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Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True : selenia mines : : 2001-06-23

i think u need spiritual guidance. just because you don’t like the bible doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

But of course. Conversely, just because it would be nice if the Bible were true does not make it true. I suspect it would break your heart to discover the Bible is full of falsehoods. Perhaps that is why you could not even bear to read the Noah essay where I expose some of them.

it is true.

Precisely because of human fallibility, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
~ Carl Sagan (1934-11-09 1996-12-20 age:62)

Some of it is clearly true. We do know there actually was a King Herod. Some of it is clearly false; see the Noah essay for examples. The most important parts, there is no way of knowing, e.g. what happens after you die. Why do you believe the Bible’s extraordinary claims without evidence and I do not? I don’t think alien abductions are all that likely either, even though there is thousands of times more evidence to support them than the Bible’s claims. I strongly suspect you take them on faith because it would be wonderful if they were true, not because there is much evidence to think they are true. However, the main reason for the difference is probably you were taught as a child to believe them, when you were too young to doubt anything your parents told you. I was not.

However, the Bible makes what are u going to do when jesus comes for us and he will. just because u don’t like what the bible says doesn’t mean u can call christians names who do like the bible if u read it and pray to GOD u wouldn’t feel the way u do.

May I remind you of the warning in Luke. Babbling Jesus’s name won’t save you. He will judge your heart and your actions, not the depth of your swallowing the Biblical myth, over half of which he repudiated. I call for Christians to repent and give up their false beliefs. Woe to the hypocrites like you if it turns out Jesus actually was correct.

the devil has many ways of getting people like you not to believe in God or that God exists.

I guess you did not read my condemnation of Kristianity. One problem with Christianity is it makes people unable to appreciate the difference between rejecting biblical inerrancy, rejecting Jesus as a supernaturally being, rejecting the notion of God and rejecting a moral life.

i pray everyday and i get results on a lot of things.

Of course. Pray for a glass of water and lo, you might get one, unless you are an African. If prayer is the answer, I’d think the Africans would have the same odds as you of success. Is there any evidence God showers more beneficence on you than others who do not pray? You are just playing a silly game with yourself to puff up your own self importance. I have seen psychics play this same self deception. If there is a God, he is far too busy to bother with your petty concerns. There are people starving to death and you want God to listen to your prattle?

i won’t let the devil persuade me to be a nasty bad person.

The Devil made be do it. I guess you are too young to remember Flip Wilson’s Geraldine. Your own selfish desires will make you into a nasty bad person, not an imaginary devil. The Christian church may lead you astray, teaching you that following petty rules makes you superior to others and teaching you to look down on everyone who does not belong to your sect and that they have the power to erase the effects of your sins. The heart’s of Jesus’s message is very clear. It has almost nothing to do with what your church preaches.

the devil is a great liar and has a strong influence in your life and u don’t even know it yet.

Aha! that explains why you are so willing to comment on what you have not yet read. You fear his seduction.

he wants u to believe everything u see with your eyes.

Can’t you see that the church is a giant con? Look at the miracle of transubstantiation. The wine even after the miracle still looks and tastes exactly like wine. Yet you are supposed to be amased at the miracle of it transforming into Christ’s blood. The emperor has no clothes. Con artists don’t want you to believe what you see with your eyes. The people merely pretended to see the emperor’s clothes because they did not want to be thought fools. They were conned. You were conned into the notion that believing without evidence was virtuous. Even you surely can see that is so preposterous in any other context. Why would the creator be so devious? Deviousness is usually associated with the devil.

he wants u to think that bible is bull and that God is cruel or that God doesn’t exist. but u will soon find out that there is a God and satan made a fool out of you. hopefully it won’t be to late!! the stuff that goes on in this world are a lot deeper than u think or know. there are things going on around you in the world that u don’t see or know and that science, biology and all that other crap can’t explain. but u do have a right to your own beliefs and philosophy but u need to wake up really read the bible and understand it. prayer is effective and u need it in your life.

