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Hannibal Lecter Defends War

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War

Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-13

My response to this series of emails, not all of which are even yet published, is still in progress. I keep procrastinating composing my response because every time I think of this man I feel sick to my stomach.

My correspondent, Mr. Daniel J. Rogers, of undisclosed rank, currently in the US Army in Iraq, is the most loathesome and downright creepy person I have yet to encounter in my entire life. (Obviously Cheney is worse, but I have not had contact with him.) I get a chill similar to the effect Hannibal Lecter produced in Silence of The Lambs just seeing his name on yet another email. He exudes a chilling reptilian menace. He is a living example of the gift of intelligence used for evil. Yet, as you will see, he presents as blandly as a corporate lawyer, all phony smiles and sweet reason.

I am procrastinating responding for the usual reason — the task is unpleasant. I compare it to dealing with decomposed rat. Every time I contemplate Mr. Rogers, my skin crawls. I despair over subnormal intelligence, bullying, misinformed soldiers who can’t even put together an English sentence, but I feel sick to my stomach when someone who knows better uses his intelligence for evil.

This guy creeps me out something fierce. I feel utterly ill that someone like him could exist. I get the urge to vomit at the thought someone like him walks the same earth I do. What motivates him to use his talents to pimp for hideous atrocities, rape and torture? Is he himself a twisted child rapist? Is he simply paid sufficient money to overcome his conscience? Did the brain washing of bootcamp turn him into an intelligent zombie?

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-13

Hello. I recently stumbled upon your website for the first time. I presume you have had countless people send you emails that are insulting. I am not going to do that. My assumption would be that you do not read these emails. Instead, based on the 20-something odd months I have spent in Iraq, I will offer my time to give you CORRECT information about the conflict in Iraq.

You have rather an inflated opinion of your inherent credibility. I had never heard of you before you wrote. You admitted in your opening paragraph you are an international war criminal. You served in Iraq knowing the U.N. declared the invasion and occupation illegal. You continued to serve full knowing that all the justification for your mayhem was bogus. You have gone through boot camp to brainwash you into obedience believing than even murder is virtue when done in the name of the US Army. You no longer think for yourself. You have wasted your talent to become an apologist for the US Army. You are the accused. Eventually you may end up on trial in the Hague. You are hardly an impartial witness to what is happening in Iraq.

What you are asking is as outrageous as OJ (Orenthal James Simpson) asking to be considered the final authority on the Nicole Simpson murder. You have a right to present your defence, but that’s it. You are by no means a trusted authority. In the following emails, you make most of your assertions without any backup. It would be ludicrous of me to post your correct information on my website with nothing to back it up, other than on the feedback page. I see you as the devil’s advocate.

I am here now. I have been here for eight months. I was here in 2003 and 2004 also.

You can’t claim stupidity or ignorance since you have been back to Iraq several times. You clearly enjoy the mayhem you can get away with there. You are beyond sick. On some level you seem to realise your own hopeless moral corruption and are seeking redemption through some hideous death. In an earlier time, we would say you had sold your soul to the devil.

I feel that many of the statements on your website are highly inaccurate (many of which are disproven by the links provided.) If you feel inclined to do so, ask me any question you please. I will give the most honest answer I can possibly give. If I do not know an answer, I will not get creative and give you a cookie cutter answer. I have been here long enough to know what goes on. I have interacted with tens (possibly hundreds)of thousands of Iraqi nationals. I have been the driver or gunner in a vehicle for an uncountable number of miles on nearly every military route in Iraq. If you are interested in the facts about Iraq, I will give them to you. If you are not interested and my guess is that this is the case, just ignore this offer. Please continue to stand up for the issues in which you believe. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

Daniel Rogers

Hannibal Lecter Defends War : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-15

