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One Sentence

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

One Sentence : Christopher Brewer : : 2006-03-31

Well, I was reading your site and finding a lot of good points, some information I have not seen and just a generally different view than we get in our media here in the US.

Then I come across the statement:

For the same reason American soldiers sign up to kill in Iraq. They enjoy killing and lording over others.

Wow! With one sentence, you completely lost all your credibility. I am an educated, liberal, American male, aged 35. I served in the US Army for 4 years in the 1990’s. I do not support the war in Iraq. But as an American, I will always support soldiers. Most soldiers have no actual desire to kill, maim, or even participate in combat. It is a job, much as any job and in my time in the military, I met maybe two weirdo freaks who seemed to enjoy the violence aspect of it. I have met FAR MORE in civilian life.

In that case you are a Nazi. Nazis are people who support soldiers no matter what they do. Note my comment applies not to all soldiers, but only to soldiers signing up for Iraq. Anyone signing up for Iraq knows that Iraq is not and never was a threat to the USA. Even though there is no necessity to risk their lives, they are going there to kill, torture and rape anyway. Why would anyone do that other than to satisfy sadistic lusts? Read the letters from soldiers. It is clear they are just making up excuses for mayhem. They are violent cruel people who go to Iraq to seek an outlet for their sadism. There has never been a war like this without any justification. Those participating are doing it knowing full well they are morally in the wrong, but they murder anyway.

If you think that because you are Canadian, you are above this political climate, you should at least realize that the ONLY reason you can exist in safety, is you are our northern neighbor, with no need for a functional military, since we would never allow a force to threaten you, thereby us.

Bloody nonsense. There is only one country Canadians fear and that is the USA. America has her eyes on Canadian water, gas, oil and open spaces. We have seen how American just takes what she wants using her military might to bully and steal. The military of the USA in bigger than all the militaries of the world put together. You don’t need that bloated military for defence. It’s purpose is global economic exploitation. See the graphs. It is not needed for the security of either Canada or the USA. And Iraq was disarmed and broke. It was no threat to Canada or the USA. It is just plain silly to claim the Iraq war has something to do with defending Canada. It is about securing oil supplies for America.

The American soldier is a pure thing, not the people that govern them. The soldier generally believes in the ideals of our nation, I have no comment on the people who send them around.

The soldiers know the invasion and occupation are illegal. They know that there were no WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destructions). They know that the Iraq war is like shooting fish an a barrel. They know Saddam has been captured. They know Iraqis are dirt poor. They know Iraq presents zero threat to the USA. Why on earth are they going there. It can’t be to defend the USA against a flea like Iraq. They are going there because they can rape, torture and hurt people, especially women and children and be considered heroes for it by a gullible American public, including leftwing twits like Al Franken who are blinded by patriotism. The soldiers in Iraq are sick fucks. Every last one deserves a hideous death.

But to malign the soldiers, saying that they enjoy killing, torturing, etc. is just wrong. And you are an ignorant person for saying so.

But you can’t come up with any plausible reason why the killing is justified. Your patriotism blinds you to the fact your country is behaving worse than the Nazis did. Soldiers who defend their country deserve honour, but that does not include the soldiers in Iraq who can’t in the remotest stretch be said to be defending their country.

Hope you are proud of yourself.

Yes I am. I am not afraid to speak the truth even when Americans threaten to kill me for saying it. Obviously, American consciences are pricking, or my words would not be so painful to them. They would not feel so threatened by a website.

You may say, but the soldiers today are motivated like me, they just wanted a job. They just wanted to see the world. They wanted training. They wanted to play with military toys. When you signed up, you did not know you would be napalming children. Had that been the case, you would have probably refused. The bastards signing up now are going because they get to napalm children, torture and anally rape them with almost no chance of punishment.

Christopher Brewer
Editor, An Honest Tune Magazine
Orlando, FL

One Sentence : Christopher Brewer : : 2006-04-02

Thank you for your detailed, though ridiculous reply. In one case you are correct, I would have and will continue to refuse to do immoral things, whether in the guise of correctness, or under military orders.

Let me inform you of the enlistment policy in the US Military. You cannot, sign up for Iraq. There is no guarantee of assignment, or even certain training.

Granted, if you enlist today there is no guarantee you will be shipped to Iraq, but your odds are very good. If you sign up, you are agreeing to go there. You can’t weasel out of the fact you signed up for an unjust war and to commit atrocities by pretending you hoped you would not be sent there.

I would agree that most of the Special Forces and Ranger types I have met are in fact, loonies who I would never associate with willingly, most soldiers I know are decent, hard working folks. I have also met plenty of gun-toting wacko’s here in and in Germany (where I was stationed) that had nothing to do with the military whatsoever. I find that many more police are in that group than soldiers because as a soldier, you truly understand and appreciate the HORRORs of war, as no civilian ever could.

That is also true of the Nazis and the people who ran the Auschwitz prison camps. The mindless idiots who do as they are told without thinking keep the insanity going. That does not make them any less monstrous just because they are nice fellows to share a beer with. Even Hitler was kind to his dog.

from Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems 19561968
EYES: Medium
HAIR: Medium
WEIGHT: Medium
HEIGHT: Medium
What did you expect?
Oversize incisors?
Green saliva?

~ Leonard Cohen (1934-09-21 2016-11-10 age:82)

I enlisted for the training, education benefits and because in the end, I think it is honorable and noble to give something back to your nation.

Irrelevant. You did not sign up to napalm kids in Iraq. I have little complaint with what you did. It was a waste of talent, but nothing remotely like the war crime today’s enlistees are signing on for.

I did not vote for Bush, did not support the war (in Iraq, Afghanistan is a separate issue entirely) and will continue to voice my non-support. But to say that each and every soldier in Iraq is a killer, that is just patently untrue.

Every American military man in Iraq aids and abets the killing. Even the guy who does nothing but peel potatoes is a necessary part of the killing machine. Without him, the other soldiers could not do their mayhem. He is the in the same sort of rôle as the guy who drives the getaway car in a murder-bank-heist. In legal terms he is part of the conspiracy and hence equally guilty of murder. Further, you keep pretending the war is legal. It is not. Everyone who participates in an international war criminal subject to trial at the Hague, if the USA does not forever protect him from prosecution with sufficient bluster. Soldiers today are enlisting for a criminal act.

For instance, I would not have supported Viet Nam, but would not have condemned the soldiers who UNWILLINGLY were sent there, just same as the soldiers are UNWILLINGLY sent to Iraq. No one volunteers on enlistment and you would know this if you knew anything about enlistment policies. But why color your diatribe with the truth anyway?

We did not forgive Nazis who were unwilling. That is not good enough. You must resist. That is the Nuremberg principle. Just following orders is not sufficient excuse.

I also love how you immediately started calling me names, the mark of an inferior mind. You cannot really attack my argument, as you know I am being factual and you are not. And you obviously have no idea what a National Socialist was/is, as your point would have been better suited if you had called me a fascist, not a specific type of same, with stated and narrow views, which I certainly DO NOT share. I am not blindly led by patriotism, but I am a patriot, a veteran and an American. And proud of it. Not always proud of what our leaders do, but always proud of our people, one of the greatest societies in history.

To be precise I categorised your claim because you were too blind to see just what a silly thing you were saying, — something you would condemn a German Nazi for. Surely, you don’t really mean you support troops in their actions no matter what they do. You don’t really support torture, anal rape of 8 year old boys, burning the limbs off infants… do you? If you do, the there are no names insulting enough to describe what I think of you.

I will not sink to name-calling, I will just merely state that you are wrong and alienate possible listeners with ridiculous meanness.

Carry On -

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