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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Correction : Chris Lakin : : 2006-02-15

You can say what you want about the war in Iraq and Bush too. But please don’t accuse Americans of the continued death of innocents. Even the liberal press reports that these daily death reports are due to things like suicide bombers, roadside bombs (IED (Improvised Explosive Device) ’s) etc. Your inaccuracy suggests a serious emotional bias.


You have that view because you listen only to the Republican party line. Your claim does not pass the laugh test. Consider that you Americans are spending between one and two trillion dollars on this war. The Iraqis have an average monthly income of about $5US a month each. It is no contest. Who is buying overwhelmingly more bombs? Who has overwhelmingly more ammunition? Who can hide behind inches thick armour or at high altitude in bombers totally safe while they rain terror on the populace? Who has a military better funded than all the other militaries on earth combined? Who has the latest high tech weaponry and robotic weapons? Who controls the media reporting on the war? Who coined the term shock and awe? Hint. It wasn’t the Iraqis.

Americans are the ones totally funding the mayhem. So obviously they have done the vast majority of the killing, either indirectly or via hired killers. It is Cheney-style duck shoot. The Iraqis have about as much chance as those domestic fowl tossed into the air in front of his muzzle.

The only peer-reviewed statistic to come out of this stinking war was published in the distinguished medical journal Lancet. You yanks have killed over 100,000 civilians, most of them children, mostly in hideous deaths, using banned weapons such as napalm, incendiaries, land mines and cluster bombs. I know, I know, you yanks think that’s legal, kosher and moral because you have refused to give up the weapons eveyone else has banned. It just proves you pro-war Americans have extremely low moral standards.

The suicide bombers are spectacular but in volume of killings are negligible compared to what you Americans have already done.

It is you Republicans perpetuating the war by bribing collaborators to betray their own country. Leave and the violence will gradually stop. Iraqis managed their own affairs for thousands of years before your country was even born. No patriotic Iraqi will ever surrender to the United States after the American atrocities outstripping even Saddam and Hitler. They will never forgive you, not to the end of the human species.

Americans won’t leave Iraq until they have firmly ensconced a democratic goverment (Bush-speak for a puppet regime that will give America absolute control of the oil).

You Replican war-cheerleaders are utter scum, little different from Nazis with your arrogance, but you can’t see it. You imagine when you shit, when you steal, when you torture and rape kids, somehow it does not count, only when other people do it does it stink to high heaven. What assholes you are! The irony is you imagine yourselves the enlightened custodians of everyone else on the planet, destined to control the earth, exactly like Nazis withtheir nutty notions of white supremacy.

You call me emotional. If killing and torturing children by the thousands for no rational purpose is not something do get emotional about, I don’t know what is.

I find it so baffling and infuriating how so many otherwise sane Americans, such as yourself, have fallen into this hopelessly absurd view of themselves as the good guys in the illegal Iraq invasion. You are the victim of group think. Your view of your country’s actions makes utterly no logical sense. You know about Abu Ghraib. You have seen the videos of your atrocities, but somehow you manage to discount it all. When Americans do these terrible things you affect blindness and terminal amnesia and put on ridiculously rose tinted lenses. You have become a nation of sociopaths, like your leaders, utterly devoid of conscience.

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