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Incorrect Labels

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Incorrect Labels : Douglas Price : : 2008-07-04

I noticed some of the pics you are showing which by far is cruel and wrong, are mislabeled. In fact the corps hanging from the bridge is not an American Merc, he was an American contractor working for Halliburton.

I checked it out. The people burned and hanged from a bridge in Fallujah on 2004-03-31 were contractors working for a security company Xe née Blackwater, not Halliburton. Security contractors who help kill people in Iraq are mercenaries. Surely you have seen the documentary on how those companies behave, casually bumping off Iraqi civilians as they drive. You are still a soldier if your rôle is peeling potatoes for the combat troops. You are still a mercenary if you are work for a company that offers thugs for hire. So, you are quibbling and lying yourself. Those hung from the bridge were part of the illegal occupation and thus fully deserved their fate.

You need to be careful of what you mislabel because of guys like me who were there for this war more than once. Your mislabeling can be misconstrude as lies. A lot of falsehoods, half truths, I can not stress enough that you need to back up your words and pics with proof instead of just labeling as you see fit. While I am not a fan of this oil/money war, I am however, a soldier who will do what I must to ensure my freedom, if that means killing to protect then thats what I must do.

Get serious! You can’t really believe that crap. The USA attacked Iraq unprovoked, not the reverse. You are occuping their country, not the reverse. You are interfering with their freedom, not the reverse. Even the evidence of WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions) used to justify the illegal invasion turned out to be bogus. You sound like some Chinese soldier justifying the invasion and permanent occupation of Tibet as freeing the people. Surely you aware than polls show 90% of Iraqis including the puppet government want you out. Forcing yourself on someone is not contributing to their freedom.

Surely part of your basic training was the elements of international law, when you are obligated to obey an order and the legal penalties for failing to obey a legitimate order and for obeying an illegal one. Surely you know that by participating in the Iraqi war you are violating the Geneva convention and the Nuremberg principles. Surely you know that by aiding and abetting the illegal Iraq war you have committed a hanging offence.

Unless you have been there then you have no way of proving anything you show or say, myself, I do because I have been on the other end of the war, getting shot at, blown up and nearly killed.

You know more about the details of the slaughter, but you are utterly clueless about why it is going on. You have not read a single book, have you? I have talked to Iraqis ex-patriates who stay in contact with relatives back home. You talk only to your fellow soldiers. You voluntarily submitted to brainwashing, aka boot camp and a torrent of controlled disinformation from the Pentagon, to the exclusion of all other information sources. So ironically, you are one of the most misinformed people on the planet about the Iraq war. You are the ultimate propaganda pawn.

I have never taken part in any type of unnecessary killings and I have never ever heard of or have ever seen wrongful killings.

You don’t seem to get it. Because the USA attacked Iraq unproved, all the killings are not only unnecessary but illegal and not only illegal, capital offences. This is not just my personal opinion. Go study for yourself.

A prima facie case can be made that the United States is guilty of the supreme crime against humanity, that being an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.
~ Benjamin Ferencz (1920-03-11 age:98) Chief Prosecutor for the United States in The Einsatzgruppen Case at the Nazi Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.
The invasion and occupation of Iraq is illegal.
~ Kofi Annan (1938-04-08 age:80) Secretary General and Boutros Boutros-Ghali former Secretary General of the U.N.
The invasion of Iraq was illegal from the start.
~ Walter Cronkite (1916-11-04 2009-07-17 age:92) 2007-12-04, Common Dreams
This [the Iraq war] is just an excuse to get Iraq’s oil.
~ Nelson Mandela (1918-07-18 2013-12-05 age:95)
Yes, there are those on every side of this war who do it for fun and they are wrong.

Yes and so are you. The war is illegal. You aided and abetted it. You committed a capital crime. Your motive for any murders you committed and for your participation in the war is irrelevant.

I refuse to be labeled a murderer by those of you who see it that way. Unless you have actual been there proof of anything then you must be truthful, not just say what you think is right.

You told me an absolutely preposterous excuse why you decided to go to Iraq to kill people. That means you have not yet admitted your real motive for your serial killing spree. May you hang for your war crimes. Even if you did not kill anyone, you can still hang. All you have to do is aid and abet an aggressive war. Recall that Joseph Goebbels was so charged even though he did not kill anyone.

