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There Is Nothing Contradictory in the Bible

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

There Is Nothing Contradictory in the Bible : John Zealously : withdrawn : 2009-02-12

There is nothing contradictory in the Bible.

I then I take it, like most Christians, you have never actually read the bible cover to cover, just the greatest hits. I take it you have not read my essay on all the many contradictions I found when I read it cover to cover. I take it you have never read Dr. Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. I presume you are unfamiliar with Tom Harpur’s book The Pagan Christ on recent findings from ancient biblical texts on how the bible gradually came into its present form. I also take it you have not read my bible study guide to the lesser known bizarre parts of the bible that you claim is inerrant. You should at least read the bible completely before you vouch for its perfection. After all, you are vouching for the perfection of the whole thing, not just Isaiah:

And he shall judge among the nations and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.
~ Isaiah 2:4

I am familiar with all these works and many others and the scores of contradictions and also outright errors and lies they allude to. You have provided nothing to explain any of these reported contradictions away.

You have a grandiose opinion of yourself if you imagine all you need to do to bring people round to your point of view is make a bold blanket assertion and expect people to take your word for it. You act as if you were Yahweh himself.

What you have written in your little website is sad because you are convinced you are correct and yet you are desperately wrong.

Fine, where is your evidence or even an argument that I am wrong?

You are trusting in the biased scientists which speak of long ages for the earth and yet the scientific evidence absolutely will not allow such a conclusion. Evolution has been shown to be a lie. The fossil record proves that there was a Noachian flood and not evolution.

Quote your source. I personally have never seen any evidence at all for this flood. I understand the evidence against it. I studied chemistry, physics and mathematics at UBC (University of British Columbia). I see no reason to distrust all science. It makes perfect sense to me. You on the other hand make about as much sense as someone escaped from a psych ward. You offer no reasons to believe you. You just grandiosely asserted that you are right and I am wrong. In your view, you are the ultimate authority, therefore I must defer to your magnificence. Even mental patients I have dealt with are willing to provide some evidence for their delusions.

I personally have come up with many arguments why Noah’s story could not possibly have happened. You have not refuted any of these arguments. I don’t think you even have enough basic knowledge of science to even understand my arguments, much less begin to refute them. You are like a child pontificating sex. If you have no scientific education you have no business lecturing and lying to those who do.

The Bible predicts that many will scoff at the Word of God and you are one of them.

The bible is the word of man, not god, same as any other holy book. That is why it is so full of error and contradiction. It even has explicitly human-named authors. Your aggressive, wilful ignorance makes you dangerous. You are stark raving delusional and don’t even realise it. Your bible is not the word of god. It is the wishful thinking of your cult, no different from any other whacko doomsday cult. Yours is not even particularly ancient. People scoff at the flat-earth teachings of all primitive cults, not just yours.

The only reason you give the bible any credence at all is because you were taught to at a very early age. If you were born in Egypt, you would have an exaggerated awe for the Qur’an instead. There is nothing special about the bible. You have only a gut feel implanted by your mom. There is no logic or evidence to support it, very frustrating for you when people like me demand it. I did not receive the same indoctrinination as you. I have read hundreds of holy books. To me, your bible is just one of many. There is nothing to single it out an unusual. It is poorly written compared with the competition, but you could not possibly know that since you have so carefully avoided at looking at anything else.

If God had penned the bible, it would be as beautiful as a sunset. It is nowhere close.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)
I feel sorry for you.

You vaguely hint that you don’t believe in your dogma as strongly as you protest. Perhaps that is why you are writing me, hoping I will help talk you out of your fear of Yahweh, your adult version of monsters under the bed. You are so afraid that maybe there is a slim chance this bogey man Yahweh will get you after you die, that you pretend to love him and pretend not to see contradictions and errors in the bible. I consider that contemptible cowardice, far worse than adult thumb sucking.

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