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Lowell Green

Who Is Lowell Green

Lowell Green is a right wing talk show host in Ottawa on CFRA radio. He is best known as the author of an anti-environmental book:
book cover recommend book⇒How the granola crunching, tree huggers are wrecking our country!to book home
by Lowell Green 978-1-894439-30-5 hardcover
birth 1936-07-07 age:81
publisher Creative Bound International
published 2006-11-03
The title says it all. Admittedly I have not read the book. However, based just on the title I doubt I will ever put it on my recommended reading list.
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He is sort of a Canadian Rush Limbaugh. He is no relation to me.

What did Lowell Green Do?

On an early morning radio talk show on 2007-01-23 Lowell Green announced that I, Roedy Green, had mailed an abusive letter to a widow of the Afghanistan war six days before Christmas. He then gave out my home phone, home address and website and asked his listeners to harass me. They complied, with death threats and other abusive calls and emails. They tried to shut down my website. They have also done some electronic vandalism.

My Defence

I wrote no such letter. The only letter I can recall sending was to a kindly elderly woman whose hobby was writing soldiers in Afghanistan. I wanted to convince her to stop because she was indirectly encouraging and enabling these men to kill children. They should feel miserable. They should feel guilty.

I sent six emails to various CFRA employees and a registered letter requesting a copy of the alleged letter. So far, all have been ignored. I still have not been informed by anyone (including any of the threatening callers) what I allegedly said, so I can’t tell you whether I agree with it or not. Presumably their lawyers have told CFRA maintain silence since they have committed a number of sins.

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) has urged me to open a file with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to deal with the death threats and counterfeit complaints to the ISP. One of Lowell Green’s listeners phoned me to encourage me to press criminal charges against him, since he was clearly attempting to incite some crazy person to kill me. She said he has done this many times before lately especially to minorities and he needs to be stopped. He is full of himself. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has been a target of Mr. Lowell Green’s fatwah’s. Perhaps we can get some help from my friends at BC Civil Liberties Association or the University of Victoria Legal Aid team.

The Alleged Letter

Somebody posted the text of this letter to the Wikipedia entry about me, allegedly the one Lowell Green read on the air. The alleged letter is addressed to Darcy Tedford click to see photograph killed in Afghanistan on 2006-10-14.
It is with courage and heroism that Sergeant Darcy Tedford and Private Blake Williamson have sacrificed their life to bring stability, democracy and peace in Afghanistan.
~ Stephen Harper (1959-04-30 age:59) Prime Minister Of Canada

Dear Darcy

You selfish f***! It is almost Christmas and your wife and kids are sick with grief because you are not home for Christmas and never will be.

Why did you do this? Stephen Harper said it is the price we have to pay for Canada’s leadership in the world. Was it worth it?

I am pretty sure the reason you did this was you simply enjoy killing animals, people, blowing things up, playing war, killing kids and blowing the arms of grandmothers. You are a sick sadistic f*** and the army was a way to indulge your fantasies and get paid for it.

But was that sadistic pleasure worth the pain you inflicted on your family?

OK, so you were at heart a serial killer. Why did you have to marry and have children? Any decent person would have played your sick game without taking 3 innocent people down with you. But I suppose, what else can I expect from hunk of shit like you who killed innocent Afghan civilians just for fun.

If there is a hell, may you rot in it.

I still have not yet tracked the orginal source of this letter. I did not mail it to any widow. It is not posted on my website. It is not in my out email box. Google can’t find it. CRFA has not yet been forthcoming. It would not make sense that I would have written it in response to an email from Darcy since it addresses his ghost. Does anyone know where Lowell Green got this from?

My Stand

Though I mailed no letter to a widow, it is true it is no secret that I maintain all Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan, living or dead, to be war criminals. They are doing the exact same thing, namely waging an aggressive war, that was the only charge used to hang the all Nazis at Nuremberg. The Afghanistan war is a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), not a U.N. operation. It does not matter than the chances of prosecution in the immediate future are slim; they are still international war criminals. Eventually, they may be tried and sentenced life.

Most Canadians, even those who are opposed to the war, hold the soldiers blameless. Perhaps they consider them too stupid to be morally responsible for their actions. Just following orders has not cut it since Nuremberg. Soldiers are completely responsible for their actions, ordered or not.

Universal Soldier

© Caleb Music-ASCAP written and performed by Buffy Sainte-Marie.
I wrote Universal Soldier in the basement of The Purple Onion coffee house in Toronto in the early sixties. It’s about individual responsibility for war and how the old feudal thinking kills us all.
~ Buffy Sainte-Marie (1941-02-20 age:77)
Donovan (1946-05-10 age:71) had a hit with it in 1965.

