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Was Jesus Gay?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Was Jesus Gay? : Krystl Karen Assan : : 2000-12-02

As I was reading your essay, I noticed one major thing: Your whole essay was based on probablys and if it were modern day…

Exactly. Modern day Christians want to hang me up by the testicles for doing the exact same things that Jesus did. They have a double standard. They label the exact same behaviour in me gay and excuse it in Jesus. Granted, the very notion of homosexuality is recent. Jesus’s peers did not even have a word for homosexual, so obviously he could not possibly have identified himself as gay as I do.

  1. Firstly you said that Jesus was gentle… Being gentle has nothing to do with homosexuality… It just proves that Jesus is kind, compassionate and will treat His children the same way.

    True, but any gentle male is at risk for being labeled as gay and being beaten up as gay because of the Christian-fomented hatred against gays.

  2. Secondly you said that Jesus rejected masculine behaviour… I’d personally like to know where that is found in the Bible and what it has to with anything.

    By that I meant the masculine arts of fighting and warfare.

  3. Next you said that Jesus refused to have sex with women… Just because Jesus didn’t have sex with women, doesn’t mean He had sex with men.

    Again I point out the double standard. Any male in modern day who refuses sex with women is presumed to be gay. You are making a special exception for Jesus based on your belief that he shouldn’t be gay, couldn’t be gay, ignoring evidence about his actual behaviour.

  4. Why did Jesus hang out with such disreputable people? Because He wanted to forgive them of their sins and show the world that He could not only save the good man but the sinner (e.g prostitute, gangster and homosexual) as well. For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whosoever that believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    Same double standard. You give Jesus the benefit of the doubt you would not give a modern person doing the same thing.

  5. Tell me something: if a female put her head in another woman’s lap, would you say that she is a lesbian? The disciples were probably tired. And Jesus’ company being male? Every priesthood in the Bible is a group of males. Besides, Jesus did have close female friends — Mary and her sister Martha.

    If two men or two women did that in a public restaurant, what would you conclude? Why do you apply a different standard to Jesus? You are not looking at the evidence in an unbiased way. You have pre-made up your mind that Jesus could not be gay because being gay is wicked. Perhaps being gay is not as wicked as you imagine. After all there are only two places in the Bible where it makes that assertion, in Leviticus where it condemns everyone to death even people who eat lobsters and in St. Paul. St. Paul never even met Jesus. That was just Paul’s opinion, not Jesus’s. Jesus never mentioned the sin of homosexuality, though he hammered over and over about judgementalness (hint hint). Paul had some other nutty ideas we blithlely ignore, e.g. concerning suitable female headgear for church. Consider also the possibility that Jesus had that one human imperfection.

  6. They kissed each other on the cheek, which was a sign of politeness. Luke 7:45.

    Further, in some modern Mediterraneoan cultures heterosexual males use a greeting kiss.

  7. Jesus’s groupies competed, each claiming to love Jesus the most.

    And what does this mean.

    Have a look at the events surrounding the last supper.

    Mark 9:34.

  8. The Bible is divinely inspired — 100%. God is in control, so what was left out was not His word. So, there is no point in discussing it. But… loved him and might be with him… many loved Jesus and wanted to follow Him. If Jesus just cured you of death, would you not love Jesus?

    Psalms 137:9 Happy shall a man be, that smashes babies on rocks.

    Even that is divinely inspired? Get serious!

In Conclusion: Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, would not go against the Word, Himself, which says that homosexuality is wrong.

I love you and God loves you and is willing to take away all your sins. God said that judgement will soon come upon you unless you turn back to Him. God’s telling me that some Christian hurt you big time and now you’re lashing out all your anger on Him.

There is a big difference between having a dispute with Christianity and a dispute with God. I contend Christians blaspheme God and misrepresent His will. The Bible is a work of man that Christians put forward as the work of God. It is thus a forgery. It is not of sufficient quality and accuracy to be genuine. Parts of it may be divinely inspired, such as the beatitudes, but all of it, no way!. Most of it is blithering nonsense. Try reading it some day, perhaps guided by my Bible study guide.

But God is willing to forgive you, heal your hurts and give you the joy and peace you’ve been waiting for a long time. Even during the time of judgement, God will still wait for you for He is the God of Love.

I love you and will continually pray for you.

James 5:16 the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

Did no righteous men ever pray for Barbara Frum, Ryan White or Princess Diana?

Was Jesus Gay? : Raymond Wood : : 2001-07-05

Well, I suppose that it is possible. However, comparing what is normal behavior for Western males with male behavior in the Gospels just doesn’t work — too many differences in culture. That leaves you with only the suppressed Gospel fragment, not enough basis for your edifice. On the other hand, if you want to cite someone in the Bible who may have been homosexual, why not (Saint) Paul? There is an excellent explication of this thesis in Bishop John Shelby Spong’s Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, 1991, Harper San Francisco, Chapters 7 & 8.

Saying that Jesus is gay is not the same as saying he had sex with men, just that this was his natural orientation. Given that roughly 10% of people are gay, it is not all that improbable that both Jesus and Paul were gay. Think of all the people in the Bible. Arrange them in order of likelihood of being gay. Jesus and Paul are both up there at the top, along with David and Jonathan. Jesus was born in a manger the son of a lowly carpenter. Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan. It seems plausible he would also choose to be born the despised sexual orientation. He wanted us to love everyone even homosexuals and sinners. What better way to demonstrate that?

Was Jesus Gay? : Ben Novak : : 2001-07-31

EI just stumbled upon your article about Jesus being gay and by the looks of your other articles you seem to be one that one believes what he can back up scientifically/physically. Now how did you get the idea that Jesus was gay, when you bring forth no physical proof and no scientific proof. the fact that you are even allowed to own a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) disappoints me. You who live by the earthly deeds shall perish by the earthly deeds.

I gave my evidence in my essay Was Jesus Gay. It is not that extraordinary a claim. One in ten people is gay. That means roughly a tenth of the people mentioned in the Bible were probably gay. Who were they? The most likely candidates are David, Jonathan, Paul, Jesus. There must be many more. What I find preposterous is the way you will swallow a totally outrageous claim — that Jesus was the only son of God, with far less evidence than I presented he was gay. Jesus was born in a manger. It makes sense he would also choose to be born into a persecuted social class, the gays. Saying he is gay talks about his sexual orientation, not about whether he was sexually active. You are the one with the big judgement of gays. Jesus never said a word against them.

What you said about 1 in 10 people being gay, what you forgot is that is now, our time, not two thousand years ago.

The Bible talks about homosexuals. They clearly existed even in the time of Moses. Why would human sexuality have changed?

your prob is that you can’t except the fact that we as humans see all the good in the bible and even though jesus sets a good example, you can’t except the fact that he is right. why have you made know claim against Ghandi, st. Theresa, you need to grow up.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

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