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An Embarrassed American

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

An Embarrassed American : Viv : email withdrawn : 2007-06-10

Great stuff you have on your site, Roedy. Your reasons for disliking Bush come from the perspective of living in Canada… can you imagine being here, interacting with intelligent and sensitive people from other countries and have to preface most conversations with, But I don’t agree with Bush? My dislike for him is visceral as well as being anchored in fact; your website points to his idiocy. But I also sense something just plain evil about him. If we were in the same room together, I would find a way to leave.

I’m convinced that there’s something very deep and very nefarious occurring behind the scenes. How else could this person become the president of the US? Why would the Democratic party not pursue impeachment with more voracity? Why would anyone here, let alone any leader of any other country, engage in conversation with him?

There are two things going on under the covers besides the brutality of the wars:

  1. Sadistic sexual perversion and paedophilia. Bush is a sadist and part of his motivation for war is that he can torture and sexually humiliate, especially children. He still has refused to hand over his child torture and rape tapes to Judge Hellerstein. Bush smirks because he can get away with it. This is why you unconsciously feel unclean after even viewing a videotape of him.
  2. The many murders. Like Putin, Bush orders people he fears assassinated. There is a pattern of many people being assassinated only Bush would have motive to kill. This is why politicians have been so loathe to cross him or expose him.

Although you didn’t ask for essays, I’m going to give you one… written here and now on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Seattle because… well because I believe so strongly in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the written word and as of yet, the government hasn’t been successful in usurping the entire Constitution.

As a female working in a male-dominated industry, I have been put to the test over and over and over again in my thirty-plus years in this career. I have had to examine and re-examine the words I use, the perfection of my product, the higher level of managerial ability, etc. I have, as a single mom, been responsible for my own debts and the raising of my beautiful daughter without help from anyone. As I look at this man Bush and read that he attained a Masters status from Harvard, I cannot believe it. I don’t mean that, gosh…how great and gee, I can’t believe he did all of that. I mean, I really can’t believe it. There is no possible way, unless his education was purchased for him, that any professor in a junior level 2-year college would have passed him through. To earn a degree from Harvard one must be competent. One must possess some critical thinking ability. One must be capable of defending one’s beliefs and be able to construct sentences that actually lead from one idea to another without breaks in consciousness.

During the 2000 campaign, I recall saying to my friends that if Bush were to be elected, I hoped that he would simply sit in the Oval Office and play with paperclips. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t schedule a lunch. Don’t plan a trip. Just sit there inserting one clip into the end of another until the long four years had passed. But, the worst happened and he was ushered into office without need for an election and we were immediately presented with this gross embarrassment of political power. Then… September happened. We, as a fully cohesive nation, cried together. We listened to songs that touched our souls. We mourned. And some of us, myself included, gave considerable thought to what image we had been projecting to the world and what hypocritical deeds we had maneuvered to bring us to a place where we were hated that much. I came to some fairly enlightened conclusions, including admitting that our government had failed us when they put themselves in a position of blackmail with other governments, including Saudi Arabia. I knew we were in for some wicked years but I still held hope that some brilliance would emerge from the center of the Country during the 2004 election and we may be able to replace our colorful President. But, as fate has it, Kerry self imploded and here we are again… counting the days until we can call Bush the ex-president.

During these depressive years, people have lost their enthusiasm to even try to think to the future. We, the People…, the beginning of our Constitution, became We, the Suspected… It was as though we owned our Country and our rights in 1999 and today, we own nothing. The Bush Administration and its subversive policies have stolen our hope and our freedoms and our belief that there are actually leaders with principles and ethics who have our best interest at heart as they pass law after law, regulation after regulation. The average cost of a home, a small home, an old home, in America is out of the reach of a high majority of citizens. There is no discussion in Washington about improving a national railroad system to wean us from petroleum. There is no vision about how to improve our educational system so we don’t produce more uneducated people who can rise to authority as our current president has done. We have no talks about logically solving our healthcare problems. We sell off beautiful parts of our cities for Big Macs and Breakfast Burritos.

Having a Mission Statement isn’t only a fine idea for a new business. It’s an exercise in growth for individual people and I believe it should be a requirement for a nation to have a Mission Statement. In the United States, ours might be something like this: Our Mission Statement includes the conviction that we, as a nation, will:

  1. speak the truth to the citizens of the world, including our own national citizens;
  2. pursue excellence in the education of our people and provide resources for advanced learning to those who desire it;
  3. ensure that no person will be denied medical assistance as required for his or her quality of life to improve;
  4. respect the cultures of other countries and embrace their differences without requiring that they adopt our values;
  5. avoid pontificating about human rights or other ethical positions, especially when we are failing in those pursuits within our own borders;
  6. decide who we are…really who we are…and ask ourselves the very difficult questions, like: would we respect another country that spoke to us and treated us as we do to others? There is much value in teaching by example. We must begin correcting our own errors before we can have any credibility when speaking to others about theirs.

I realize this is an excessively long e-mail and I want to thank you sincerely if you’ve gotten this far. Please feel free to write back if you so choose.


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