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I am not religious

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I Am Not Religious

George : : 2000-06-06

I just became Christian in 1997.

Don’t despair! With God’s help many have been cured of this delusional disease.

The Bible itself said it is for proof and reproof. I have been studying it ever since. I try to say this as politely as I can, Sir, but you are wrong.

That’s a pretty safe statement that I said something wrong somewhere. Just what did I say that was wrong?

I came from a Religious family. Boy am I glad I’m out. I’m not religious, I just Love the Lord.

11, 12? Yes, if you read in between one was added… And so on to the rest…

Sorry, I don’t follow.

I do sincerely suggest an honest Christian meet with you. Not the sham of the false profits available today. I don’t blame you. I blame them.

My friend Angela Wensley has a term for herself, Jesusist, a person who wants to follow Jesus’s teachings but wants nothing to do with the trappings tacked on by the modern church.

I Am Not Religious II

George Wed, 07 Jun 2000

I am thankful that you didn’t beat me down. I did not want to sound vague nor insult your intelligence. You definitely have a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient). 11/12 is in regard to the number of apostles. It requires study and detailed review, but there were 11, one was added, then there were 12. Let’s not get into it. I do pray for all of our best.

Your friend Angela is right. There is no God at many of the churches and ministries. Religiosity has ripped the Spirit out of the intended temple. But, Jesus knew that they wanted to kill Him and he continued going to the synagogue regardless. I am with a movement that is making the church what it was designed to be. A vessel to introduce the word of the Lord to those who don’t know to be able to get back with God.

Is there any church that teaches what Jesus taught? e.g.

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