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Gods and the Earth

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Gods and the Earth

Barbara Moore : : 1999-10-24

Thank you so much for your website, on Christianity and on the whale hunt going on in Washington which I had been unaware.

I am a white straight female and I have had two of my dearest friends, both gay males, die of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). Thanks to your having the quilt on your site I found there were several panels made for one of them. Kelson is the name, there are not words for how much I loved him or how deep was the loss. The other one, Ralph, was an adorable 25 year old, he and his lover Billie were like brothers or sons to me.

You said a lot of things on your site that needed to be said. I deeply believe in God but that derived from the practice of yoga meditation after the church had made an atheist of me for a time. I believe that the only thing valid on a spiritual path is direct contact with spirit and the only thing one can offer another on the spiritual path is the inspiration to look for their own path and the meditation methods by which contact is achieved. These are not only my thoughts but are the teachings of J. Krishna Murti whom I greatly admired. Each person must go within to find truth for themselves. Kelson was also a spiritual advisor for me. He was a priest in a non-Roman-Catholic denomination and helped me realize that being a kind of eclectic pagan didn’t mean I had to throw Christianity out entirely.

You may think me deluded because I feel I have, at least on rare occasions had direct contact with God and on several instances through archetypal images. Here is part of my truth God-Goddess does not peep into bedrooms and does not much care what your sex life is like as long as you are acting responsibility and not hurting anybody.

Gay-Lesbian relationships like most things should only be judged right or wrong in reference to yourself. What your neighbor is doing about the issue is simply none of your business. God-Goddess does get pretty disgusted about some things and presuming to judge your neighbor is high on her list, people who poison the earth would be next.

People who want to rely on reading the bible only and think that is all that is required are wrong. God-Goddess does not know them. In a genuine spiritual experience it is like a bright light is put on all dishonesty and wrong doing and I think this makes the Christians so afraid they do not seek God truly. This knowledge is intended for that person only, for their betterment — not to go forth and beat their brothers and sisters over the head with it.

Prayer is effective but only from people who have cleared themselves as a channel for spiritual power by getting rid of the desire to judge, hatred, profit motive at the expense of others, or the desire to glorify their ego-self. If love and the desire to serve is the motive all things are possible. I was cured of a life threatening situation through the prayers of a Moslem healer.

I live in Orange, California, is there anything I can do from here to help put a stop to that whale sacrifice thing? I am familiar with the work of John Lilly but my guidance goes a little further and says that the sacrifice of any animal is an abomination, does dominion have to mean abuse and destruction?

[At the bottom of my whale essay is a list of links. Some have petitions. Write your congressman and senator. Every letter that arrives is presumed to represent the wishes of 20 to 100 people who did not bother to write.]

At any rate thanks again you have really touched my life and have given me a lot to think about. I know I’m not part of the problem but it’s time for me to figure out how to become a part of the solution.

[It is easy to become discouraged looking at the enormity of the task. Your share is just a small part of it. There are lots of us working away. The moral authority is with us, thus even a small group can prevail.]

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