Even if you never fired a single round, or napalmed a single child, or tortured a single P.O.W. you are still guilty of murder. If you drove the getaway car for a bank heist and one of the other bank robbers killed a guard, in the eyes of the law, you are also guilty of murder. You were involved in a criminal conspiracy, that resulted in a murder. The same applies to this war. All you have to do is aid and abet the war. In law, the Iraq war is a species of criminal conspiracy. Whether you will ever be prosecuted in another matter. Usually only the biggest fish and the most egregious sadists swing. But that does not change the fact you are a death row criminal in the eyes of the law. You are morally equivalent to a child rapist/murderer on death row. So, metaphorically, I spit on you with utter contempt.

~ Douglas Price B SPC (Specialist) NG NG NGB

All this means is he was in the National Guard, perhaps got sucked into Iraq by Bush’s treachery and did not have the courage or sense to pull a Lt. Watada.

Incorrect Labels II : Douglas Price : : 2008-07-04

wow, so much propaganda, i don’t even know where to start accept that your feeding lies to the public without any proof!

Precisely what did I say you think is untrue? What is your evidence? Do you think I faked those quotes from authorative people on why you are a war criminal? Did you do any checks at all on the statements you found troubling?

I have been there, even if to you it was illegally.

It has nothing to do with me. I am just pointing out the law. Whether you or I agree with or disagree with the law does not change it one iota. You are suffering from extreme wishful thinking. You don’t want to be a war criminal, so you just have faith you can’t possibly be and reinforce your delusion by talking only to other fellow war-criminal believers and avoid studying the law to keep your ignorance intact. You are much like a Christian afraid to study evolution. Check it out for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

Those were not black water security, thats a cover story.

But you offer no evidence for your conspiracy theory. Further, why bother with such a story? In the public’s mind Blackwater and Halliburton are almost interchangeable.

Most of those killed in Iraq are not of Iraq citizenship, insurgence consists of other than Iraqi.

There is only one peer-reviewed study of casualties in Iraq, published in the British medical magazine, Lancet. It says otherwise. You kill mostly civilians. This is obvious to everyone who has a TV. The world watched you Shock & Awe bomb the residential sections of Baghdad on the opening day of the war. When you bomb a residence you necesarily kill mostly civilians and of them mostly kids. Is it is necessary side effect of that cowardly, blind, remote-control style of warfare. In any third world country most people are children.

I do not quibble or lie to myself accept when I tell myself that those who tell BS stories and half truths(you) that I don’t want to hurt them I just wan to talk. See every country has their way of spreading propaganda good or bad, Canada has you! Germany had there Dis-informants, the US has its own as well. I am the most misinformed? so what does that say about yourself?

This difference is this. You are proud of the fact you close your ears to all but one source of information. You see this as your patriotic duty. I seek out every possible point of view, including those who disagree with me. The fact you read my website is a sign your relaxing your guard to new ideas.

You know the whole truth through the media, televised documentary and the so called Iraqi patriots!? So, basically your spitting on my county and yet your own troops are in the great loving country of Iraq doing the same job as I. I guess that you are the only one who is righteous and a true Patriot of God.

That is a straw man. To see how ridiculous a straw man that is read the material I have written on god and religion.

This is the type of slander that gets people hurt and in serious trouble with the world. 90% of who?

That 90% number came from an interview on Charlie Rose. The Washington Post reported 65% on 2006-09-27. On an 2007-01-31 poll of whether there should be a timetable for the withdrawal of US-led forces from Iraq, 87% say that it was, including 64% of Kurds, 94% of Sunnis and 90% of Shia. Do you have polls that show the opposite?

Thats a huge lie, ask them yourself and then explain to them what will happen when we leave their country open at the boarders, then the rest of the outside world will come pouring in!

When Nazi Germany attacked France, other nations came to her aide Why should not Iraq’s neighbours come to her aid? You Americans invaded Iraq unprovoked and illegally. You are there mainly to gain control of Iraq’s oil. You are the bad guys! You are just as deluded as the Nazis with your racist views of your virtue and master race divine destiny to run others’s affairs..

I am a highly educated individual, I am a junior at a University at this time, bach. in Health Studies, assoc. in English LIT., pursuing a second Bach in phsycoclogy.

A likely story. You can’t even come close to spelling psychology correctly. In my circles, highly educated means more than one PhD, not graduated high school. Most fifth graders can spell better than you. I find it incredible you even managed to graduate from high school, much less with dreams of a career in literature.

