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Who Are You To Judge American Soldiers?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Who Are You To Judge American Soldiers? : Quitney Butler : 2009-06-12

I am referring to your web site in general. Who are you to judge AMERICAN soldiers and you live in Canada?

What’s so special about American soldiers? Why should only American misdeeds be exempt from criticism? You surely have no compunction to condemn Congolese, Somalian, Sudanese, North Korean, Nazi, Iraqi and Afghan soldiers. You are even willing to kill them. Why should I not feel free to condemn war criminals like yourself who partake in illegal wars? I live in free country.

Stay in your neck of the woods. I leave on June 26 going over to fight for my country.

That is just your cover motive, like the one a paedophile uses as his respectable cover for joining the priesthood. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the USA. Your country attacked them unprovoked to protect their oil interests. But you know that, so why do you try to snow me with your BS about fighting for my country? How stupid do you think I am? It was no secret the USA attacked Iraq unprovoked and that the justification of the mushroom cloud and the WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) turned out to be bald-faced lies. The USA invaded Afghanistan unprovoked on 2001-10-07 when you were only about 13 years old. The USA invaded Iraq unprovoked on on 2003-03-20 when you were only about 14 years old. For me this feels like last week, but for you, it likely would have happened before you started paying serious attention to current events. But what bothers me is you have refused to study that period of history because you are so eager to play soldier or you are lying through your teeth about what you do know of those times. You don’t want facts to get in the way of your fun. It is hard to believe a young woman could contemplate murder so casually. The precise details of why your country went to war against Afghanistan and Iraq are in the politics section of the website. Because the USA is the aggressor, in no danger and because you surely know this, your true motive has bugger all to do with defending the USA. You are not protecting the USA from invasion. You just like the idea of being a soldier, of lording it over others, torturing, maiming killing. It is unusual for a female, but perhaps you are even into rape or child rape. You could be lying even to yourself. Look in the mirror. That’s what serial killer looks like.

I am glad to say i am a soldier. you are so disrespectful to us.

Of course, I am. How could it be otherwise? People don’t respect killers. People don’t respect criminals. People don’t respect bullies. People don’t respect sadistic perverts. It is preposterous to expect respect when you behave as you do. Your are about to aid and abet an aggressive war. That is a capital crime. Capital means death penalty. It is possible you are so ignorant or so stupid you don’t know that. Perhaps you are so keen on mayhem you are simply in deep denial of the legal consequences. But ignorance of the law is no excuse. You are still a war criminal and deserve to be treated with the same respect due all other war criminals. Read your history. All the Nazis hanged at the end of WWII (World War II) were hanged for the exact same charge you are about to commit — aiding and abetting an aggressive war (i.e. one where your country is the aggressor).

I am a 21 year old female and if scary men like you would get off your ass we would not be fighting.

There is no need to fight unless you are attacked. Your nation subscribed to this principle when it signed a treaty to join the U.N. way back in 1946 then repeatedly broke its word. You personally are fighting because you are a bully and sadist. Your country is fighting for control of oil, not out of self-defence. The notion that Iraqis who subsist on $5 a month, fighting off invaders with kitchen-made bombs, without vehicles, ships, planes or missiles could invade the USA is laughable. If you take the notion seriously, you are clinically paranoid. You are about to commit a capital crime. Surely it behooves you to triple check up on why you imagine it is a good idea to go half way round the world on safari to hunt people who were no threat to your family. Surely you should at least ask a lawyer about the legality before taking such a drastic, irreversible step. Every competent serial killer prepares carefully for his crime and how to get away with it.

Maybe you have nothing better to do with your life than to sit around and trash us.

I would think that saving lives is an excellent way to spend one’s time. In contrast, hunting children is a rather sick and pointless sport. If can prevent you from aiding abetting those illegal wars, I will save lives. I may further save you from being killed pointlessly in action or suffering later criminal proscecution and execution or a lifetime in prison. It is worth considerable effort.

get a job or something.

Despite my ill health, I get a lot more accomplished each day than you do. How many books have you written? Where is your 5.5 gigabyte website? How many computer programs you written? How many students in the third world do you coach each day? How many people have you guided through life crises?

What if it would have been your country that had been attacked; would you feel any different?

Of course. It would be completely different if Iraq or Afghanistan had attacked the USA or Canada, but they did not. Al-Qaeda, alleged to have attacked on 2001-09-11, were Saudis, not Iraqis or Afghans. The 2001-09-11 bankroller was the head of the Pakistan ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). If you think those two wars have anything to do with 2001-09-11, you are sorely mistaken. Even the Bush administration has repeatedly admitted there was no connection. If anyone, you Americans should be bombing Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Surely your parents taught you about the lynchings of blacks in America. White folk would hang and burn any black person to pay for a crime allegedly perpetrated by some other unrelated black person. You are just as racist. You are killing Arabs and Muslims you know could not possibly have had any remote connection to 2001-09-11. You lump all brown-skinned people from the Middle East together in your blind hate. You are indulging is the same lazy, sick and racist thinking as the white folk in this photo to justify your hate crimes:


Have you ever been over there if not then you have no clue t is going on. When you come back down to earth and realize that the Iraqi’s think its ok to harm Americans; maybe you will have a different opinion.

