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Nothing Positive Comes From Your Site

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Nothing Positive Comes From Your Site

Amanda Beougher : : 2002-08-09

I just wanted to comment on your site and the comments made by you and people that visit your site. Nothing positive comes from your site. You don’t even take the Bible in the right context. You twist it around and say Oh the Bible says this and this and this… but none of it is good.

I think you are referring to the Bible Study Guide. If you click the chapter and verse beside each of the oddities mentioned, it will take you to the King James version for you to see for yourself. You imagine the bible is full of sweetness and light only because you have read only cherry picked selections. Read the who thing. Taken in the whole, it is a monstrous work.

There are no inerrancies in the Bible. You are completely looking at the Bible the wrong way.

From the way I see it, the only way to see no error is to blindfold yourself. You refuted not a word I said in my essay on Noah’s flood. There are many elephant-sized errors, inconsistencies and implausibilities you have to swallow in that one story alone.

And the only reason our country has survived this long is because of the Biblical principles our country was founded on. Look at third world countries. They are all messed up because of their screwed up immoral religions and life styles.

People in Latin America take their Christianity even more seriously than Americans and it has done little to help them financially. You are just seeking an excuse to feel superior to people in other countries. It further might come as a shock to you that your founding fathers were not all Christian. Per capita, the United States is the stingiest country in the western world when it comes to helping the third world. Good Christian influence?

Christianity, Evolution, Buddhism, Mormonism, etc, are all based upon faith. Even atheism is based upon some faith. Faith that their is no God or gods.

Is your belief in the non-existence of unicorns based purely on faith? You have evidence:

There are people who believe unicorns exist based on faith without evidence. However, those who do not believe they exist have plenty of evidence. In like manner those who reject your god have plenty of evidence. All you have is faith without evidence. My certainty your god is fictional is as solid as my belief there are no blue lemons for sale at the local grocery. The day I see some, I will change my mind, but no amount of ranting by deranged people who want me to believe in invisible blue lemons on faith, despite what my eyes tell me, will convince me sooner.

Christianity gives you hope and you will never be able to understand that hope and the peace that God gives you until you actually experience it. Until you actually believe in God, He will not reveal himself to you. I know that one day we will all.

Yes, lies can be conforting, but they are lies. Building your life on lies is a very foolish strategy.

A Believer

You have no evidence God exists, just a profound desire that he exist. It is no different from a child’s wish that there really be a Santa Claus. Your desire is no more evidence that God exists than a child’s desire is that Santa Claus exists. Your belief in the existence of God is not based on examining the evidence, just how you want it to be. How childish! How irrational! How narcissistic! What you call God is just an extreme body sensation. How insulting to the real god!

Lying to yourself that way to make yourself feel important and protected cripples you in so many ways:

I don’t know if God exists, but if he does, I am absolutely certain that the Christian depiction of him is totally wrong. I explain why in my essay on what the nature of the real God (the creator of the universe) must be.

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