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You Are On Your Way to Hell

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

You Are On Your Way to Hell!!!!!!!!

Supercharged : : 2000-12-29

I consider you deranged, but then I have said many times that I consider all Christians delusional. I am going to treat you literally, not that you will understand a word of what I say, but perhaps others will see in you the insanity that is at the heart of Christianity.

If you would do some real research on the Bible in regards to prophecy that has been are is in the process of being fulfilled you might possibly change your mind but it is very likely that you have become a reprobate with your pride and utter stupidity in making fun of Christians and scripture.

The Bible can’t even get the past correct. What makes you think it will be any more accurate at predicting the future? That stuff in Revelation is a bad drug trip, not a prophesy.

Borel’s Law is a mathematical term in which events never occur. All the so called theories that have been taught in the universities concerning the origin of man and the universe do not even met the requirements to be called theories.

As if you had even the most rudimentary understanding of what these theories were. I had to correct hundreds of spelling and grammatical errors in your post. You could not have made it past the second grade.

Most people like you are Vexed and in total deception taking a chance on going to hell without doing some serious unbiased research on what your making fun of.

I have read the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Buddhist sutras. Have you read any science?

All probably because you want to sit in smoke filled rooms and get drunk to drowned your misery and the reality of your pathetic life.

What presumption!

My advice to who ever has this web page is to do the research and find out the truth about spiritual things and stop acting like morons.

There is a God and you will answer to Him sooner than you think. Your opinion means nothing to Him and you will either live for Him and accept Jesus as you savior or you will die and go straight to hell.

This is not a game or something to gamble your soul with.

Your life will be over with before you know it. The older you get the faster time goes by.

Hit your knees and ask for forgiveness. Get this page off the Internet and ask Jesus to come into your life before it’s too late.

The Bible says that if your in darkness you can’t understand scripture so it is not a surprise to me that you can’t understand it and only can try to take things out of context and twist verses. Read the whole thing sir in relation to the situation.

Please read this Bible you are so convinced is so all fired important. It is mostly blithering nonsense and irrelevancies. See the Bible Study guide. You could not have read it cover to cover yourself. You have taken other people’s word that it is wonderful. It is impressive only in very small pieces.

I know many people think they have better ideas on how to run a society but just look at the world today.

The church is not at fault.

The church teaches hypocrisy. The church teaches prayer rather than effective action. The church teaches personal salvation not looking out for your fellow man. Of course, it is partly their fault. They teach a false morality.

If the ten commandment were still a standard of conduct for most people we would not have to problems we have today.

Nonsense. People behaved no better 100 years ago.

Or are you one of those people who don’t approve and would like to see them disappear.

They miss the important things, like helping people in the third world, and make a great production of trivialities like Sunday shopping.

Psalms 137 verse 9 is simply referring to the enemies of Jerusalem…(Babylon, the Edomites, etc). This is not saying that someone is blessed if they smash babies against rocks. It’s mainly talking about the judgement of babylon which did occur just like the bible said. By the way, many years ago people tried to say this city never existed but they were silenced when the archaeologists found the city.

Here is a verse to think about and a hard reality to people who think the Bible is just another book Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth. I gave this verse to a lady that said she would never believe a book written in a time when the people of that day thought the world was flat.

Theory of evolution

According to the esteemed Carl Sagan and other prominent scientists the chance of man evolving is roughly 1 chance in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…add about 2 billion more zeros.

Now have proved yourself a bald-faced liar. Why should we believe anything else you tell us?

Now this is scientific fact determined by highly educated people that are truly searching for the truth. This is not something thought up by some back water bible thumper running on faith. Of course, there is nothing wrong with faith. Some people can determine spiritual reality better than others so they do not need all the proof they already know and are not blinded by their own ntelligence Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.

You seem to be describing yourself. You pontificate on science before you have done even the scantiest investigation. You make a virtue of your own ignorance. Deliberately believing a lie is the height of folly.

Now if you want to see the supernatural stop for just a moment and go look in the mirror. You have a soul. That is the source of the body heat that is generated in your body. When your soul leaves your body when you die your body becomes cold. Just the everyday functions of the human body is a supernatural event. No way did we just spring out of nothing we were designed and created by a supernatural being and that is God.

And what makes you so all fired sure you know the mind of God? Perhaps He thinks you are a horse’s ass. Perhaps He finds those pathetic descriptions of Him in the Bible infinitely insulting.

Now I know your probably asking who created God but the Bible says He has always been with no beginning or end. Time was created by God and once we past into eternity there will be no more time.

And how do you know all this? You read it is the Bible. How do you know the Bible is correct? You don’t. In fact you know the Bible is ripe with error and silliness, for example the Noah’s geologically impossible flood, the talking snake, the talking donkey and the pillar of salt. The creator of the universe knows intimately how the universe works. The author of the Bible does not. Ergo, God is not the author of the Bible. Therefore the Bible is has no magic claim to Truth. It is just a book written by ordinary mortals.

