and ramblings. But, as aforementioned, I am still smiling. So in closing, allow me to say that whether you care to acknowledge it or not, it is soldiers who grant and preserve liberties and who truly make a difference, not groups of half-minded, anti-American quasi-nationalists.

Yes they did, but that was over 60 years ago. You certainly don’t. You are basically an armed thug helping steal control of Iraq’s oil.

And understand (or don’t) why we are involved in the Global War on Terror (yes, Canada is involved too, with one Soldier deployed to Iraq with the U.N.), it is because it doesn’t matter whether or not you are white, black, Canadian, American, gay, straight, blind, deaf, or how many anti-Bush websites you manage or protests you attend, there are fundamentalist Islamo-fascist extremists who want to murder you and your family because you represent the western culture.

That tired old bullshit again. You know perfectly well the USA attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq unprovoked and that the wars have been like shooting fish in a barrel. American casualties have been almost negligible. You are out to eliminate them, not the reverse. Of course, they are defending themselves. Wouldn’t you? I think they have shown great forbearance in not killing or torturing American civilians.

Only one nation stood up initially to do anything about it and that was the United States. As much as I dislike Bush, I have to give him credit for that.

One final thought to you Sir: You have been HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) positive since 1985, correct? That means, unfortunately, that you will ultimately die of illnesses developed as a result of the AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) virus. Unless I am horribly mistaken, there still isn’t a cure for it.

That is kind of your to be concerned about my health. There have been great advances since I contracted HIV in 1985. The drug cocktails can keep you alive indefinitely. Granted there are unpleasant side effects, but they are not fatal. My doctor pointed out that heart disease is more likely to kill me than HIV.

So, instead of wasting your time being angry at the bush administration and America, or slandering US troops, or falling victim to a biased media altogether, why don’t you enjoy your remaining years with those who love you (or for lack of a more eloquent phrase, can tolerate your ass) and thank God for the 23 years you just had.

For the same reason your father put all his effort into putting Hitler in his place. You Americans under Bush and Cheney are the new Nazis. You are the biggest threat to the planet. Like Hitler, Bush subverted the constitution. Like Hitler, Bush attacked smaller nations unprovoked. Unlike Hitler, Bush used banned weapons such as white phosphorus, napalm, cluster bombs and land mines. Unlike Hitler, Bush routinely tortured POW (Prisoner Of War) s, including children. Unlike Hitler, Bush attacked primarily civilians and children. Unlike Hitler, Bush has utterly ignored the Geneva conventions. You are like some sick sadistic storm trooper, proud of your part these war crimes.

You and those like you Sir are the reason why my Soldiers and I proudly serve; so you don’t have to. There is much more I wish to say to you, but as everything I have previously written is currently falling on deaf ears and a narrow mind, I think I may refrain. Take care.

You a war criminal and if all goes well you will hang for it and I hope your confession posted here may help in your prosecution. You are a serial killer. You are as revolting as a child molester who is proud or his deeds or a public coprophile. What you have done is utterly wrong and utterly unforgivable. Patting yourself on the back for your crimes does not mitigate in any way. I think you are fouler than pigshit. You deserve to die in a hideous and painful manner. You, even more than most, knew what you were doing was wrong, but went ahead with your crimes anyway.

P.S. — I’m still smiling and couldn’t be happier to be a Soldier in the Army of the United States.

O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain
~ William Shakespear (1564-04-23 1616-04-23 age:52) Hamlet in Hamlet Act I scene v

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