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Are you Anti-American?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Are You Anti-American? : Alex Tani : : 2012-02-25

is ur website anti-Aerican and if so r u. I was just wondering and im not from the US but Great Britain.

The Americans invented freedom of religion and the notion of separation of church and state. They saw the Europeans hacking each other to death over religion and decided to call a truce. I think that was a wonderful idea. The problem is, recently the state has been interfering in religion, for example forbidding Muslims to build mosques on their own property. They are also permitting Christians to use public education to force their crank notions about astronomy, evolution and gay people on everyone. I think that abandonment of principles is shameful.

The Americans pioneered the idea of one man one vote and later one woman one vote. I think this is eminently sensible. However, lately, Americans have come to tolerate all manner of voter fraud including gerrymandering, crooked voting machines built by Christian Reconstructionists who have vowed to topple the American democracy and replace it with theocracy and the Citizens United decision that effectively gave control of the government the corporation with the most money. Candidates routinely tell the most malicious and baseless lies about each other and this is considered part of the game. I think this is revolting.

American came up with the Marshall Plan. It was incredibly generous and helped Europe back on its feet after WWII (World War II). But today America invades small countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and steals their natural resources. This is the sort of behaviour you would expect of Nazi Germany, not America.

Americans invented the idea of the national park — some very forward environmental thinking. But today they spread FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) about global warming and thumb its nose at the rest of the world trying to reign in greenhouse gas emissions. It makes no efforts at all to conserve fossil fuels or to reduce emissions. This is the sort of behaviour you would expect of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

As I was growing up, Americans like the Lone Ranger and Superman were my heroes. They were invariably fair, just and restrained. Today’s Americans condone torture, spying on citizens, rendition, use of banned weapons such as land mines, cluster bombs, napalm, DU (Depleted Uranium) and white phosphorus. They now target civilians routinely. This is behaviour that even the Nazis avoided as too barbaric.

America is a giant neigbour to Canada. Everything it does affects my well-being even more than local decisions. I want to goad them into doing the right thing. There is not much point in asking them to do things they are already doing correctly.

Am I anti-American? My room-mate is an American. My ex is an American. My hero Noam Chomsky is an American, as was Dr. John Lilly and many other planetary heroes I respect. I greatly respect the American constitution. However, the recent behaviour of the country shows it has been taken over by the dark side. How could anyone support that sort of behaviour? Surely you don’t either. It is a bit like watching a relative destroyed by drugs. You still love the relative, but you are sickened by the new behaviour. I have nothing against America per se, but I have huge bone to pick with those running the country lately. In particular I hope something truly ghastly happens to Rick Santorum, John Roberts, Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Fred Phelps, David Leskar, Randy Hart, Hugh Grant, Louis V. Gerstner Jr.…

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