Why would anyone try to ignore or discredit a book that has more manuscript evidence than any other book in history.

5,300 known Greek manuscripts
10,000 Latin Vulgate
9,300 other early versions

No other document of antiquity even begins to approach, the Illiad by Homer is second with only 643 manuscripts that still survive.

If the number of copies of a book has something to do with its metaphysical truth we should all be worshiping the Harry Potter books.

The Bible is hated by most people yet there are more copies of the Bible in existence in more languages than any other. It is the word of God.

That is blasphemy! May God have mercy on your soul. The Bible makes God out to be a petty buffoon. It is an insult.

This is why the book is still here and cannot be destroyed. And it is the moral standard that every other religion has tried in some form to emulate. It is also the foundation of the laws of most of the world.

The reason all the bad things happened to people in the Bible was because of sin and rebellion.

Why is it that if you disobey God you have a miserable pathetic life?. And if you try to live for God you are much happier?

The world is generally away from God now as well just like all the other previous civilisations. The world now is producing weapons that will eventually almost completely destroy everything on earth. This is the wise human being in action.

Right now Christian fundamentalist George Bush is president of the USA. What are the consequences?

If this is what Christianity means, you can have it.

The reasons for today to believe the Bible can be summed up in Revelation 13:16-18 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name, here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man ; and his number is six hundred threescore and six (666).

Now, this would be another weird verse except for the fact that every consumer product bought in stores has 666 on them already. It is on the UPS (United Parcel Service of America) bar code and it is the first 2 stripes, the center 2 stripes and the last 2. These stripes are representative of the number 6. Don’t believe it? Do your own research about the UPC (Universal Product Code) codes and find out for yourself. I have no reason to lie about it.

I fished a can a can of tuna fish out of the garbage to see if you were telling the truth. The UPC bar code says: 061362433004, no a sign of your dreaded 666. 666 is one of the 1000 three digit numbers, 000 .. 999. Unless superstitious tuna fish canners go to special efforts to avoid 666, you would expect it to show up equally probably to any other 3-digit number.

Also it is a known fact that temperature stability is the greatest in the right hand or forehead and this was announced several years ago at a convention in Chicago were a group of medical and banking leaders were discussing a more efficient way of managing money and personal information. We are already installing bio chips in animals and humans will be next according to the world government leaders.

I don’t see what temperature stability has to do with planting id chips inside people.

These plans are being openly discussed now and it is very clear on where we are headed as a society.

So what? Such an id could not be stolen or forged. The only disadvantage is it terrifies superstitious people like yourself. You will have to continue using traditional ID.

Again do your own research and you will find out what I am saying is true and lines up with Revelation 13:16-18

You forget that Revelation has no validity. There is no reason to expect it to be true because so many other things in the Bible have already been shown to be false. You keep pretending that the Bible is inerrant.

As far as the money goes here is the truth about people giving to the church.

People that give to the church are Christians and only about 20% of the people in the church tithe much less give offerings.

Taking advantage of old people?. Not true Christian ministries and the percentage of old people "losing all the life savings" is so low it is not an issue If you want to see old people losing money go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or any place gambling is legal.

People give to the church because they want to give, no one is forcing people to give and most do not anyway.

The people that do the most complaining about churches and giving money are the people that are not giving anyway and has no effect on them period.

I don’t like seeing old people being conned, by any form of charlatan, with a dog collar or a croupier stick.

The reason you are paying such high taxes has nothing to do with a church not paying taxes and everything to do with our government loaning money (billions every year) to foreign countries that can’t pay it back and our government allowing these countries to default on the loans.

And it is to pay for the outrageous salaries of high ranking government officials (both state and federal)

Churches will probably lose their tax exempt filing anyway in the very near future.

All of this is against the Biblical way of running a society. If you will notice countries that have dominate religions other than Christianity have the most trouble. They are just getting God’s judgement for disobeying Him. The reason the United States is so great is because of the Christian influence. It did not happen by chance. As this nation moves away from God and biblical morality it will continue on a downward trend. Anyone like to take any bets on this? This is just more proof of the reality of God and the reasons to honor and worship Him. As a nation anyone can just look at history and see the result.

We had a Christian theocracy. We called it the Spanish Inquisition and the Dark Ages. You really want to return to that age of superstition? Seems to me, the people doing best are the Europeans. They have for the most part given up religion altogether. Even within the USA, it is the bible belt where disease and poverty are most rampant.

Oh yeah. The ten commandments all came from God as well as all of scripture.

