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Soldiers Are Loved

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Soldiers Are Loved : perdog : : 2007-09-10

i just want to let you know that YOUR website is the extremely disrespectful form of media that true patriots dont need to see or hear. your propaganda is very untrue and fictionous… for example: in america, our troops, whether its the army, navy, marines, air force or coast guard are highly respected and loved.

I never said American military people weren’t loved. The problem is America loves its military with a Nazi-like passion. They love it right or wrong. Of course my website is disrespectful. It makes no sense to pretend to respect people who kill purely for the joy of killing. I spit on them. In my eyes they are even lower than child molesters (though many are child rapists too) since child molesters don’t routinely torture or kill their victims.

they are family men and women who ARE fighting to protect their loved ones from brainwashed terrorists that believe they will have 50 virgins in the afterlife if they blow up innocent civilians and people and themselves.

Complete bullshit. Even Bush said the terrorists on 2001-09-11 came from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan or Iraq. Why then did America deliberately attack the wrong countries? The Iraq war was planned long before 2001-09-11 as many principals have testified. Iraq and Afghanistan were judged weak. It was relatively easy to steal their resources. There are other reasons, all nothing to do with terrorism. The terrorism excuse for the war was not put forward until it had already been percolating for a couple of years. Read some of the books by Michael Scheuer. Up until 2003, he headed the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) team tracking bin Laden. He will tell you the war in Iraq has bugger all to do with protecting America. He says the Iraq war is actually a distraction from dealing with terrorists. Iraq poses no threat to the security of the USA. You have been getting your news from FOX, a corporation that won in supreme court the right to totally fabricate the news. Surely even you realise America attacked Iraq unprovoked not the reverse. Remember the night of Shock & Awe™ on 2003-03-20, 15 years and 1 month ago. when live on CNN (Cable News Network) you Americans bombed the shit out of the residential part of Baghdad, while cunts like you cheered around your TV sets as if it were a football game or a fireworks display.

I have many good friends in the military and my parents are retired sailors. they arent cold blooded killing machines.

You mean they have not killed anyone? Well they certainly aided and abetted others to do so, even it was just peeling potatoes. They certainly knew America was routinely torturing prisoners and like good Nazis went along with it, just as Nazis went along the extermination of the Jews. Listen to tapes of US soldiers in Iraq during combat. They treat killing like a giant joke. Night after night we in Canada hear of Americans casually blowing away civilians, mostly children, in their meddling in a foreign country’s internal affairs.

i just want to say that everything you preach is wrong, insulting and false. so please stop blabbing your terrorist supporting propaganda by saying that you are happy when american troops are killed.

Your national bird is the bald eagle, a predator that feeds by stealing. It was an apt choice. Why should I not rejoice when cold blooded killers are killed in the middle of committing a crime? You do realise this war is illegal and that every last American participating is an international war criminal. Why are you so soft on crime? We hanged Nazis at Nuremberg for this exact same thing, namely waging an aggressive war. Why should I take advice from someone as illiterate as you? You have not read a single book, have you? Your opinions are based on nothing more substantial that your gut feelings and drunken chat in beer parlours. You don’t even understand the most basic facts about the wars. Your opinions then are worse than worthless. There is no foundation to back them up.

You might wonder why you hawks get your tails in such a knot about my little Canadian website. You boys never mention any specific facts to counter what I say. Why? Because you don’t have any facts. You don’t even know any facts. You know in your hearts I am right. You know that if your religious beliefs are correct, you are doomed for an eternity in hellfire. You just don’t like being reminded. You have no more excuse for your actions than did the Nazis, who similarly temporarily got caught up thinking that attacking other countries was a Good Thing™ because everyone else was doing it.


Soldiers Are Loved II : perdog : : 2007-09-10

face it roedy, youre a crazed america hater. the united states is the greatest country in the world, not to sound concieted and cocky, but it is.

You sound like a WWF (World Wrestling Federation) braggart. How about some facts, not this childish breast beating? The US has a the biggest military. It consumes the most. It pumps the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Were I an American I would be ashamed of how my country had squandered its potential on Roman excess, military domination and economic exploitation.

and i bet if you asked some of your non left-wing extremist friends, they would agree that the american people are good people.

What’s good about routinely torturing POW (Prisoner Of War) s, attacking countries that did not attack you first, killing kids by the hundreds of thousands and using banned weapons such as napalm, white phosphorus, cluster bombs and land mines? What’s good about being the stingiest developed county in foreign aid? Even Saudi Arabia gives 55 times as much as you Americans. Yet you pride yourselves on your generosity. You Americans brag about your health care system, yet it costs twice as much as anyone else’s and produces results neck and neck with Cuba, below all other developed countries. Further, it fails to cover a substantial fraction of the population. They go completely without care. Your inflated self opinion is based on wilful aggressive ignorance. You are either in extreme denial or your values are Satanic.

you have every right in the world to state your opinion, whether i agreee with it or not.

Few people care about my opinions. What infuriates them are the facts and especially the photos. Read the other feedback. They don’t like having unpleasant fact pushed in their faces. They don’t like me holding up a mirror to their evil behaviours.

but dont get the illusion in your mind that im an uneducated dumbass that just shoots the shit over beers. i have a college education and id appreciate it if you didnt insult my intelligence when you dont know me.

Bull! You punctuate, write and spell like the average 9 year old. What a liar! What college was it the Fich Institute of Basket Weaving? a correspondence course while in prison?

I don’t drink. I read. I have watched every documentary I could find on 2001-09-11 and the wars. I have interviewed people who have been there. I suggest you try it rather than just relying on slogans and newsbites to create your political ideas. You are an apologist for crimes worse than those committed by Nazis. That makes you a sadistic sicko, whose opinions are not worth shit.

Again you provided not one single fact in your post to refute anything on my website, just posturing. An university-educated person would know how to debate better than that. Perhaps you got your degree the same way Bush did, by having daddy donate a building.

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