Hello again. The purpose of my email was to ask whether or not you prefer to know what really goes on over here. By reading the words on your website, it is fairly obvious that you have been misinformed and you are determined to spread that disinformation. By spreading this misinformation, you are doing exactly the same that you criticize Bush for doing. I am not trying to start any sort of debate on the reasoning for this war. The only thing I can say about the reasons for going to war is where is the oil we are here to steal? it certainly isn’t on the market. if it is not on the market, then how can Bush make a profit on it? Instead, my purpose was to focus on the war itself. You have linked to news stories describing prisoners raping prisoners and on your webpage claim soldiers are raping prisoners. You have photographs that more than likely came from an amateur porn site (the woman’s attire in the photos were not consistent with Iraqi women attire, the furniture and wall color in the room are not consistent with prisons in Iraq, etc.) You have other blatant lies such as the one about soldiers are issued candy to lure children in for a human shield. If I was issued any candy, trust me… I eat very infrequently, so I’d be tearing that candy up myself. Secondly, we are issued MREs. Some of them have stale skittles or melted tootsie rolls, hardly enough to make a human shield of Iraqi children. The rest of the MREs have pretty much shit in a pouch. Most importanly, you attribute attacks by terrorists (suicide bombers, etc) to American soldiers. While you can argue these attacks wouldn’t happen if Americans weren’t here, you put it in a way that implies Americans themselves physically pulled these acts of terrorism. Just yesterday, a young boy, no older than 9 or 10 years old, gave me a letter. I guess he wrote it for his older sisters saying that their father has been kidnapped and is being held for 150 million Dinars. Tell me why they come to us for help if we are going on wild killing sprees like you suggest. In my nearly two years in Iraq, I have fired exactly 8 rounds. 7 were at a test-fire berm. The other was at an Iraqi car when the driver tried to plow the car into a fuel tanker. That round went exactly where I aimed, right through the engine block. I never intended to fire upon the driver and I never came to the conclusion that I had to do so. Do war crimes happen? You bet your sweet ass they do. I will guarantee that they are not .001% as frequent as you want others to believe.

Like I said, my intent is to talk about what goes on over here. I will not debate reasons for going to war. I feel that you using misleading facts about the war in Iraq is the same as Bush using misleading facts about the war. If one wants honesty, one should practice honesty.

Thank you for your time.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-16

Hello again. Going by your atrocities page…

1)The first thing I will talk about is the use of White Phosphorous. First and foremost, I have seen WP used extensively by terrorists (I refuse to call them insurgents) against US forces. I have seen uparmored M1114 humvees turned into a charred skeleton in 20 seconds. One particular bomb was placed right in front of an elementary school or daycare (not sure which it was.) I have seen soldiers who have narrowly escaped burning vehicles. I personally did not see whoever set up these bombs, but I am 100% sure that American soldiers did not do it.

Yes, US forces used WP in Fallujah. Your website says Italian TV did a documentary on the American use of white phosphorus on the citizens of Fallujah. You claim that all incendiaries were banned by the UN (United Nations) in 1980. True. However, the US has never signed off on that ban. The wording of the page to which you linked simply says Prohibitions or Restrictions…

BBC News (linked from the page to which you linked to quote Kofi Annan- so I presume you consider it to be a legitimate source) says white phosphorous was used in Fallujah as an illumination device and to make signals.

I am curious by nature. Since the page to which you linked simply states that an agreement was made, I decided to see what exactly the agreements were. What did I find?

“(b) Incendiary weapons do not include: (i) Munitions which may have incidental incendiary effects, such as *ILLUMINATES*, tracers, smoke or *SIGNALLING SYSTEMS*; (ii) Munitions designed to combine penetration, blast or fragmentation effects with an additional incendiary effect, such as armour-piercing projectiles, fragmentation shells, explosive bombs and similar combined-effects munitions in which the incendiary effect is not specifically designed to cause burn injury to persons, but to be used against military objectives, such as armoured vehicles, aircraft and installations or facilities.”

ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)

What were you saying about this being illegal? Oh, something misleading. Isn’t that what you accuse Bush of doing?

You sound like a Nazi lawyer attempting to get his clients off the hook on a technicality that the charges specified the wrong gas used in the Auschwitz gas chambers.