All we know is that Moses went up on Mount Sinai for forty days and came back down with two stone tablets and claimed that God had created them. Yet there was nothing remarkable in the workmanship or materials to back up his claim. They were made of ordinary stone, apparently carved with ordinary tools. God did not even bother to preserve these tablets to this day for us to examine. What evidence is there that Moses himself did not make them up?

The error in the Bible is the evidence it was penned by Man, not by the creator of the universe. It is far too sloppy and inaccurate to be of divine origin.

This is why the word is the same as it was when it was first written thousands of years ago. If it was written by humans the book would have vanished long ago.

Hmm. The Sutras of Buddha, the Upanishads, the Mahabarata are all considerably older than the Bible and survive to this day. Are they too thus necessarily of divine origin?

Humans cannot even pass along a couple of sentences between about 20 or 30 people without the end result being completely different than the original. This is just simple fact and a hard reality you must face. This is one of the main concerns of people that compare the original writings with the later ones. If not inspired by God the message and the words would be completely different after passing through very few people.

That is true if you pass orally, but written records are much more stable. Other sacred texts are similarly stable because of the care people take it copying them.

But the Bible is the same as it was when it was first written.

The book was not inspired by men.

Leviticus certainly was. It exemplifies the cruel eye-for-an-eye demand for retribution in man’s heart, quite unlike the forgiving spirit of Jesus.

How ridiculous, if it was there would be no mention of sin or guilt or worshiping God since most men do not want to believe in God or worship nor obey any restrictive laws.

Also please realize that your opinions or views mean nothing. There is absolute truth and you can either believe it or burn in hell for rejecting God’s Word.

At least my thoughts are based on reason. Yours are based on superstition.

God is love but He is also judgement and after a period of long suffering He will judge

He is a mightly god and the only god and he is a jealous God according to scripture.

You remind me of a gorilla with your breast beating. You insult the true God. Would Jesus approve of what you are doing?

You only have but a short time to make up your mind then you will become a reprobate which is a person that cannot be saved and cannot understand the truth or the Bible. The only thing they can believe are lies.

Have you ever read any of the other sacred texts, the non-Christian ones. Obviously not. Then how can you be so all fired sure they are full of shit and your Bible is so wonderful in comparison?

Hard to believe? Check out the cults of today and what educated professionals by the thousands have been following and believing and in some cases dying for.

The Heavens Gate cult is one very good example.

Feel free to contact me at supercharged if you really are serious about finding out the truth about these and other issues.

You have beat your breast and loudly claimed you have an exclusive handle on the truth, but offered not one scintilla of evidence to back up that rather grandiose claim. (I exaggerate, you did offer two rather weak arguments — that the Bible exists in many copies and that it has survived 2000 years). Can you forgive me for being skeptical? If you had any evidence surely you would offer in rather than shouting all your claims in all caps (which I removed.) You wrote and wrote and wrote, yet not once, even accidentally, offered any reason for me to believe what you say is true.

The Jesuit, Illuminati, Knights of Columbus and Masonic Oaths

He is a little insight into the machine of the evil church The Catholics were the ones killing everyone for not believing in the church and there beliefs. There are some sincere Catholic people that attend these churches and believe they are doing good but they are in deception and many people love their religious denomination or beliefs rather than following the Bible.

Notice the oaths are cataloged in the Library of congress for reference.

The Jesuit, Illuminati, Knights of Columbus and Masonic Oaths Masonic symbols of power in their seat of power — Washington, Be sure to hit the street layout link on this page.

But I don’t understand what this has to do with preserving the precious bodily fluids of the Masons.

Go to the book store and get a map of Washington D.C. and you will be able to duplicate the street layout. This was a planned layout with occult intentions even without the streets the layout is still there just by the points and this pentagram is square and not something you have to strain to see. The way maps and land are plotted are the same this is why you can go get a map of today and find this pentagram or look at an older map of the Washington D.C. area and see the same thing.

So anything with five fold symmetry is suspect in your mind? What about maple leafs (the demonic symbol of Canada) and the human hand. Did you cut yours off to please God?

Antichrist Slideshow

Check this out and also check the homepage where this link came from. It’s in your face but they have the truth about a lot of issues.

Again the reason many people cannot understand the things of God is the Bible has to be spiritually discerned for anyone to understand it and you have to be willing to accept the truth.

To me you seem potty as a loon. You are not someone I would look up to for moral guidance. Jesus is, however. I think Christ suggested teaching by example was the best way. But not to worry. There are many ways to lead a moral life that are not Old-Testament-based. Jesus himself taught a new way that replaced the revenge-think of the Old Testament, yet you and most modern Christians act as if they had never heard that message. Hint, John 13:34. You Christians get yourselves so sexually excited thinking about sinners being tortured, the intoxication pours out in your delerious prose.

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