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How Dare You!

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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

How Dare You! : Sarah Hankinson : : 2007-10-16

honestly i dont know how u can sit there making the men and women fighting for country into murderers!?

Very simple. People who kill are murderers. People who aid and abet murderers are also murderers. The USA attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq unprovoked. That makes everyone in the US military aiding and abetting these wars an international war criminal. By the principles of Nuremberg they are all guilty of a hanging offence, namely waging an aggressive war.

Don’t get me wrong you have your right to have your own opinion about the war in Iraq. And there is nothing wrong wrong with disagreeing about our reasoning behind the war and you to tell you the truth I don’t dont completely agree on why we are over there. But I don’t see any reason to not support our troops.

That is Nazi reasoning. I’m innocent. I vas chust following orders. That does not wash since Nuremberg. We held the Nazi soldiers personally responsible for their atrocities. So are the Canadian and American soldiers.

They are fighting for our country for our freedom, YOURS and MINE!

Absolute crap! Afghanistan and Iraq don’t have and never did have any possible means to curtail our freedom. They fight with home-made bombs for Christ sake. The average income of an Iraqi is $5.00 USD a month. They have no planes, tanks, helicopters, armoured vehicles, warships, missiles bioweapons, nuclear weapons… US Soldiers are in Iraq to gain control of the #2 oil reserves on the planet.

You are suffering from a serious delusion. What sort of denial are you in? Did you seriously forget the Shock & Awe opening hours of the war on 2003-03-20, when America sat around its TVs, like Romans watching the Christians vs Lions show and watched CNN (Cable News Network), as Americans bombed the residential sections of Baghdad, completely unopposed? American attacked Iraq unprovoked, not the other way around. You saw it! Why do you deny your own eyes? Did Bill O’Reilly hypnotise you into doubting what you saw?

and i respect them for that. My cousin and a few of my best friends are over there fighting for your ungrateful ass!

I should be grateful because your friends went to a foreign land occupied by a people minding their own business, then started killing kids and torturing people? Are you nuts. Is your last name Homolka by any chance?

I’ve seen first hand how hard it is for them to leave their wives, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, family. But they leave them for our country. And you going and calling Derek a baby killer. You don’t know him.

that way u get what every iraq taliban piece of shit deserves not matter what their age is if we don’t kill the little ones first all they are gunna do is grow up and wanna kill americans well FUCK that and FUCK you
~ Derick Lewis , US Marine and joyful child killer.

From that one sentence he admits he is criminally insane, namely he is suffering from paranoid delusions and does not know right from wrong. That is enough to know I despise him and wish he were incarcerated.

They go over there and do what they have to do to protect you and everybody in our country.

They not attacking us! They are defending themselves from our unprovoked attack. We are killing them by the hundreds of thousands, not the reverse. They have not killed even one American or Canadian civilian, just soldiers and mercenaries illegally occupying their country. You are spouting the same paranoid crap used to cheerlead the Viet Nam war — if we don’t kill all the gooks there will come over here and kill us all. It is just your guilt speaking. That is what you damn well deserve, after what you have done.

I respect them fully for being strong enough to do that. I wouldnt be able too. You obviousily couldn’t or else you wouldnt be sitting on your ass at home just talking shit. Those kids over there arent the innocent, Most of them have already trained to use a rifle.

Of course! Would you not teach your kid to fight back if foreign bastards invaded your country? You expect them to bend over and hand over all their oil without a fight. They have nothing else. What sick bitch are you that you would steal from people who have only the minutest fraction of the wealth that you do. Your greed is nauseating. You know perfectly well this war is not about defence. That is just your excuse. You don’t believe you have even the tiniest fear of an Iraqi invasion of the USA. You are happy to have kids killed in your because you think it might lower the price of gasoline a few pennies less. You are a heartless bitch in the same category as Karla Homolka, happy make others suffer excruciating torment for minor personal sadistic pleasure.

Or are already being prepared to be a scuicide bomber. Those kids would kill you in a heart beat and wouldn’t think twice about it.

In WWII (World War II) plenty of brave Americans and Canadians took on suicidal missions to defend their county. What is so wrong about Iraqis or Afghans doing it to oust an invader that behaves even worse than the Nazis did. The Nazis did not routinely torture POWs (Prisoner Of Wars). They did not use banned weapons like napalm, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, or depleted uranium. They did not primarily kill kids. You Americans have behaved worse than Romans in your decadence and brutality.

So its not a matter of killing kids or Its about the enemy.

They are not your enemy. You forget Bush originally said that American lives needed to be sacrificed to liberate the worthy Iraqis from Saddam’s tyranny. Bush betrayed the Iraqis expecting liberation by visiting Shock & Awe, bombing the residential neighbourhoods of Baghdad. I watched that night in the company of expatriate Iraqis. They expected Bush to save them. He betrayed them. They screamed, cried and wailed as they watched familiar neighbourhoods reduced to rubble.

The Iraqis did not threaten you in any way until you invaded and started killing them like fish in a barrel. You are like a mugger who complains the people he mugs are his enemies because they sometime fight back when attacked.

And honestly I don’t expect you to support our troops because you’re aren’t even American.

I don’t support American troops for the exact same reason I don’t support Nazi troops. Waging aggressive war both wrong and illegal. Canada does not have clean hands. They provide naval support in the Iraq war and are in Kandahar in Afghanistan taking far more casualties than the Americans who patrol the safer regions.

But one question… Do you remember 9-11 ?

Your ignorance could fill a galaxy. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan had anything to do with 2001-09-11 Even Bush said so.

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.

Bush told you the bin Laden was responsible for 2001-09-11. bin Laden and the alleged hijackers were all Saudis, not Iraqis or Afghans. Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were arch enemies. Bin Laden was a religious fundamentalist and Saddam was secular.

You are so repulsive, cheering on this blood bath because you are such a stupid cow that you can’t be bothered to get even the most basic facts straight.

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