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your iraqi photos

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

your iraqi photos : cjg : 2005-11-16

rather lame randy. you probably fancy yourself a liberal and a war protester whose czuse is righteous.

if a progressive government is ever to be imposed within this country, you are going to have to do better than that.

you young kids. photos out of viet nam were far more disturbing. not one of your photos, either collected or taken by yourself, stands a chance of truly shocking the american public.

i am a marxist/leninist randy, as should you be too. therefore, if you are going to actually DO something for the establishment of a proper government within these united states of embaressment, you are going to have to do better. much better.

we haven’t worked our asses off for all thyese years, just to have the next generation be slack.

suck it up, get your shit together and make your web-site more shocking.

i promise that more liberal blogs will have your link mentioned in them; but you do your part. it is never easy to puch forward true progressive thinking upon a contry of dullards, but i and we are conting on you to do your part.

see the attached. perhaps religion will not be the opiate of the people this time round.



I don’t know why you think it is up to me to fight your communist revolution for you. Communism had its chance and it bogged in bureaucracy and special privilege.

You must be pretty jaded if my videos and photos don’t shock you. They keep me awake at nights. I have not pulled punches. Those are the most dramatic photos I could find. Those are the photos and videos that should prove to the American public what Nazis they have become. If you saw my mail, you would know I am hitting a nerve. Have you looked at the Italian TV White Phosphous video? If you have better photos, please pass them along.

Given that the intent of your message appears to be to discourage my protest, I wonder if you truly are opposed to the Iraq war.

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