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Crying Over the Dead

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Crying over the dead: Iron Sheiky : 2014-06-12

why the fuck are you crying over some dead muzrats, your a faggot they want you dead. read the quran and youll understand what pisslam is about, they will kill infidels and use taqiya when it suits them. it is evil that is why good christians must rid the world of it. I didn’t kill anyone in iraq i just rid the world of some evil. i know killing children is wrong but think like this those kids wont be kids forever one day they'll grow up with a kill infidel mindset so i find it hard to lose sleep over there death. i am proud to have served britain in iraq and ill fight the fucking muzrats when they try and take over the uk and when i free the west from the evil bastards youll come and lick my toes. remember the mamudya killings? well muhammad and his mates did things like that when he was around that is why i thought it was pretty fucking stupid that there was such outrage by muztards. muhammad raped and enslaved and they worship him but if a non muslim rapes a muztard it is an outcry by non muslims what the fuck type of logic is that. i suggest that you read the bible and educate yourself more on islam or are you secretly a muztard using taqiya to try and trick people?

Why are you defending serial killers and people who have confessed to capital war crimes? It is not as if they actually did anything to protect you or your countrymen. They just got their jollies off, no different from Jeff Dahmer.

Crying over the dead: Iron Sheiky : 2014-06-13

what the fuck are you talking about islam is evil look at iraq now the hajjis cant control shit

Crying over the dead: Iron Sheiky : 2014-06-14

read this site to learn why we need to exterminate the muslims

I don’t like people being killed, especially kids, no matter what religion or nationality they are, unless they are course are war criminals attacking another nation unprovoked. If people are defending their own country, I cheer them against any invader including American, British or Canadian. Kids are not responsible for their religion. They get it forced on them as toddlers.

You are a standard bigot. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. There are under 10 left alive who had anything to do with 9/11. If you go killing Muslims at random, you will be killing innocent people. Unlike you, I read the Qur’an cover to cover. To my surprise I found it hundreds of times more peaceful and rational than the bible. (I also read the bible cover to cover. It was bat shit crazy. We normaly only read the sane bits.) Most of the crazy shit Muslims do is not in the Qur’an. The fault is not so much the religion as the middle eastern culture of revenge. In Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, they are far more laid back than here in North America. Islam per se is not the problem.

Granted many Muslims hate Americans. That is logical. America illegally attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, unprovoked, tortured, raped, used banned weapons and declared the Geneva conventions quaint. America revived the heroin trade and plundered their resources. Obama declared the Iraq war over on the same day he held an auction to sell off the last of Iraq’s oil fields. America pounded the shit out of them for over a decade with the nastiest and most efficient weapons money can buy. All they had to fight back with was kitchen-made IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) . If they did not hate Americans after that sort of treatment, there would be something wrong with them.

Just because you are paranoid does not give you the right to go killing the people you fear. You are no different from a Nazi afraid of Jews or a clansmen afraid of blacks. Your fears are way out of proportion. You are far more likely to be killed in a car accident or blown away in a drive by shooting than blown up by a Muslim terrorist. Read The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined for the precise statistics. How many people do you know killed by Muslim terrorists? None, right? You are like a little boy who has talked himself into being terrified of monsters under the bed. There are all kinds of people with all manner of agendas willing to feed that fear.

Crying over the dead: Iron Sheiky : 2014-06-16

your delusional. there are muslims murdering british soldiers and sharia patrols wherever there are muslimks there are problems… read about muhammad and how he raped and killed innocents. in the quran is says kill the infidel FACT! my friends were killed by muzzies in iraq so your incorrect. islam is like cancer as winston churchill said.

If people invade your country, of course, you kill them. Wouldn’t you? They have every right to kill illegally-invading Americans and Brits. Your friends were war criminals in the act of committing a capital crime, namely aiding and abetting an aggressive (first strike) war. They fully deserved to have their fucking heads blown off. They were in Iraq simply to get their jollies killing, raping and torturing. It had bugger all to do with defending America. Bush sent them there to steal oil, but that is not why they went. They went because they were sadistic shits who fully deserved to die. You are of like mind.

I have read the Qur’an cover to cover. You have not. You have merely read racist rumours about what it says. I can assure you the bible is a hundred times more blood thirsty and crazy. There are lots of batshit crazy Muslims, but I also know lots of reasonable ones too. If you want to make claims about what the Qur’an says, quote it surah and verse. I don’t recall anything about Mohammed raping anyone. He did have a child bride, Aisha, which was the custom at the time, in both Christian and Muslim worlds, if that is what you are referring to.

Most of the Qur’an says one of two things:

  1. God is fucking amazing.
  2. If you don’t believe this shit, you will be really really sorry.

Here are a couple of quotes to give you a flavour:

O ye who believe!
Stand out firmly
For Allah, as witnesses
To fair dealing and let not
The hatred of others
To you make you swerve
To wrong and depart
From justice. Be Just: that is
Next to Piety: and fear Allah.
For Allah is well-acquainted
With all that ye do.
al-Maidah 2:8
~ The Qur’an (610 AD age:1407) : Surah al-Maidah (2:8)
If a man is slain unjustly, his heirs shall be entitled to satisfaction, but let him not carry his vengeance to excess, or his victim is sure to be assisted and avenged.
~ The Qur’an(610 AD age:1407) Al Isra 17:33

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