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Paul Nanwaters

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Paul Nanwaters

Jim Pattillo : : 2000-11-09

Does anyone know this name? Received mail from him. One of his letters was supposed to prove the truth of the bible by a computer that was supposed to compute the time from present to the beginning of time.

You might refer him to my web page where I challenge Christian myths. You might start him off with The Bible Study Guide which points out some of the stranger parts of the Bible and lead him then to my my essay on Noah where I point out Biblical inconsistency with itself and with reality and finally to my essay on Kristianity where I give my arguments why Christianity is overall an evil and should be discouraged.

It was supposed to have hung up at the time when God stopped the Sun. This is a silly concept. Does anyone fall for this?

Over half of Americans fall for at least some of the Christian superstition. Early conditioning beats logic every time.

Time is not something that exists in the sense that it can be counted like beans. This is an example of something that sounds logical but is not. Today in a class on the bible, the teacher read the passage from Paul Nanwaters where he tries to make woman inferior to men. The teacher believes that the bible is without error. I don’t follow this concept either, it is like saying computers don’t make errors. It does not matter if this is true, as long as the people who use them do.

They assume the conclusion then twist the story even worse than an OJ (Orenthal James Simpson) lawyer to make it fit. That’s not proof; it is wild rationalisation and denial.

I told the teacher that Paul’s logic was silly. He in effect said that since Adam was created first he was superior to Eve.

Hmmm. The ENIAC 1 was created before the Pentium III, therefore it is a superior computer???

He followed this with eve being the first one to sin also makes Adam superior. The teacher said the context and reason for writing it, had to be considered.

Of course, had Adam been the first to sin, it would still make him superior in all things for all time. What rubbish! It is like ten year old boys bragging my sex is better than your sex.

Some people do not like this concept because that opens up everything in the bible, to be interpreted instead of taken word for word.

Even the literalists pick and choose what they want to see. They merely claim to believe all of it. Have a look at my Bible study guide for parts of the Bible that even the most whacko Christian ignores.

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