One opening day of the war I sat with Iraqi expatriates watching the war on TV. I would hazard a guess you have not even talked to one Iraqi in your agressively ignorant life. They were naïve, thinking the USA was going to liberate them from Saddam. But the Americans bombed the residential sections of Baghdad live on CNN (Cable News Network). They were screaming and crying at the betrayal. Of course, they want you out. If somebody invaded your country and occupied it for 15 years and 1 month, wouldn’t you want them out? Would you not feel completely justified in killing the invaders by any means possible? You so unbelievably conceited to imagine that Americans who killed millions of Iraqi civilians in the sanction bombings should be welomed like Jesus with waving palm fronds. Even the puppet Iraqi parliament just voted to ask the Americans to leave.

My deepest wish for you is you do a little research and come to your senses before 2009-06-26 and give up your life of crime. Failing that, I hope you get you fool head blown off the day you land in the middle east, before you hurt anyone. If you are going to murder someone, should you not triple check that the crime is absolutely necessary? If you refuse out of laziness, you don’t belong in the human gene pool.

Army Specialists Quitney Butler

Who Are You To Judge American Soldiers? II : Quitney Butler : 2009-06-13

Maybe we should just take a bomb and wipe them all out if you ask me!

That is as racist as saying kill all the niggers or kill all the Jews. You have almost zero understanding of international affairs. You are too agressively ignorant to even have a valid opinion. You are like a child pontificating to adults about sex.

They are over there killing each other everday and our people everyday.

Any you spraying even more bullets will help the situation? How stupid can you be? Nobody was no intersectarian violence until you Americans invaded. Your country deliberately fanned the violence by hiring Shiite death squads to terrorise Sunnis. The idea was to divide and conquer. You are the ones with the trillion dollar budget for murder and all the high tech weapons to kill by remote control. You are doing the bulk of the killing and certainly the bulk of the child-killing. Your safe, remote-control, high-altitude, high tech methods of waging war don’t let you look carefully at your victims before killing them. You are the ones who routinely torture all detainees by refusing them water. (You have absolutely no idea wha that is like. I do. It is millions of times worse than you would possibly imagine.) You Americans tease the French mercilessly for not putting up greater resistance to Hitler. Why should the Iraqis lie and down and let you Americans walk all over them? You Americans invaded illegally. It is completely legitimate for the Iraqis and Afghans to resist the American occupation. That is legal. Invading is not.

As far as what I do with my life I am doing pretty good. I will always be took care of by my country of killers. You are only one person, our people stand behind us 100%. You might think the was is pointless but we think its for a good cause. What are you going to do when one of your third world students blows you all topieces and never thinks rwice about it. They think it is loyal to die for their country. and you dont mean anything to them !!!!!!

Huh? What has defending against domestic terrorism got to do with attacking two third world nations implicated in not even a single incidence of domestic terrorism? I think you tend to lump everyone together, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Afghans, Arabs, Sunnis, Shiites, Iraqis, Baathists, the 2001-09-11 terrorists, Kurds, Muslims… You blame the crimes of a small group on everyone you hate. That is racist thinking. It is the same sort of thinking that allows an American white supremacist to kill a black child for the crimes of some anonymous black rapist. The USA stomping about beating up third world nations is recruits potential terrorists living in America outraged at the improper American behaviour. Hitler had almost 100% support, but that did not make what he was doing right. You are out of touch. Polls show most Americans want the war stopped. You are a psychopath. You act purely out of mindless hate. None of these people you want to harm did anything to hurt you, your family or the USA. The USA invaded their country on a pretext of liberating them, then betrayed them, murdering, occupying and stealing their natural resources, not just oil, but also their entire genetic bank of seeds. You are a stupid, sadistic bitch. With all my heart I hope you are killed before you do any actual damage. Show this post to your friends so they can be angry with me if my wish comes true. Much as I utterly detest you and hold you in complete contempt, I would prefer you avoid killing yourself or anyone else. Your friends want you to kill both yourself and others for no reason. You are just as mindlessly idiotic as any terrorist or suicide bomber in Iraq fighting the occupation. They at least are fighting for freedom from American domination. You are fighting purely out of racist hatred and sadistic pleasure. You are such an American chaunvinist that you think Iraqis should kiss American ass when American soldiers maim, rape and kill their kids. What nonsense! That is the sort of master race crap Hitler spouted. You are like a mugger complaining when an old lady victim had the gumption to whack yo back with her umbrella. You can’t seem to get it throught you Neatherthal-thick skull that you attacked them, not the reverse. It would be cowardly of them if they did not try to wring your cretinous bloodly necks. You are supposed to resist invaders! Would not you resist some foreign power invading your country? How can you be so dense as to think it is good for you to defend your country but not for anyone else to do the same?

You are in the same boat as the Viet Nam vets. The military lied to them too that the Viet Namese would invade the USA if Americans did not kill them all first. It did not happen. It was a lie calculated to fool ignorant, trusting folk such as yourself. Go find some Viet Nam era vets (you will recognise them by the missing limbs and tics) and ask them what they would do if they had a chance to do it over. Ask them about their nightmares. Once you murder, nothing can ever undo it.

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