2) MK-77 rounds? Well, the page to which you linked has this phrase, which you must have skipped Although many human rights groups consider incendiary bombs to be inhumane, international law does not prohibit their use against military forces.

But you Americans use them on everyone. That’s how you cowardly sadists clear buildings roasting alive the women and children hiding in the basement.

Do you realise you lie when you say All incendiaries have been banned by the UN since 1980.?

I swear, that is what you accuse Bush of doing.

3) Soldiers have ignored the Geneva Conventions. Bush is living a plush lifestyle in Washington, DC. How is Bush violating the Geneva Conventions?

4) A quote from a movie? OK, how about this quote, Cindy, the TV is leaking!! -Scary Movie 3. Whats the point of quoting a movie?

5 & 6)The Baghdad Press Conference link goes to some socialist (codeword for liberal) website. It lost its credibility before I even read it. Sorry to disappoint you on this matter, but until liberals such as yourself learn to tell the truth, I consider everything said by a liberal to be a lie. Besides, if 5000 people have one story and one person has a different story, why would you believe that one person with an imagination?

7)Your entire paragraph on depleted uranium is far fetched. Read this to see what it really is/does by the Health Physics Society[hosted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

8) see 5 and 6

9) I have seen estimates as low as a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. You decided to use a high estimate. All *INNOCENT* civilian deaths are tragic.

They are all innocent, even the ones who tried to shoot trespassing assholes like you who invaded the country illegally.

Note the emphasis on the word innocent. Keep in mind there is not a uniformed military opposing us. The terrorists are civilians.

10) I found another link to a socialist webpage. We all know how honest they are. The residents of Fallujah had been displaced for months before the US launched its offensive to retake the city.

11) Unfortunately, you are right on this subject. I fear there are much worse incidents that have taken place.

12) Well, US soldiers made prisoners get naked. The Brits made men perform fellatio on one another. I don’t know what would cause any person of the coalition forces to sexually abuse filth-ridden Iraqis. If sexual abuse did happen, it was because a sadistic person made it through the cracks, not due to any sort of policy.

13) It is highly doubtful that soldiers raped any of these people. They are known to carry an unthinkable amount of diseases from TB (Tuberculosis) to Hep C to Chylamidia.

14) Nobody is issued candy. That is simply a lie. Many soldiers (including myself) *BUY* candy to throw BEHIND kids to get them away from the roads. When we come down the roads, kids run up to the roads from all directions, some waving and shouting Go USA, some giving the middle finger and shouting I kick your ass, some even want to play chicken with the trucks. I get them away from the roads because there are too many soldiers with absolutely zero driving ability. Some are the worst drivers imaginable. I watched a little boy play chicken with a truck while the driver was trying to put a CD (Compact Disc) in a boom box. Luckily he dodged the truck at the last possible second.

15) We take women hostage? I guess from an outside point of view, you could say that. I still feel it is inaccurate. Raids on suspected terrorists usually take place in the middle of the night. When soldiers come barging in, everyone in the house awakens and comes out to see what is going on. Soldiers gather everyone up to keep their eyes on them. The suspected male is given a chance to dress himself and get any identification. While he is doing this, the rest of his family is being kept together, usually in the family room. I consider it to be stay where we can see you. Depending on your definition of hostage, you could inaccurately say they are being held hostage. I disagree with your definition.

16) Americans bombed much of the Iraqi infrastructure. Sadly, I feel we took far too long to rebuild it. Fortunately, more and more facilities are being built where there were no facilities before.

17) This is the first I have heard of seed regulation in Iraq. I will further research this matter.

18) American soldiers bombed any facility that was used by the Iraqi Army during the invasion. Last week, the Ministry of Health building not even two miles from where I stay was searching and a large cache of 60 mm mortar rounds were found. Why do Iraqis hide weapons in buildings that are usually used for other purposes?

19) So Bush bombed a water treatment plant to kill children? I had no idea Bush was using any equipment.

