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I Believe The Bible

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I Believe The Bible

Juanenoman : : 2000-12-08

Loved your site!! You seem to concentrate on miserable occurrences in the Bible. I’m wondering why you left out the drowning of all the Egyptian army that pursued Moses and the slaves at the Red Sea? I see no mention of the murmuring people dieing in the wilderness from snake bites. Also I don’t see Lot’s wife mentioned… Don’t look back!!

Are you suggesting sections of the Bible for the Study Guide where I point out the high points and surprising parts of the Bible or where I refute it as the word of god?

I would say you are probably, better versed in the Bible than me so I won’t go on and on. Well done thou good and faithful servant!!!! Ok, all kidding aside, I am curious if you have heard of "Plato’s Wager"? I learned of it in philosophy class.

No, enlighten me.

Have a Great Christmas! Anyhow, my point is this. You asked if I have been conned by men…… The answer is yes. I don’t like all the crap that has happened in the Bible either but………… I have to believe there is something better. How about you?

As a practical guide to living, I think you can do well reading the works of Ken Keyes or many other self help authors with advice phrased in terms easy for modern people to understand, rather than cloaked in metaphors about sheep.

Writing this email makes me nervous. Please don’t send me a virus or wreck my computer.

What possible benefit would accrue to me from doing that? It makes absolutely no sense. Further, it is completely contraindicated by my life philosophy further explained in CCism.

You see, I got tuberculosis in 1989 and almost died. My lungs collapsed 2 times so, the hospital inserted tubes into my chest right through my rib cage. (Man!! that hurt!!) Anyhow, the holes from those tubes didn’t heal for about a year and a half. Poison leaked out everyday. I was homeless, too sick to walk and ate out of trash cans to survive. Then the poison got into my blood and I went back to the hospital. They wanted to cut out my lung (left side) and all the gunk in my chest. I was so pissed and sick and tired of losing that I just didn’t care too much about living. I refused the operation. When I left the hospital, I looked into the sky and said this: "I’m not having the surgery, you can do whatever you want" It is now 2000 and I’m still here. Once again, my point is: I don’t understand but I believe the Bible is real. By 1993, my health had improved to the point that I could work and I built my business back ( I am a carpet layer) to where I could survive. In 1995, a kid ran a red light and T-boned me at 80.47 km/hr (50 mph). He was driving a 4 ton flatbed and I was in a chevy s-10 light pick up. He totaled another car after he went through me. I still don’t walk right. I’m in pain everyday, I’m short of breath, I’m in debt up to my hairline and I have no real hope that I will ever be successful in this world. Maybe that’s why I believe the Bible. There’s a part in there that says: No more pain, No more disease. It might be a pipe dream but Plato’s wager makes sense to me. Thanks for hearing me out.

In 1985 I got HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus). Every year the doctors would tell me I had one more year to live. Several times even I thought they were right. In 2000-02 I was losing weight rapidly and could no longer hold down food and in constant nausea. I was in hospital and they could not figure out how to repair my digestive system. However, I am still alive and getting stronger every day. God may have had something to do with it, though I don’t recall asking for divine help, but the Bible did not.

Guess I just needed to whine tonight. I hope you have happiness and success in this life. If you don’t believe in God, just have a Happy Holiday because that’s what we do. (Humans) Sometimes email can be misunderstood because there is no facial or human interaction to articulate the words. Please understand, I don’t mean to insult you in any way at all, I just wanted you to know that I understand your site and you are very learned in your Bible story locations. I got carried away with my story about my health but I got the blues tonight and was looking for God when I found your site. I Love the Contest idea. And please, don’t send me any virus or wreck my computer.

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