Jewish Lies

Jews claim they have been waiting 2000 years to gain control of the Temple Mount, not they should exploit that political control to kick the Muslims out of their third holiest shrine and build a Jewish Temple. First no Jew has waited more that a century. Lies like that make think badly of those who tell them and hope their wishes be foiled. Second, the government does not own all the land; various people and groups do. You can’t just steal other people’s property because you want it. A more reasonable request would be for Jews to have access to use some part of the mosque for prayer. It would be barbaric to smash such a historic site. It would be like demolishing the Parthenon.

The real motive behind this desire to commit massive vandalism is an nutty belief that building a Jewish temple on that particular spot will complete a prophesy and cause the world to end, presumably in a nuclear conflagration. If that is what you truly want, please slit your damn throats now and bequeath the planet to those of us who enjoy living.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)