20) Fireballs (which are actually flares) are used by all military aircraft when an enemy using missiles or rockets achieves lock-on. They are used to put a rocket or missle off its course using the extreme heat of the flare.

21) I was not present when this occurred. I do not know what the soldiers saw, what the newsteam did or didn’t do.

22) Why do you want to see pictures of dead soldiers?

23) When were 40 dead Americans found? When were 40 Americans killed at once? (It is getting late and I am making a note to research this.)

24)By that law, Martin Luther King would not have gotten life after his first lunch counter protest. His first lunch counter protest did not take place in Oregon. At no place in the US Constitution, is the right to riot and harm business given.

25-27) Obviously you have never used US military equipment. Equipment is manufactured by the lowest bidder. The failure rate is very high.

28)Actually an Iraqi scud hit Entertainment City the day of the invasion.

29) This is another incident I will have to research. The link provided is not active.

30) This is the same ammunition sold at Wal-Mart across the US. How is it illegal? Civilian contractors are not held to the same standard as military personnel.

31) More shoddy US military equipment makes it way overseas.

32)The American government shuts down stations that lie. You know, the ones you believe.

33) This is linked to another inactive page. I am not aware of the situation.

I will research the topics I omitted. I apologize for not doing so already.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-17

It may also take me a while to answer once you do reply to everything. I just got off the road and I’m going back out in about 4.5 hours.

I am not going to question your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I want to question the basis of your opinion, however. What UN rule, charter, resolution, et al, deemed the invasion of Iraq illegal? I don’t care what Kofi Annan said, as he did not quote a rule. The second question I have is whether or not you realize that it is NOT the Iraqis attacking us. I already told you Iraqis come to us for help. Foreign fighters from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and other countries have crossed borders to bring the fight to Iraq. More importantly, the terrorist, whatever nationality, are killing Iraqi civilians at a much higher rate than they are killing coalition forces. You seem to think it is acceptable for a terrorist to place a white phosphorous bomb in front of an elementary school. Please be consistent.

What do you think will have happened if Saddam had stayed in power and died a natural death? My answer is that I believe the exact same thing that is happening now will have happened.

Indeed the United States was receiving increasingly desperate peace offers from Saddam Hussein’s regime by multiple private routes, include approaches to Richard Perle and to Vincent Cannistraro, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) ’s former head of counter-terrorism, proposing to let several thousand U.S. troops and/or FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents into the country to search for the alleged WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), to grant hthe United States rights over Iraqi oil and even to hold internationally monitored elections within two years. But he CIA instructed Perle to reply, Tell them we will see them in Bagdhad. and Cannistraro got a similar response: There were serious attempts to cut a deal, but they were all turned down by the president and the vice-president.
~ Gwynne Dyer (1943-04-17 age:75), Future Tense page 185

Saddam offered to step down without bloodshed thus circumventing the war. CNN reported this as did Associated Press. Bush turned him down. Bush wanted the invasion because he wanted the oil. The US helped Saddam to power in the first place and Rumsfeld even sold him poison gas on credit. Bush could also have taken him out without butchering tens of thousands of kids and levelling the country. The CIA does that sort of thing all the time. That makes you a hired thug in an oil heist. What a patsy you are!

We now know that the Bush Administration came into office already determined to invade Iraq: former treasury secretary Paul O’Neil has revealed that at the very first meeting of George W. Bush’s National security Committee (NSC) on 2001-01-30, more than seven months before the terrorist attacks on 2001-09-11, the invasion of Iraq was Topic A
~ Gwynne Dyer (1943-04-17 age:75), Future Tense page 136

Coalition forces did not use white phosphorous first. WP has been used by terrorists since day one. Coalition forces used it in Fallujah, after the terrorists have been using it for well over a year.

