A Five Pound Box o’ Money Christmas icon

Hey, Santa Claus!
You wanna make me happy this year?
Listen to me, Honey,
Give Michelle something that’ll be of some use to me
Like a five pound box of money

Now there’s a little gift
That’s just loaded with lots of sentiment
And whenever I get blue, Santa,
I’m gonna think about you
But, at the same time,
I can pay my rent

Money isn’t everything
There’s no two ways about it!
But, Santa dear, while we’re here,
Life’s much better with than without it!

So, really, I could be real good
And not do nothin’ funny
If you do like I asked ya
And start me right Christmas night
With a five pound box of money!

Are you listenin’ to everything
I’m askin’ you about?

Santa dear, the new year,
It would be so bright and sunny
If you’d just bring me that little teeny thing
I’ve been speakin’ to you about
A five pound box of money!

It would be so heavenly
And help me meet both ends
Yes, indeed, what this evil gal really needs
Is a five pound box o’ tens

I don’t want the whole money tree
What use is that big ol’ thing to me?
You keep the branches
You can keep the truck and the roots
’Cause all I want is just a little bit of the fruit

Santa Baby, can you hear me?

Santa, if you wanna make my yuletide spirits bright
You bring me the loot
Before you scoot
Up the chimney Christmas night

So, if you wanna be sure
I’ll be your little old honey, Honey Bunny,
You start me off on Christmas night
With a five pound…
No, wait I better increase that,
Uh, make it ten pounds
Well, actually, as long as I’m beggin’
I might as well put in a good beg

Of course, I’ll catch you next year
But, you know how it is
Sometimes people go away and
Then you don’t see ’em anymore

Oh Santa!
Bring me the money, Baby!
Besides, you know,
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, Santa, personally

And, you know, what if I move?
And then you can’t find me
And then I won’t have any present at all next year

Santa, bring me the money!
Yeah, it’s so good, Baby,
I wanna wish you…

Hey, Santa!
Bring me some money, Baby!
Ah, you know I wouldn’t ask for it if I didn’t need it
And, besides, the season’s spirit an’ everything
Makin’ everybody feel good

And, besides, you know how I feel about you
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, Santa
Come on over tonight
You won’t be sorry
And I’ll make you feel so good
Ooooh, Santa!

performed by Michelle Evil Gal Wilson

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