So, I do not read books and I and illiterate yet I am graduating in the Spring of ’09.

I read quite well and I am well versed in world history and the history of modern warfare. I am NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) qualified, Chemical, biological and germ and nukes…you only have to read a small handbook on how to blow things up. So, yes your right, i do not read many books just how to manuals.

I did not get sucked into doing much accept in accepting your bait at a worthless dead end propaganda fight over something that you believe is the truth. That statement does not parse. So, now that you know who am then I guess you had better turn me into the authorities, tell them where I live(Idaho) and make sure you tell them that I went to Iraq to kill innocent people even though the insurgents got to them first. Give the cops my name and tell them I committed war crimes and I killed the innocent people, tell them i am sorry for making the innocent people run into my bullets and that i told them that those big shiny things falling from the sky were just footballs, go catch them and you will get rewarded! i will sit right here where the army knows where i live so they wont have to hunt me down. Make sure you tell them i murdered for fun!

Apparently you are confused between US federal law, US military law and international law. The crimes you confess to committing are international war crimes. The US government and the military will only extremely rarely prosecute you for them, mainly for show when there is a lot of publicity, e.g. Mai Lai or the Stephen Green rapes. In fact, they will protect you from prosecution at the world court in many ways. For example, whenever the US gives foreign aid, they insist the recipient sign a treaty agreeing not to hand over Americans to the world court.

I wouldn’t join the International Criminal Court. This is a body based in The Hague where unaccountable judges, prosecutors, could pull our troops, our diplomats up for trial. And I wouldn’t join. And I understand that in certain capitals of, around the world that that wasn’t a popular move. But it’s the right move not to join a foreign court that could, where our people could be prosecuted.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2004-10-01 confessing he is an international scofflaw during the first presidential debate with Kerry.

I explained earlier, whether you face prosecution is quite a different matter from whether you broke the law. That distinction apparently sailed over your head, or perhaps you are pretending not to understand as part of your denial, or perhaps you subscribe to an infantile system of morality where good and bad are defined by whether you get caught and punished for a deed. You seem to think because you have so far escaped prosecution what you have done must therefore be legal. You have brazenly confessed to a hanging offence. Your neck depends on three things.

  1. All presidents between now and your death thumbing their noses at the world court and having the financial, political and military might to protect you from prosecution. You have followed the meltdown of the American dollar, the rise of China and the failure of the American military machine to prevail in either Afghanistan or Iraq, despite economy-breaking expenditure. The USA is slowly sinking as a world power, just as Britain sank in the last century.
  2. Americans are losing patience with you serial killers and the political will to keep protecting you is weakening. Recall the surprise and indignation of Nazis kidnapped and arrested even into their 90s and tried for war crimes. You need that political will to stay strong until you are senile. President Obama could well acknowledge the authority of the world court, as Kerry wanted to do.
  3. That you are a small enough fish, with common enough crimes so that you won’t be part of the first wave prosecuted.

Whether you are eventually prosecuted or eventually hanged is incidental to the fact that you broke the law and brazenly confessed to committing a hanging offence. At the minimum, you deserve social exile and disaprobriation in the meantime. Your conscience should be eating your brain like a sulphuric acid drip.

Please print this to your small minded audience.

If you check the feedback section, you will discover you my audience consists of a fair percentage of people with views like yours, including other war criminals as deeply in denial.

Lt. Watada did not wan to fight because he did not get the promotion he wanted so he cried and pissed his pants.

And you know this because? I think you are just making that up. You offered no evidence, as is your wont. I doubt he would not put up with that much shit for so petty a motive.

When a pickpocket looks at a saint, he sees only his pockets.
~ Anonymous

Incorrect Labels III : Douglas Price : : 2008-07-07

ok, so I have actually done some thinking on this situation and I have come to this conclusion. You seem to be so full of yourself and you come off as self righteous that there is now way that anyone is going to convince you other wise… In short, you have no proof of anything you have written or spoken of.

My website is full of links, underlined red text. Click them for backup on my summaries. I spend hours every time maintaining them. If there is some particular fact you question, ask about it. The key issue is international law. Nothing I will say will convince you. You have to look for yourself. You refuse to do that. Be warned, if you ask the Pentagon, they will lie to you for obvious reasons. You remind me of the bishops who refused to look through Galileo Galilei’s telescope afraid of the truth they might see that would upset their world view. You’d sooner spout aguments why the law should be as you wish it than go look for yourself to see how it is.

