Cited Book: A Manual for Creating Atheists

book cover recommend book⇒A Manual for Creating Atheists
by Dr. Peter Boghossian 978-1-939578-09-9 paperback
publisher Pitchstone Publishing 978-1-939578-15-0 eBook
published 2013-11-01 B00GBBAP9I kindle
Boghossian claims to have a way to talk Christians out of their faith in under an hour. It works in a non-confrontational low-key way. I have not received my copy of the book, so I have not yet tried it. It might be difficult finding a Christian in my social circle to act as guinea pig. Boghossian is a philosopher, so he may over estimate the power of logical argument He asks people what they think they know. Then he asks how they know what they claim to know. Then it slowly dawns on people they really have no reason to believe what they claim to know. You have to ask your questions with the attitude the Christian might know something you do not know. You don’t doubt his conclusions, just ask how he came to them.
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