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God Bless All Soldiers

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

God Bless All Soldiers : Brandon Urso : : 2012-04-12

I admit you have done some extensive research in providing reasons as to why one shouldn’t enter into marriage with a service member. That being said, your research is biased and twisted to format your liberal opinion about the brave men and women that have volunteered to serve in a time of war.

Your comments would apply equally well to German soldiers to enlisted voluntarily in WWII (World War II). America attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq first. This is illegal. This makes your brave soldiers equally guilty as the Nazis hanged at the end of WWII for aiding and abetting as aggressive (first strike) war. There is nothing brave about these soldiers. They were not defending anything. There were slaking sadistic lusts, seeking money or adventure. The motives of the US government were shameful, no relation whatsoever to those of soldiers in WWII that you confuse them with.

I don’t know of any good reasons to marry a soldier, so I could not very make them. Besides why should I? My voice is drowned out by voices like yours and the billions spend on pro-military propaganda. Pro-military views don’t need echoing.

I suspect your hatred and misconstrued views must have some relevance to an experience you’e had that has scared you and therefore brainwashed you against those brave enough to serve.

Balderdash! I oppose hurting people who did no harm to you. I oppose stealing. If you are interested on why I am so strongly opposed to the Iraq war, read my entire set of Iraq essays.

I suppose only those that have served will understand and have first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a soldier and what actually occurs overseas during a combat zone. The majority of these brave men and women, the vast majority, are serving with a sense of pride, honor, commitment, sacrifice and respect.

That applies to a defensive war, not an illegal aggressive one. There is nothing in tiniest bit glorious about killing innocent people. You are glorifying bullies and psychopaths.

There may be a minute fraction of service members that behave in the manner you’ve portrayed in your disrespectful and malevolent rant about psychotic soldiers but the truth remains the average soldier and the majority of soldiers are no different than the public they serve and protect.

On average, each of your golden boys kills one civilian. That’ better odds that bagging a moose. Their job is to kill, torture and terrify people. Look at how much money was spent on the enterprise. Why would anyone go to Iraq if they did not get off on bullying, torturing and raping? The living conditions are appalling. The killing in no way protects the USA. Enlistees do it because they enjoy it. It is more appealing than serial killing because of the low risk of prosecution and the fellowship of like-minded sadists. Christopher Hedges interviewed hundreds of returning soldiers from Iraq. He collected their stories in a book called Collateral Damage: America’s War Against Iraqi Civilians As my mother used to say, It will make your hair curl.. Search with unrestricted Google for pictures of how the USA absolutely levelled Fallujah trapping its inhabitants in the rubble. You will never see those soldiers as heroes again. There are no words strong enough for my contempt.

The only difference being is they answered the call to duty. In fact, it is because of our sacrifices that you have the right and privilege to slander the name of the soldier.

Killing, torturing, using banned weapons are all appalling behaviour. Mayhem for no motive other than some imaginary duty is utterly sick and depraved.

It is obvious you have no respect for the profession or the sacrifices these men and women have made and are making and that is your God given right. But even the Bible states the God blesses the warrior.

Jesus would vomit at your claim. These soldiers are serial killers, in it for the thrill, nothing whatsoever to do with soldiers who defend their country. They deserve even less respect than Mafia hitmen who avoid killing children.

Maybe you simply don’t agree with the political reasons of why we are here in the Middle East, maybe you’ve been brainwashed like those in the Westboro Bapist Church, but the fact of the matter is we have a knowledge and pride you will never understand. It is about the man standing to your left and right, it is about serving to allow another soldier the chance to return home to his family and it’s about protecting those we love at home. You may call me misinformed and brainwashed by the Army but my pride runs deep.

All that applies only to defensive wars. I supposes you believe the Iraq war is to get rid of Saddam or destroy nukes. I explain why those motives and others bogus motives floated cannot apply and never could possibly have applied.

I realize my rebuttal will not persuade you to take down your slanderous filth and more than likely further enrage you, but that’s not the point. The point is I am defending those in which I serve and those I’ve lost along the way.

You failed to provide even a single argument to justify the slaughter. You just tried sell me that because you and these butchers think highly of themselves, I should too. Serial killers are proud of their crimes too. I see no reason to consider the soldiers anything but the lowest scum and you did not provide even one reason for me to think otherwise.

May God bless you and pierce your heart. And may God bless every soldier fighting the fight here in Afghanistan

You are so sick blessing those that douse children in white phosphorus killing them in one of the most painful deaths imaginable. white phosphorus

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