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Don’t Limit God

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Don’t Limit God

Caitlin : : 2000-06-07

Though I disagree with your entire essay, you obviously put some effort into it. I would like to make one comment though — you put way too much limitation on God. You’re looking at him from a human perspective — which we all know is quite flawed. Our minds cannot grasp things like the flood — because we are human. Stop putting God in a limited human perceptive — you’ll probably get farther.

If God could create the universe, granted handling a miracle like the flood would be child’s play. In the Qur’an Fatir 16 it says If He so pleased, He could blot you out and bring in a New Creation. Nor is that (at all) difficult for Allah. However, that is not my complaint. I claim the Bible is a clouded and clumsy attempt at putting God’s Word into English. On the whole, it likely false because it is so inept and self-contradictory, not because it describes something too marvellous. The Bible is the work of men attempting to channel God’s word and adding in a lot of their own thoughts as well about what they imagine God might say. Further, my complaint is that there is no evidence for the flood in the fossil record, something we know God created. The Bible we know was written by men, possibly inspired my God. Who do you trust, God or men?

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