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Evidence Against the Bible

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Evidence Against the Bible : John Zalewski : withdrawn : 2009-02-17

Lots of people present evidence against the Bible. It doesn’t mean it’s true.

In general that is true, but I gave you some arguments based on arithmetic and physics. With a little training you can double check them for yourself to see if they are correct. You are either incapable of doing so, unwilling to so because you recognise they do point out serious flaws and don’t want your beliefs challenged, or you are simply too lazy.

For example, you accused the Bible of teaching that the earth is square because it speaks of four corners.

The Christians claim the bible is the inerrant word of god. All I need to prove that incorrect is but one inconsistency or error. The church interpreted the bible to mean the earth was flat and tortured people for heresy who thought otherwise. If god created the earth and god wrote the bible, surely the fact it is spherical should be in there somewhere. It is not.

In actuality, the Bible uses symbolic language.

The Bible is the inerrant… word of the living God. It is absolutely infallible, without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice, as well as in areas such as geography, science, history, etc.
~ Jerry Falwell (1933-08-11 2007-05-15 age:73), Finding Inner Peace and Strength

If you want to interpret the bible in an idiosyncratic way as myth or allegory, I have no quarrel with you. My complaint is with people like Falwell who claim it is an accurate, literal, factual document, 100% accurate on geography science and history written by god himself without so much as a comma in error. It is nowhere near that.

That’s how it was written. When God says four corners He is referring to the furthest extent of the earth, which means all of the people of the earth.

That is a rationalisation. Most of you Christians have given up on insisting the earth is flat, so now you try to pretend the bible said the earth was spherical all along. If I grant you that, you still have thousands of other more difficult errors and inconsistencies to go.

Anyone can hate the Bible and try to prove it’s wrong. But any error you find surely has been found to be illegitimate by someone who has more than an elementary understanding of the Bible.

I can tell you have never read the entire bible, only selected parts of it. It is evil document. For example, it calls for murdering one’s own children for the silliest of excuses. If you read the whole thing, you will discover you are forced to disown/discount most of it at too barbaric/silly. If you would like to get aquainted with some of the stranger, lesser known parts of the bible, see my bible study guide. The bible claims infallibility, yet it is flat out wrong on nearly everything it has to say about history or science. It thus cannot be the word of god. It thus should not be given any more weight that other ancient works by men on morality. In the name of religion, people do the most evil things because they are so sure god wants them to. The bible was penned by some very screwed up people, especially Deuteronomy and Leviticus and the psychotic guy who wrote Revelation.

You offered as creationist website as evidence the Noah story is literally true. The lecturer describes himself as a retired weatherman, not a scientist, not to mention a published, peer-reviewed scientist. The offers no evidence at all. He simply repeats the Noah bible story and argues the bible is true presuming the bible is true — circular reasoning. He presumes any water erosion was caused by Noah’s global flood. He offers no evidence the erosion was not caused by rain or local floods. He even tells you his bias up front. He says, for him, the bible overrides what scientific observation tells him. In short, this man is a fraud and you his willing patsy.

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