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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Avner (Gerard) Levy : : 2000-08-23

I found your site by coincidence — dejected by Netscape PR (Public Relations) 6.0 dumping their layers so I went to and don’t ask how I got to your site. Anyway.

I too have lived special moments (in Israel and in Paris), where I sensed I was a part of a soup of soul and could not know/learn from my senses, but from my feeling.

Further, you say, about Noah’s ark:

get pandas in China, koalas in Australia, etc.

This has been written at a time they as though they were the center of the Universe. But they made it for anybody. I would not be surprised when man meets other populated universes that — if still any — missionaries won’t go convert saying there is only one God and that’s Jesus!

Anyway, shrinking the whole universe might have been shrinking it to the region where they lived. Incidentally, there seem to be remnants of a flood and a boat (the ark?). If it started raining and raining and the level of water going up may have brought animals to come to the only place they would not be drowned, the ark. And with the poetry/legend effect, it might have turned into "Noah was told by God to gather all animals blah blah"

I can speak Hebrew. What this guy, Jesus, said: ani ben adan. Which means: I am the son of the man (adam), never said I am God. And I do not believe in a Messiah either, we are our own saviour, we pay and redeem ourselves with our pain, work, efforts, this is what makes us humble and miserable, but great at the same time.

Time has come to show humans how great they are. So they can get respect for themselves and others.

I hope the battle against hard drugs is not lost. I have two babies and I would hate them to have to fight pushers at school.

Healing: Qi Gong practitioners can do miracles. A guy who had AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) went visit one of them and could walk which he could not some minutes before he visited the (sha)man…………

At the beginning was chaos. true. everything is fractal. trees, intestine, colon, lungs, skin, blood vessels, rivers, distribution of stars, events, etc. Life emerged from chaos

There is little evidence that prayer does any good. Get two people together and pray for peace in Ireland or the end of hunger in Africa and see what happens. Why do we continue to pretend that prayer works when it is so clearly ineffective?

seems you are wrong: healing process seems to have been accelerated in a double blind experiment in people having relatives praying for them. I shall investigate this. I heard about this last week. Interesting. If this could be applied to the rest of the world, groups of people praying for fellows human regularly (love on demand?) or chanting mantras might as well be the quantum leap that might save mankind.

It would be nice to be wrong on this one. We still don’t know if prayer directly heals, or if it persuades God to heal.

Seems to me God is the state of the Universe at a given time. We are part of it and so are dust particles, with various degrees of consciousness. It is permanent, but evolves at the same time. from consciousness zero, or close to, to infinite — or close to.

Then, if even matter (by opposition to soul) is conscious, then not only the soul but the whole person becomes part of God.

Incidentally, I see you are in New Westminster.

I am in Vancouver till Aug. 30, I took this contract assignment (Delphi) and it ends at the end of this month.

I shall go back to Montreal, where I shall launch a super site dedicated to ethnic Communities in their languages.

All ASP (Active Server Page) first version, Java second and I have to write an isapi one to see whether isapi is much faster than Java.

Check out IBM (International Business Machines) ’s Jikes compiler. Very fast compared with Oracle’s.

Then write the isapi for Unix if possible.

Wish you the best:

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