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I’m a Marine; I like Killing Kids

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I’m a Marine; I like Killing Kids : Derick Lewis : : 2007-10-11

Hey i’m a u.s. marine bout to go to war and i really don’t appreciate your bullshit comment

I don’t appreciate you killing innocent people, especially the kids. In fact I so strongly disprove of what you did, that I hope you are captured in battle at tortured to death.

“I don’t really give a fig personally about US soldiers who die. Those US soldiers voluntarily chose the profession of hired killers. They kill for thrills and money, not because they are defending their country. I care about civilians, especially children, of any nationality or religion. I realise, however, that most Americans are infected with racism and nationalism and care only about American deaths and then only white ones, so I will gladly post any photos you can find of US casualties to pound home the cost of this war in suffering to Americans too.”

quit frankly i think u should be shot right between the eyes with a 50. cal.

Why? because my words trigger your guilt and that hurts so bad you want to kill? I did not harm you. I just held up a mirror to your deeds. You committed the war crimes, not me.

that way u get what every iraq taliban piece of shit deserves not matter what their age is if we don’t kill the little ones first all they are gunna do is grow up and wanna kill americans well FUCK that and FUCK you…

You are a psycho paranoid. The Iraqis did nothing to do you or your country. Why are you so hostile to them? Your commander in chief at one point even claimed the point of the war was to liberate Iraqis, that he wanted to sacrifice American lives for their benefit. You hate Iraqis only because have been killing them. That is not a sane reason. It is a defense mechanism to help you cope with the fact you are a war criminal in the same league with the Nazis.

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.

and yea your right we did sign a contract to serve this country against anything foreign and domestic and no matter whether we are there to kill or to help either way its to serve this country if it wasn’t for people such as myself and other soldiers u wouldn’t be able to post the bullshit that u post so maybe u should think bout that…

That sounds like drunken slurring. Your English would put a second grader to shame. You have provided no evidence challenging even one sentence on my website. No wonder you had to take that job of last resort. No one else would hire you but the marines. You appear to be unusually ignorant. You loudly demand I kowtow to you and accept your opinions without any coherent reasons, based purely on fear that you will kill me too. You are a blowhard.

Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the USA. Your country attacked them unprovoked. Shock & Awe, remember? 2003-03-20 when you bombed the residential sections of Baghdad to ratshit live on CNN (Cable News Network) while Americans sat around their TV sets cheering like Romans at a lions vs Christians game. I will never forget that day. You attacked them. Even if you believe Bush’s claim that bin Laden did it, bin Laden is a Saudi, as were the alleged hijackers, not Iraqi, not Afghan. Surely even a Neanderthal like you knows the difference. The Nazis where hanged at Nuremberg, on a single simple charge — waging an aggressive war. You are guilty of the exact same crime. I hope you too hang, or even better, spend the tail end of your life in solitary on confined in a mental hospital for the criminally insane. You fit the legal description of insane. You can’t distinguish right from wrong. You are too nuts and too dangerous to be allowed to continue to walk the streets.


You talk like u know me but u know nothing bout me!!!

What do I know about you from just your two emails:

That is enough for me to utterly despise you. You are sicker than Robert Pickton and even more revolting. (Pickton did not kill kids.) The difference is you have a large criminal organisation protecting you from proscecution, for now.

You are perhaps puzzled why you don’t often hear others also condenming you as a serial murderer and international war criminal. If I am the only one who noticed your crimes, surely I must be mistaken. The reason you don’t often hear excoriations like mine is that people, especially politicians, who think as I do, have to pretend to support the troops to avoid being condemned as traitors. This appeal to patriotism fallacy is the most effective tool of those who profit from war. Pro-peace cowards such as Al Franken pretend to hold the logically ridiculous position of condemning the killing but holding those who do it heroic. That is like condemning organised crime but fêting Mafia hit men as public heroes. Demanding blind obedience to authority with no personal responsibility for one’s actions is the essence of Naziism.

And what pisses me off the most bout this whole thing is, is the fact that people such as myself have went to war and died for your freedom so u can say shit like that.

Don’t give me that crap. You know perfectly well those kids you are killing could not even get to the USA much less do any damage once they got there. You know perfectly well you attacked them not the reverse. You know your invasions are illegal. Read up on Nuremberg. You are a war criminal, guilty of the crime for which all the Nazis were hanged. If all goes well, you will be kidnapped, perhaps by the Dutch or the Germans, just like the Israelis kidnapped Nazi war criimals and locked up permanently where you can’t hurt any more people.

What if some wealthy Iraqi wanted to get even with what you did to him by hiring professional hit men to wipe out all your relatives and all your friends. You would scream at the sky at the unfairness of it all. Since you realise it is so cruel, why do you do that to others? The way I see it, such revenge would be perfectly fair and justified as far as you are concerned, though admittedly grossly unfair to your relatives and friends. So why did you do it?

You will try to feed me some bullshit about defending the USA, but you know absolutely nothing about the politics or a capabilities of Iraq to attack the USA. You are not even the least bit curious about such things. So that can’t be the reason. That’s just the excuse — your respectable cover. What is the real reason you enlisted dreaming of going to Iraq to kill people? What sort of emotions flow when you fanatasise about murdering kids? What really drives your crank? You are a pervert, the worst sort of pervert, but one who has found a corrupt and powerful employer who helps you get away with your sicko crimes.

But it’s ok cause u know what i will walk these streets and i hope that some day I cross your path, cause i’m gonna give you a little peice of what you deserve!!!!

Sorry, I don’t date military men.

I only post a fraction of the emails from serial killers like you. Like the Jodie Foster character in Silence of the Lambs I find it distressing, and depressing to interact with the likes of a Hannibal Lector. I feel unclean in a way a shower does not help. Further, my response is always the same, What you are doing is both profoundly wrong and illegal as an international war crime, a hanging offence, though admittedly your odds of escaping prosecution are good, at least for now. Your excuses for what you are doing are lame and illogical. You are one sick puppy.

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