Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was originally for the vets of the first and second world wars. It has since been improperly extended to the vets of the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Why improperly?

All countries that belong to the UN (United Nations) signed a treaty. They agreed to avoid aggressive (first strike) war. They agreed that participating in such a war in any way (even peeling potatoes) was a capital war crime. They agreed to hand over suspected war criminals of any nationality for prosecution at the World Court in the Hague in the Netherlands. Every one of Hitler’s men hanged at the end of WWII (World War II) was convicted of participating in an aggressive war. That was the only charge ever used. How do I know this? One of the prosecutors, Benjamin Ferencz (still alive), was a friend of a friend.

The United States reneged on the treaty. Like a drug warlord, the USA claims it does not recognise the authority of the world court. It says it will protect American war criminals from prosecution.

If you participate in an aggressive war, you are a war criminal. It does not matter what your nationality is. Americans, Canadians and Brits can all be war criminals. If does not matter if your country sanctions the aggressive war, you are still an international war criminal. It does not matter if you are never convicted. You are still a war criminal. Someone who robs banks is a bank robber whether or not he is caught, whether or not the Mafia protects him.

In debates with American soldiers who participated one or more of the aggressive wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, they claimed they were innocent because their government would protect them from prosecution. Some of them were aware Dr. Kissinger avoids going to Europe to avoid prosecution. In theory they could be arrested too. In practice they would probably be left alone, because they are not big enough fish. But that does not change the fact they are war criminals guilty of a capital (death penalty) crime. Just because a child molester priest is protected from prosecution by the church does not mean what he did was OK.

It is thus improper to honour war criminals, (aka vets of the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars) convicted or not, on Remembrance day. Further, modern vets did not fight honorably. They used banned weapons. They used torture. They targeted children. They laughed at the Geneva conventions. They deserve extreme dishonour. Legally they deserve the death penalty. If you disagree, at least admit you are a scofflaw.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)