If you want to lead a truly moral life, get out there and do something useful. Help the poor of Africa, save a species, stop the ecological destruction of the planet. Right now you are spinning your wheels wasting your time in prayer and superciliousness, a form of mental masturbation. You are a modern Pharisee. The way you are leading your life now, if you dropped dead tomorrow, your contributions to the planet would be minuscule. To quote Mother Teresa, get out there and do something beautiful for God. You are just kidding yourself that you are leading spiritual life.

Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True II

selenia mines Sun, 24 Jun 2001

i have read some of your essays and i don’t share any of your beliefs. i do believe in God and he is real. i want to know is how was everything created. where did dirt and water come from. how was different races created. how were animals created. can u explain this to me. how did earth become earth before science, biology, astronomy or anything else came into existence. one more thing i don’t look down you just because of your beliefs but am curious as to how things came into existence without no God.

These are big questions. You could go to the Bible for an answer. It does not explain how, just says God did it. Unfortunately this explanation appears to be wrong. All the geological and fossil evidence says that was not not the way it was. The chronology is all wrong. There was no global flood. Presumably God or the devil could have planted millions of metric tons of fossil evidence, consistent down to the molecule. Lord knows why.

I take it you still have not studied even rudimentary particle physics, quantum mechanics, biochemistry etc. If you want deep answers to your questions, you have a long study ahead of you. If you want simpler answers you can go to your local library and read about the big bang, natural selection, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), genetic mutation and that naughty word evolution. You could take a trip for yourself to a fossil bed and look at the fossil layers for yourself. If it is a fake, it is quite an impressive fake. It seems much more likely the Bible is a fake. It is just a book. There is no evidence whatsoever God had anything to do with making it, other than creating the trees used to make the paper. Surely there is more doubt in your mind about a book admittedly authored by fallible humans than that God created the mountains. Which came more directly from God? The Bible or the fossil record?

You foolishly hang onto the notion that the only way God could possibly exist is if the Bible is literally true. What if the Muslims are right? What if Allah or Krishna, not Yahweh, is God’s name? Scientists have much more awe for the creation than you. You refuse to look at its majesty. You keep you nose stuck in a musty old book written four thousand years ago. You deliberately keep yourself ignorant so that you can’t appreciate its wonder.

Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True. III : selenia mines : : 2001-06-24

if you want to know how God became God you should read the bible for real and stop ranting and raving about science, biology and stuff.

I prepared a Bible Study Guide. I would like you to read those sections of the Bible it points out. I know I am the devil telling you do something immensely wicked. The Sky God bogeyman will surely forgive you for reading the naughty parts of the Bible. Since we are debating the Bible and science, it really only makes sense if everyone at least knows what the Bible and science have to say on various matters. You seem to think it is possible to have meaningful debate without doing either.

Satan doesn’t want you to believe in the bible or God that’s why he puts those ideas in your head and some other people. that’s why science, astronomy and all the other things came to be.

Science came about when people started looking at the creation directly instead of trusting books. They discovered both Aristotle and the Bible were wrong on many things. You are afraid to look at God’s creation directly. It would be too overwelmingly wonderful. Instead you put on dark glasses, (your Bible), that hides the glory.

Satan has a big influence in your life no wonder you think the way you do. But you and all the other atheists will soon find out. The bible has all the answers i’m looking for not some man made excuse or reasoning yes i read science, astronomy and all the other stuff that’s suppose to educate men and try to persuade them into thinking like you think. i will pray for your lost soul and when the rapture comes hopefully you won’t go straight to hell with all the rest of the nonbelievers. The Word of God has all the answers if you knew how to read it and apparently you don’t know how to.

Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True IV : selenia mines : : 2001-06-24

my father says you need get on your hands and knees and except christ as your lord and savior so that you won’t be rotten burning flesh in hell with rest of the non believers.

When I point out the bible is poorly written, the point I am making is it could not possibly be the work of the of hugely intelligent designer of the universe. I am offering you evidence it is a forgery. This is a completely independent issue to whether there is such a designer.

