When I was in elementary school and in junior high, almost every day of my life I was beaten up by small gangs. I was completely miserable. I was completely frustrated. I felt as though I had no power whatsoever in the situation. As an adult, I can think of alternate strategies I could have tried (e.g positive intention analysis, extreme media shaming, ambush, striking with additional mass, martial arts, persuading I was willing to escalate retaliation without limit, heavy pressuring school staff, my parents and the bully’s parents to come to my aid, witty, cruel, pre-planned verbal attacks, enlisting peers, enlisting help of the civil justice system, enlisting help of the criminal justice system, bodyguards and pranging).

Perhaps what kids need is a lecture as part of health class on strategies to deal with bullying. The lecturer would also guide a discussion on what constitutes the legal and ethical treatment of bullies. The kids would come to understand why breaking bullies of their bad habit is actually a compassionate act, benefiting everyone involved, including the bullies. The bullies too would hear the same material. :) Bullying would immediately lighten up and become more like a game than a mindless sadistic compulsion. Even if kids are not being bullied then, they will probably encounter some later in life.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)