In your circle I think that if everyone is a PhD. then they should be smart enough to see an ignorant, blind to everyone, self righteous.

Whether I am arrogant/self righteous/ignorant or not is completely irrelevant to the only important issue, is what you are doing illegal? You are just throwing up a smoke screen to dodge the issue of your own criminality. Whether you are guilty or not has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion of you or your opinion of me. It is a matter of law, something you can check up completely independent of me once you stop playing your cuttlefish and ostrich games.

Your no one unless you are like me, your a racist because you are in the military and i am not, hate myself because ican, hate my own country, thoughtless, heartless, sadistic, wishful thinking, right wing extremist! fact: look it up online, @ DOD (Department Of Defence) website, reference the contractors deaths on the date in question, get their names run them through, people finder on the net, does not matter where you search, their employers name will come up and whom they were employed by is Haliburton, supply and service, not Blackwater. Blackwater does not employ supply services…security only.

This Blackwater/Halliburton issue is utterly irrelevant to your guilt. You seem to think that if you can prove those hanged worked for Halliburton, than somehow exonerates you. Further, the DoD is in the business of disinformation, so they I would trust them least. You work for them, so you trust them most. Either way it is completely irrelevant to the only important issue, is what you are doing illegal?

iam not a Communist Chinese Soldier who is oppressing the Tibetan, I am sure there are a few Chinese soldier who would rather be home instead of playing occupation games.

You are obviously not a Chinese Communist, but you have the same racist beliefs that your brutality and occupation somehow serves lesser peoples.

Ah, but you still would call them butchers even if the were within 0.80 megameter (500 miles) of a killing. 90% of Iraqis, ok who did the survey? Did they actually go take a poll? I mean door to door? You are smart enough to know that the calculation can not be done because they do not have the means to do a poll accept for a few hundred… Press does not even go out with out an armed escort, its a combat zone! Ah, then again you will say i know someone who knows someone who knows some one who is related to an Iraqi and they said they took an official poll…Am I right?

It is not me who says this, it is international law to which the USA has signed on. You can be be convicted of a war crime without even leaving US soil. Have you noticed how Bush and Cheney avoid international travel? They are war criminals who have commited a capital crime. All you have to do is aid or abet an illegal war. Instead of supposing, why not do some research on polls yourself? Google search However, you make my point for me. If a Nazi soldier asked you what you thought of the occupation of France, you would be a fool to say anything but lavish praise. Ditto of pollster who is or is accompanied by an occupying soldier in Iraq. Polls will tend to err toward favouring American occupation. Even with that bias, the polls show the Iraqis overwhelmingly want you out. That is human nature. Nobody wants to be occupied by foreigners, especially ones who practice a different religion, especially invaders you are convinced are there just to rip off your natural resources, especially ones who routinely torture detainees, especially ones who use banned weapons that target kids like cluster bombs, DU (Depleted Uranium), white phosphorus, napalm and land mines. You are Americans are so fully of yourselves to imagine anyone would love and respect you after the way you behave.

Basic law…Basic law applies in or out of the military, the Irish do not support illegal wars yet I have travelled freely there, Budapest, Germany, Spain…I have been everywhere and ihave stuck out like a white guy in a tuxedo…never been approached and never been detained for murdering Iraqis, If I was doing wrong then the government of the hosting country has the right to arrest me for international war crimes or even murder if they have the proof. If this is all true as you say then I should be getting prosecuted as we speak for these horrific crimes. The world is not going to wait if I am guilty…quit telling people they are going to hang for their crimes, if it were so then it would have happened…So its wishful thinking on your part. As I say, tell them where I live, my name and everything else including what I have done …supposedly… and that I should be hung for murder! I will sit right here and wait for the cops. Understand if this were the wild west, then you could be hung for treason against the royal gov’t. Come here and you can get the same thing, if this were the wild west. Even in the 1500-1600s, speaking out against the monarchy got you the gallows, even in Japan, middle east, pretty much every where…You can not win with your tired ass rhetoric!