Recall that the US Army denied using white phosphorus at all. You could perhaps get in trouble for letting the cat out the bag. Even if the resistance used WP first, those defending their country have the right to use every means possible to repel the invader. You as illegal invader are much more constrained. You signed the Geveva convention. The resistance did not. Surely you realise that even if what you say is true, you Americans used it first on kids. I have seen the photos. Further, I have already heard a confession from an American soldier on video. You can play a low-res version of it online click to watch click to watch click to watch. You can download a higher quality version of the video with BitTorrent click to watch click to watch

I explained to you that the weapons mentioned on the webpage are NOT banned. You obviously have no desire to know what really goes on over here. I see that you are content in spreading lies.

Thank you for letting me realize I am wasting my time talking to a wall. You had the proof laid out in front of you and you refused to recognize it. I get donkeys in Iraq to listen better than you ever will listen. My youngest son, who will be three years old on Saturday, knows the difference between lies and truth. Does it shame you in any way that the young son of an Iraqi war veteran is smarter than you? Would you like my oldest child to explain facts to you? Even she knows that a law saying this is legal does not mean it is illegal.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-24

Please tell me if I am correct…
  1. I provided evidence to disprove many of the facts on your webpage.
  2. You concur by not replying.

    I have to hold my breath to deal with you. The stench of rotting corpses wafts up from your words. I despair at the future of the human race just knowing it spawned someone as utterly evil as yourself.

  3. It is safe to say that you are knowingly spreading lies.
  4. Your goal is not the betterment of the great Iraqi people, but placing false shame on American forces.
  5. You have never conversed with an Iraqi.

    I have talked with Iraqi ex-patriates here in victoria. In fact I spent the night you bombed Baghdad live on CNN (Cable News Network) consoling a distraught Iraqi woman.

  6. You have never been inside an Iraqi home by invitation.
  7. You believe everything you see on television.

    The very opposite. I have written extensively on the newsgroups about about he pro-Bush bias of the networks.

  8. You have no penis.

    What a strange thing to say! You seem to be implying the only reason you can think of why I would not approve of raping children is that I had no penis to join you in the crime.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-25

However, I will go ahead and tell you to get ready to pust more BS about children being killed. Terrorists are giving kids toy AK-47s and convincing them that US soldiers give them money for showing them to us. Not all soldiers know this. Some soldiers are more jumpy than others (specifically the new arrivals to theater.) It wouldn’t surprise me to see blood shed. I hope it doesn’t happen, but hope isn’t reality. Oh by the way, terrorists are videotaping when we go by these neighborhoods. Thanks to liberals such as yourself, we can’t do anything to those terrorists until they make an attempt on one of our lives. We just have to sit there and watch them wait for a jumpy soldier to see an AK-47 pointed at him. Thank you so much, Mr. Liberal, for all your help in making Iraq a safer place. I just wonder… what do you think will have happened if Saddam would have stayed in power and died a natural death? My belief is the same thing that is happening now, without US soldiers on the side of Iraqi civilians.

The point you keep ignoring is that you have no right to be in Iraq at all, much less kill kids there. Your invasion is illegal. That kid with the AK-47 has every right to kill you, an illegal invader. Further, you fail to acknowledge that you Americans have killed most of the kids with bombs including cluster bombs, napalm and white phosphorus. The kids you killed that way presented no personal danger to you. You embarked on extermintion and genocide, not self defense.

Exactly what is your agenda? I know that you realize you are deliberately spreading lies. What do you hope to accomplish with this action? I talk to Iraqis. I know what they want. Your What Iraqis Want section is completely bogus.

I realize you are very opinionated and I will not change any of your beliefs. However, I am curious to know what you hope to accomplish. As I already said, I know that you realize you are deliberately lying to the gullible. You are inadvertantly causing more harm to innocent Iraqis. I don’t give a damn if you cause more harm to us, we can take it. The Iraqis have nothing. I suggest that you temporarily leave the situation alone so we can take care of business so we can get out of this country. No soldier wants be be here any longer than the allotted time. Most do not want to be here for that time. The more liberal crying going on, the longer we stay, as we have to be concerned about the lies you guys spread.

Have a nice day.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-11-27

Please tell me you know the difference between the words death and killed. The Lancet reports the number of deaths. There have more than likely been more deaths in my home state than in the entire country of Iraq since March 2003. My home state’s population is about 10 % of Iraq’s.

