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Cultural Armageddon

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Cultural Armageddon

Hapticz : : 1999-07-25

My sincere appreciation for your concurring awareness of the homo sapiens incredible conscientious destruction of the tiny planet it lives on!

At least i can go forth and be assured that intelligence has not gone the way of Harvard Business school mentality or dark ages religious dumfoundery! i thank you for your succinct and clear awareness of sensual awareness that is lacking in even the most advanced of our schools and halls of higher learning ( i consider them all anacronisms of sick power hungry remnants of king oriented cultures).

my sincere and heartfelt understanding (as far as i am able, at least!) for your own personal AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) (bio-chemical disaster!)

i have concluded throughout the last five yrs of my own existence, of an innate and built-in cultural armageddon, that is inplace in humanities sorry appreciation of life in general.

humanity is generally being led down a rosary path, with little if any care of the consequences. either religions in general are desparately flawed and remain dependent upon the manipulation of base animal response or i am completely dumb!

your comments would be appreciated !

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It lets anyone publish as many books and they want and distribute them for free. As a result young adults can’t help but be exposed to a wider view of life. Parents can no longer keep blinders on their children. Industry can no longer keep them in the dark about the consequences of an industrial life style. Religious leaders can no longer plug their ears to other world views. People can’t help but get a little smarter when they start thinking for themselves.

i live in usa 06375.

i prefer anonymity rather than the haranguing of legions of greedy barrelscrapers within the ugly economic cesspool which i must live!

pls lemme know how u r doing.

best regards

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