He’s five feet two and he’s six feet four
He fights with missiles and with spears
He’s all of 31 and he’s only 17
He’s been a soldier for a thousand years

He’s a Catholic, a Hindu, an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew
and he knows he shouldn’t kill
and he knows he always will
kill you for me my friend and me for you

And he’s fighting for Canada,
he’s fighting for France,
he’s fighting for the USA,
and he’s fighting for the Russians
and he’s fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we’ll put an end to war this way

And he’s fighting for Democracy
and fighting for the Reds
He says it’s for the peace of all
He’s the one who must decide
who’s to live and who’s to die
and he never sees the writing on the walls

But without him how would Hitler have
condemned him at Dachau
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He’s the one who gives his body
as a weapon to a war
and without him all this killing can’t go on

He’s the universal soldier and he
really is to blame
His orders come from far away no more
They come from him and you and me
and brothers can’t you see
this is not the way we put an end to war.


Since the soldiers are not motivated by a desire to defend Canada, they must be motivated by stupidity, blood lust or money. This puts them on the same moral plane as the criminally insane, serial killers and Mafia thugs. Anyone who enables or encourages them in any way, or who lives off the avails of such thuggery, e.g. their wives, are morally tarred with their war crimes.

Further, the soldiers are extremely selfish. They are inconsiderate of their families, abandoning them either for months at a time or permanently (via death) just so they can have the adventure of killing Afghans who did absolutely nothing to hurt Canada. They come back psychologically destroyed, crippled, maimed or brain damaged and expect their families to nurse them the rest of their lives.

Canadian soldiers used to be honorable men, who defended their country or served on peacekeeping missions. However, those serving in Afghanistan are cold blooded child killers. They don’t deserve the honour of being called Canadian soldiers.

The Afghanistan war was originally started ostensibly because the USA wanted Afghanistan to catch bin Laden for them and extradite him without the usual formalities of an extradition treaty or presenting evidence of guilt. That was an outrageously high-handed, arrogant and illegal act. Canada, like a mindless toady, signed on for the bogus war.

The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71), 2001-09-13
I don’t know where he is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71), 2002-03-13
In retrospect, given that the entire might of the USA military was not able to find bin Laden, it was rather thick to demand an impoverished nation like Afghanistan capture him. Soon, bin Laden was forgotten, but the war continued. The actual reasons for the Afghanistan war, planned long in advance, are: This is the most ignoble war Canada have ever been involved in. It ranks with the Britain’s Opium Wars of the nineteenth century.

If my words sting, it is because you, on some level, recognise the truth in them. If you truly believed I was spouting nonsense, they would have no power over you. That pain you feel is your own guilt for your part in creating the nightmare in Afghanistan. Shutting me up, or even killing me, won’t shut up your conscience.

My Registered Letter

David Mitchell
CFRA Program Director
CHUM Group Radio-Ottawa
87 George Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 9H7

Re: Complaint About Lowell Green and the Afghanistan Widow Letter Affair

Dear Mr. Mitchell

As you may be aware Mr. Lowell Green has accused me of sending a letter to the widow of an Afghanistan vet on his CFRA talk show. I mailed no such letter. My six emails requesting a copy of the letter have gone unanswered. Please provide a copy of the alleged letter.

Further, Mr. Lowell Green set his fans to harass me with phone calls at all hours, death threats and formal complaints to my ISP. He gave out my home phone number and address. These people were so incoherent they could not tell me the contents of the letter, whom it was to etc.

Here are some possibilities as to what may have happened:

My roommate was so terrified she feels we must move to be safe.

I would like to know at least what I have been accused of. Please send me a CD (Compact Disc) of the radio shows where Mr. Lowell Green made these various allegations.

~ Roedy Green

The Goose Chase

Since I wrote this I was sent on a goose chase after the alleged letter. Only fairly late in the game did I get the text of what I was looking for. I tracked these leads down and found nothing. I have recently been told it is somewhere in the newsgroup archives somewhere among the over 150,000 posts I have made. I have yet to look there. I am quite ill and have only a little energy to pursue this matter. Please be patient.

After this blew over, the sister of a soldier killed in Iraq wrote me chastising me for not treating American soldiers in Iraq as heros. I wrote a rather scathing reply.

Eventually I found out what the fuss was about, a newsgroup posting in the form of an address to the ghost of a young man named Darcy who was killed in Afghanistan. I upbraided him for his foolishness and all the harm he had caused with his desire to kill Afghans who were no threat to Canada.


This is why we have courts, to check if accusations are true and to mete out appropriate punishments. If someone had killed me or beaten me up, surely suspicion of upsetting a widow should not be sufficient excuse to exculpate the vigilante Mr. Green.

death threats

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