You completely missed the entire point of another email. I was telling you what these terrorist bastards are doing and all you worry about is what the fuck the coalition forces are doing.

That proves you don’t give two shits and a fuck about the Iraqi people.

Again, I am here. The fuckwads giving the numbers are not here. I told you I was going to be 100% honest with you. Now, who do you think has more of an insight, someone here or someone who hears second and third hand accounts of what happens?

Look, I am done with your dumb ass. I thought you cared about the Iraqi people. You don’t give a fuck about anybody do you?

I will find someone with compassion for the Iraqis.

You helped the US spend $250 billion to make the lives of Iraqis a living hell and you imagine you are compassionate? You are at nuts as Hitler.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-12-04

I was hoping that you would reply to my emails, but now I see that the replies go straight to your feedback pages. I like the comparison to Hanibal Lector. He is one of my favorite characters. Your stock is rising on that list of characters. You’re a silly one indeed.

I especially like the overall over-dramatization such as your sentence He exudes a chilling reptilian menace.

However, the point of this email is to ask you to quote me. Exactly when did I (Hannibal Lector) defend the war in Iraq?

Also, when exactly did I say I have compassion? I’m the warped SOB (Son Of a Bitch) who goes into bathroom stalls and writes Here I sit all broken hearted, came to kill but only guarded. I have no compassion. I told you I will find someone with compassion. I want to find a compassionate person for the sake of debating.

The point of emailing you previously was to tell you that you are a liar. You already know that you are a liar. I provided links to legitimate sources (some are pages to which you linked.)

One such lie is that Saddam Hussein offered to resign. I remember Saddam being told to step down in 48 hours or else. Bush’s ultimatum Hell, that comes from CNN, probably the most liberal news organization in the Western Hemisphere.

CNN is as much under the thumb of Republican controlled corporate America as any other news network. CNN presented Shock & Awe as if it were a fireworks display. They carefully hid the blood just as Bush wanted. You offered no evidence the resignation offer is it a lie or that it is untrue. I offer three sources in my essay. When I present three sources, it is still possible for the statement to be untrue, but it is not possible that I made this up as you falsely accuse. Surely if this is indeed a lie you could at least come up with one authority refuting such an important public assertion. You did not even bother to present an argument why it would likely be untrue. On this issue, you stand exposed, blowing smoke.

I noticed that you cannot disprove anything I say.

I haven’t even started to respond. You keep jittering and jabbering like a five year old. Shut up and give me a chance to respond.

All you have is ad-hominem attacks chambered and ready to fire.

If you can’t debate me, then I would like to request better ad-hominem attacks. Your material only amuses me.

Why do your posts remind me of dialog from Goldfinger?

I intended to provide a link to better atrocities photos for you to use. You must atleast register to download the photos.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-12-05

your weak ad-hominem attacks make me want to stoop to the level of chastising you for that fucked up spelling of decomposed. however, i will take your silly remarks as you throwing up the white flag. you already know your website is full of lies. there’s no need to point that out to you even further. you still haven’t disproved anything i have said. instead, it has been the tired name calling routine that i expect from an eight year old.

It is a fine point, but what I did was a personal attack which is not the same as an ad hominem, where one would say something of the sort your figures on soldier salaries are incorrect because you are a sadistic child rapist. My personal attacks are germane beacause by website is about your war crimes.

Hannibal Lecter Defends War. : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2005-12-06

OK… so I have the power to understand what I am doing? Yes I understand what I am doing. I know you are Canadian. I know Canada never fought for independence from the British Empire. The United States did. I am sure innocent children were killed then. Even back then, they had the power to understand what they were doing was bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than Tom, bigger than Mary, bigger than Gus. Because of the fighting that took place years ago and took the lives of children, many many more children have been able to live a full life. Are you so shortsighted that you don’t realize that?