It is a war crime whether I say so or not. It has nothing to do with my credibility. Look it up yourself; don’t take my word for it. Signatory countries are legally bound to detain and try you, but they don’t. Why? Think for a second what would happen if say Germany, the country most likely to do this, were to detain and try you, or even worse kidnap you. The USA currently does not recognise the authority of the world court. It is a rogue nation. The president would threaten Germany with economic sanctions and even invasion. Bible belt Americans would treat it the same as if tourists or a band of heroic firefighters had been kidnapped by terrorists. No country currently has the balls to stand up to the USA. You are safe from prosecution, for now. Bush is protecting you, much as a Mafia don protects his thugs from proscecution, by intimidation.

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.
~ Voltaire (1694-11-21 1778-05-30 age:83) [François Marie d’Arouet Voltaire]
your tax dollars at work

However, recall in the first presidential debate on 2004-09-30 between Kerry and Bush where Bush stood firm on his policy of protecting American war criminals from prosecution. Kerry wanted to join the world community and accept the authority of international law and the world court, giving up might makes right. Had Kerry won, you might be swinging now. If Obama wins, ditto. Let’s say you live to 90. Any president between now and then could cave to international pressure and accept the authority of the world court. The USA, like Britain in the last century, is gradually waning as a world power. The USA will not be #1 for your entire lifetime. Read the finanical pages about the decline of the dollar and the ballooning debt and the way jobs and manufacturing have fled America. The USA won’t continue indefinitely to have the economic or military might, or the poltical will to protect you. As the Iraq and Afghanistan war crimes become better known to the American public, they will more and more wish to disassociate themselves from them. Recall how the Gulf War heros of yesterday are forgotten in the trashbin of today. Recall that Nazis in their 90s faced trial. So could you if you were a big enough bastard that someone wanted to make the effort to hunt you down and prosecute you.

You are being deliberately dense is your failure to acknowledge the difference between something being illegal and there being a high probability of getting caught soon. Embezzling is illegal. However, there is very little chance of getting caught. That does not make embezzling legal or morally acceptable. You can’t determine matters of law by reasoning. Just because you reason something should be or should not be illegal does not make it so. You have to research to find out how it is actually. In any system of morality, invading someone’s property and killing their kids is the ultimate wrong. You are criminally insane to wrap the white cloak of virtue around yourself for these deeds. The legal definition of insanity is not knowing the difference between right and wrong.

You are using what psychologists call emotional reasoning. You look to your gut. It if feels happy with a belief, you presume it must be so. Donuts make your gut happy, but that does not make them good for you. Killing kids in Iraq may make your pecker stiff, but that does not make it legal. You remind me of a child molester the police once sent to me to see if I could talk some sense into him. He enjoyed molesting his 10 year old son. I could not convince him what he was doing was illegal or wrong. He just kept saying But I wanna.

You do not have to change: survival is not mandatory.
~ Dr. W. (William) Edwards Deming (1900-10-14 1993-12-20 age:93) On Overcoming Resistance to Change

to be continued…

Incorrect Labels IV : Douglas Price : : 2008-07-07

i'll get back to you on this dialog. I am trying to utilize my meta reasoning processes instead of being an archaic type like your self, with your display of, I can think big and use big words and phrases, You mean big words like graduated, cuttlefish, sulphuric, child molester? What word sent you racing to the dictionary? i'm pretty cool! I was hoping to make this a more of a duolog instead of a dialog, I would rather learn what drives you to be so angry and hoe you came to think like you do, see it has a lot to do with that thing called meta-cognitive listening and reasoning. Do you know where i am going? We are all emotional listeners and emotional reasoning is natural… your calling the kettle black…oh, i am sorry i do not want to be racist so it should be African American or is that too political for you? I have friends in every spectrum of the color and orientation, what about you? I have not displayed one iota of racism…not one, so maybe you can come down off your high horse and quit calling people what you are obviously hiding from the world and your self, yes remember, you hate that which you fear the most. Its not the person I hate, its what a person does wrong that affects the lives of others!

Those generalities so vague there is little to comment on. When I accuse you of racism, I am not referring to your attitude toward American blacks but toward Iraqis. You treat them as expendable. You patronise them, claiming you know better than they what is best for them. What is worse, you murder them without cause. You have same racist attitudes exemplified in the phrase The only good injun is a dead injun.

To me, you are just another sicko like Hannibal Lecter. I don’t relish the idea of being chummy with you. I simply want to stop you from killing. I want to expose you for the fraud you are. I want to jolt people out of their sleepwalk that makes them blind to your crimes. I am not one of those death row groupies fascinated by serial killers. I despise you.

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