Humane Treatment of Bears

When female bears attack people, they are almost never euthanised, because It is in their nature to protect their cubs. However, when bears come into back yards to eat the fruit, garbage or dirty barbecue grills, they are often shot. This does not make sense. A bear eating garbage has not harmed any human. It is surely just as in the bear’s nature to eat the banquet we humans put out especially when we humans have shrunk their natural wild food supplies through climate change.

A more humane way to handle this is to put a GPS (Global Positioning System) collar on problem bears. The collar could give the bear a shock if it got to close to civilisation. The shock might only need be sufficient to make the bear uncomfortable. If it did not work, the collar would warn authorities of a bear in forbidden territory before it could get into trouble.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)