The Lancent figures came out in 2004-10. Even at that point you bastards were responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi civilians and God knows how many maimings. These people’s live are not full you stupid cunt. War is hell, you asshole. How stupid do you think people are to believe you that bombing the shit out of country improves the quality of life? You make me puke.
Nobody likes to see children dying when they are caught in the crossfire.
Nobody likes to see children killed through starvation when Saddam drains wetlands for spite. Nobody likes to see 182,000 killed by Saddam’s chemical attacks.
Just watch the movie/documentary Voices of Iraq. It was recorded by Iraqis, interviewing other Iraqis. It shows people hating the US, it even shows terrorists planting roadside bombs. However, just like you would see if you were here, most people interviewed are glad we are here. One of the families on the video lives in a neighborhood I travel every single day.

You are presuming some noble motive behind all this bloodshed. It is not the protection of the USA. Even Bush admitted that Saddam had nothing to do with 2001-09-11 and Iraq had no weapons that were any threat despite Bush’s lies otherwise. It is not the toppling of a dictator. Saddam offered to leave even before the war started. He was captured back in 2003. The war going on in Iraq right now has nothing to do with Saddam. It is about oil. That is the only motive that can possibly justify the enormous cost of the war. The first priority of the invasion was protecting the Ministry of Oil building. The true motive for the war is obvious to everyone, even a propagandist like you. Stealing oil does not justify killing, raping, maiming and torturing.

But fuck all that. My point is this: you are a dirty liar. Thats all.

Gotcha : Daniel J. Rogers : : 2006-03-01

Hello, Mr Green.

I recently returned to your website and saw that you have made some changes. My suspicions are now confirmed. You are merely a troll. Nothing more.

Before I begin, I would like to state that this email is for your personal enjoyment. I would prefer this particular email not be made public. I am simply curious to see how many more idiots will write feedback to you.

The paragraph, "My seventeen reasons not to enlist has been very popular with American soldiers in Iraq. They write about that essay more than anything else on the website. So I figured it is only fair to give the opposite side of the coin, nine reasons to enlist." only shows that your intentions are to get people riled up.

I also checked out your video section. I already have a vast majority of them and therefore didn’t bother looking at some of them. One for example, the Apache taking out the poor Iraqi farmers, I am willing to bet my life savings that you have the liberal snipped version. You do not have the full 317 MB version that I have. In the full version, you see some other poor, defenseless farmers firing a mortar and dropping the tube off. Then the farmers in the video pick it up and transport it to another location and drop it off in a field for later use. You probably even have the newer version floating around, where the guy digging through the back of the tractor is cut out.

A new video that I haven’t seen is of the British company Aegis. Yes, they do appear to be shooting at random cars for fun. But as I was watching it, I noticed what looked like a US rifle, either an M16 or an M4. I only saw the barrel and the compressor, so it is hard to distinguish which. No British company that I know of uses these rifles. Then I turned the volume up. Guess what, they are randomly shooting at cars for fun with paint ball guns. I have the same model paint gun, a version of the M4.

I like to think of you as somewhat intelligent. You know these things I am talking about. But I have been onto your game for a while now. Attention is your goal.

Your goal is to perpetuate mayhem through coverup and excuse-making. Why you prefer such atrocities to continue, only Satan knows. Perhaps it is simple sadism and sexual perversion. My goal is to stop the atrocities. Your theme is ludicrous, that all reports of American violence and cruelty are false propaganda. Your country has spent $300 billion on mayhem, to break the will of the Iraqi people through what your own president called shock and awe You can’t spend those kinds of astronomical bucks on creating misery and claim you have nothing shocking to show for it. War is hell. Why should this one be any different?

Please do not publish this email. I will let you have your fun. You know the truth, yet want attention.

I just wanted to say gotcha!

Perhaps if you diluted your evil somewhat, I could hold my nose and my stomach contents long enough to respond to you. I am publishing your latest taunt against your wishes to deliberately annoy you and to further expose you as the epitome of evil that you are. I find you creepier than Al Pacino as Satan in The Devil’s Advocate.

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