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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Anti-American : Ryan Mahan : : 2006-02-09


I just wanted to let you know that your website has to be one of the most anti-american websites I have ever seen in my life. I hope no other American is as unfortunate to stumble across your website as I have. Your extreme bias without proper justification is sickening to my stomach and comes off as almost a joke to me and my colleagues.

My site is anti-Bush, anti-US government, not anti-American. There are many Americans fighting the evil you so naïvely embrace. I refer to the bullying internationally, the slaughter, the stealing and the destruction of civil liberties at home.

If you clicked the links or read the books you would see everything is backed up. When I back things up with news stories, often the links go stale and I have to remove them. If you find something controversial I say that you don’t see the backup for, please ask and I will research a replacement. You could, of course, always use google yourself if you were interested in opening your eyes, rather than just looking for an excuse to ignore what I have to say.

I notice you offered not even a single piece of evidence to counter so much as one thing I said. You just blustered. I am proud to be anti-Bush, just as my father would have been proud to be anti-Nazi.

Although I have only glanced at your website, it is obvious that you have a lack of an education, for anyone even slightly educated would know that one of the number one qualities of a respectable argument is to present both sides.

I studied honours mathematics and organic chemistry. I have BSc and the coursework for a MSc in Mathematics. I was an honours student. I have a genius level IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Perhaps you should take a second look.

Apparently you only have enough time in one day to present one side of the issue because your other time is spent painting pictures and checking if your welfare check has arrived.

apparently? Pure speculation! If you curious how I spend a fair chunk of my time, see What’s New section.

Open your eyes and try to research both sides of the story and if you feel even more outgoing, try and support the troops that have enough courage to do something you couldn’t even dream of; die for the country that has given you everything.

I have heard both sides. Your side is spouting lies. Dig deeply and will become obvious to you too. There is big money selling the Bush line. They don’t need my help bamboozling.

Get an education,


Ryan Mahan
Student, Business Major
Virginia Tech

Take your own advice. Stop drinking your own bathwater and check with multiple international sources.

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