You father is a fruitcake. He beat and browbeat you into parroting instead of thinking for yourself. His father before him did the same thing to him. Your belief is based on nothing but brainwashing. There is no foundation to it, just a lot of shouting. Look how fragile your faith is. You are terrified to even look in a science text or read the entire Bible least it shatter. You know in your heart your faith is based on untruth. It is not your fault. You were brainwashed. Christianity is mental delusion you will pass on to your children. You will pass it on the same way, by browbeating, punishment, threats and endless repetition. You won’t use logic to persuade them will you? You will tell your children it is wicked to use common sense. You will teach them to distrust their own two eyes. Only a humongous lie needs that sort of defense.

Just Because You Don’t Like the Bible Doesn’t Mean That It Isn’t True V

selenia mines 24 Jun 2001

You are the one whose been brainwashed because the stuff you think i should go read is nonsense the devil wants You to feel the way you do so he can have your soul and it’s a shame because he has you right where he wants you.

I don’t think you know what the term brainwashed means. Read up on the definition and how it is done. See:

book cover recommend book⇒Battle For the Mind, A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashingto book home
by William Walters Sargant 978-1-883536-06-0 paperback
birth 1907-04-24 1988-08-27 age:81 978-0-8371-6899-9 hardcover
publisher Malor
published 1997-08
Note the spelling: Sargant. I first read this book as a teenager. It explains how brainwashing works and how various groups use it. I was shocked back then to discover how close the techniques of the POW camps and the religious cults were to the socially acceptable practice of boot camp to rebuild army recruits into obedient soldiers.
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and The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America by Dick Sutphen.

Science is satan’s way of manipulating people like you into think if you can’t see with your naked eye then it’s not real. that’s why some people in this world is so screwed because they don’t want to believe. people think they can solve their own problems and they can’t. they are even going to make homosexuals priests and everything that’s happening now is in the book of revelations but you won’t understand it because satan has a hold on soul. that’s why so many gay people are dying now Aids. you can believe what you see with your eyes but it’s a shame that you can’ t believe what really is going on. biochemistry, biology, astronomy evolution won’t save you when the time comes for you to be taken into hell or heaven. anyone who reads the bible and understands it knows that. only the nonbelievers like you have a problem with it.

If you can’t trust your eyes, what makes you so sure the Bible itself is not part of the devil’s plot to deceive you? Of all possible things to trust are of God, why the Bible? It was admittedly written, translated and manufactured by men. Mountains were not. The god who created the universe is not the same as whoever authored the Bible. Whoever authored the Bible is an utter ignoramus in comparison. That will become obvious to you the moment you open your eyes and study the truth about how the universe actually is, not how you would wish it to be.

You must have heard how the holy fathers refused to look through Galileo Galilei’s telescope fearing they too would see the moons of Jupiter. Are they too part of the Devil’s illusion to control your reading matter? What a pompous notion! You being just as silly to ignore everything we have found out about how the universe works.

if you persist on being ignorant to the truth your life won’t be very meaningful because are blinded by man made excuses and by books created to manipulate people like you.

You swallow this Biblical infallibility big lie hook line and sinker. You have it arranged so that even God could not disabuse you of your foolishness. You want to be conned. You desperately want to be conned. You know in your heart it is all a giant lie, otherwise you would not go to such desperate means to ignore the evidence that the Bible simply is not true. Read my Noah essay. It explains in terms even someone as wilfully ignorant of science as you can understand why there no way that Bible story could be true.

i met people like you who turn the bible into their interpretation and don’t know how to read the bible. i feel sorry for you.

I feel both contempt and pity for you because you will miss out on so much of the wonder of the creation because you refused to open your eyes to even have a look. Mostly I feed sadness for your children. You will feed them this crap before they are old enough to recognise it for the untruths, empty threats and groundless speculation that it is and will torment their children in turn with these sky god bogeyman stories for endless generations.

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