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Get a life

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Get A Life : J K Sweeney : : 2007-10-12

I have a life. Protecting innocent people from bullies is certainly a more worth while way to spend one’s time than what you do, namely promoting killing people who are no threat to the USA, illegal aggressive war, use of banned weapons and torture.

I hope the Military comes after you next you idiot. This website is full of lies,

You claim my website is full of lies, but you can’t think of even one lie or even one error, or provide any counter evidence to anything I said.

I am guessing you are a stupid Canadian from what I understand scared of your own shadow.

Most people are cowards like you who pretend to go along with the majority. I don’t. I tell the truth as I see it. The result is lots of death threats. I carry on anyway. Do you have that courage of your convictions? Not likely.

Grow up. You have been corrupted by the media like a lot of people in this world.

You don’t find material like that from my website on your favourite FOX TV station. You have to read books. You have to read the press of all countries in the world, especially the neutral countries. FOX sued and won in the supreme court for the right to make up the news. FOX news is primarily entertainment. Your poor command of the facts suggests you have not read a book since high school. You have feasted on a diet of pure FOX TV pro-American propaganda. You can’t get at the truth that way.

You need to read a BIble, everything in it is becoming reality and most of the Middle East will be a parking lot. You talk about Bush telling lies, your website is full of more crap than I have ever seen.

I did read the Bible, cover to cover. I have written a bible study guide. What is your knowledge? I know, you saw the movie. You thus unaware of how self-contradictory and inaccurate the bible is. You certainly cannot rely on it to predict events in the middle east. Even if Revelation were literally true, the language is so symbolic there are 10,000 ways to interpret it and, of course, it comes without a timetable. Besides Jesus made it very clear you don’t know even if you think you do.

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
~Matthew 24:42

It baffles me that you call yourself a Christian, yet cheerlead for war, torture, killing, hideous weapons, theft of resources, gross consumption and bullying. Do you really think your BS excuses will wash with St. Peter?

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