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Fighting For Freedom?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Fighting For Freedom? : danny morgan : : 2008-10-21

was just wondering if you are gay and if some soldier broke your heart or what, where you get off telling the female sex how to feel about love and war, in reality it sounds as if you have never expierenced war of any kind except the war in your own head with your mindless banter about the autrocities committed by troops who are called to fight by their governments regardless of the moral implications people like you think they should adhere too. Could you show 21 reasons you deserve your freedom, as you seem too have reasons for everything else negative in the world.

Of course, I am gay. Why would a straight man maintain the gay glossary? I have never been romantically attached to a military man. I find them repulsive. I have never dated serial killers, military or civilian. My motive for attempting to interfere with the sex lives and romantic lives of soldiers is to interfere with their killing innocent people. The more women I can convince to spurn military suitors, the more military men will give up their loathsome occupation. For someone who claims to fight in the abstract for freedom, don’t you find it ironic that you don’t respect my right to freedom of speech?

Your suggestion that I should be disqualified is absurd. The equivalent civilian argument is that only murderers should be permitted to speak on the morality of murder. I have never killed anyone. I don’t see why having killed someone is a necessary prerequisite to opposing war. I oppose killing for Chrissake. It would be totally illogical for me to indulge in killing. I tend to discount statements by war criminals, such as yourself, on how war crimes should be punished, for the same reason I discount statemements by convicted murderers on the morality of murder.

Surely you don’t imagine Canadian or American freedoms are at risk in Iraq. That would be rank paranoia. You Americans kill Iraqis, maim and torture them. That is a serious interference with their freedom. You are not fighting for anyone’s freedom. That is bull shit.

What probably motivates you personally to hunt and kill strangers on the other side of the world is enjoyment of hurting others. What motivates your country is a desire for oil and military hegemony in the middle east.

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