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Concern for Children is Old

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Concern for Children is Old : Seth : : 2005-11-01


I’ve heard that argument for the children for the last 20 years. It’s old try something else.

There is nothing more important than protecting children. A species that favours the pleasures of adults over the survival of children, would soon go extinct.

Be careful for what you wish for you might get it. Karma, man, Karma. I don’t like seeing children dead anymore than you do but the War in Iraq is still justified.

Cough. I would not be in the least surprised if you had some kiddie snuff films under your bed. You offer the feeblest excuses to indulge in such mayhem.

Note the con man’s use of passive voice. Who justified the war? When? How? I only heard Bush’s lies about an imminent nuclear war and drones as justification.

There is one thing to justify murder and that is defence. It does not apply in this case. Iraq was zero threat to the USA. That is obvious because:

And there is no conceivable justification for raping or torturing children. George W. Bush is a sadistic, child molesting pervert of the same mould as Jeffrey Dahmer. Part of his motivation in the videos he has made of children being anally raped in the Iraq torture camp by both men and dogs.

I’m sorry for anybody’s death, especially civilians.

That is a lie. You revel in your country killing others. It gives you a sense of personal power.

There can be no peace without security. Here is a fact: We are in Iraq. America is there until Iraq is has a functioning government that is democratic where all of its people can live in peace with one another, not be pushed around by 20% of the population.

You don’t seem to understand that democratic is a code word for subservient to American interests. Bush has basically told the Iraqis, that he won’t leave until they accept a slate of collaborators that hands all of Iraqi’s resources over to American companies and make laws, for example, that Iraqis cannot even use their own seeds anymore. They must buy seeds from Monsanto (Rumsfeld’s old company) with terminator genes.

I know you don’t like it. That part of the world will be a better place for it.

Iraq certainly won’t be better off surrendering their oil to the USA. The USA will be, just an any thief is better off with his booty. However, in the long run theft does not pay. The rest of the world is despises the USA for his Nazi-like behaviour in Iraq and will they will eventually start making life awkward for America in a million small ways. America has lost nearly all its traditional allies over this illegal invasion.

Another thing, Try logic and reason in your arguments instead of being a shrill harpie. It is unlikely, I’ll convince you or you’ll convince me on anything but if you want to reach the open minded you should at least try to not to condemn people who disagree with you to eternal pain and suffering. Try Proszac really I think that it would help you. I want to share a open secret with you. My kind are winning. We on the right will guide the world in the way that we think it should go. You should enjoy the ride. How does it feel to be powerless? Just go to HoJO Granville st on and sing Kumbaya. It will be good for you really.

So are so transparent. You get off on your country squashing the weak. That is the only way you can feel powerful because in your personal life you are a failure. I feel no obligation to be the tiniest bit polite to people like you who advocate torturing children and stealing resources from third world countries. I would spit in face of any person who hired thugs to torture children the way you did.

Pax Americana..coming to a country near you. Again, may the peace of God go with you Oh citizen of the World.

Surely the blessing of a man who pays thugs to rape children has no weight. You forget, America is under 300 million people in a world of 6.5 billion. Your country is almost bankrupt. America will not be on top much longer. After the way your country treated others, you can expect other countries to really rub your nose in it.


You might wonder what I am talking about when I keep claiming you hired thugs to harm the children in Iraq. Here’s how I figure that. You voted for Bush and his $250 billion war. You thus signed up to pay for it with your tax dollars to the tune of about $3300. This money was used to pay hired killers (aka hitmen, soldiers) to make life as miserable as possible for the citizen and children of Iraq. You can buy a hell of a lot of misery for $3300. That is why I consider you in the same category as child rapists rotting in prison. You are no different that some sadistic pervert who paid a thug $3300 to anally rape the next door neighbour’s little boy. I am not polite to those sorts of people and it is only logically consistent to be equally rude to you.

You are a miniature Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, with your Amerikka über Alles crap. When the Reich fell, Goebbels commited suicide rather than face trial. You too are a war criminal for your propaganda efforts of behalf of the illegal Iraq war.

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