Trump’s Assassination

Americans are prone to bumping off their presidents, but I suspect Trump will be taken out by a professional team from some other country.

It will be pretty easy to do. Trump loves appearing in front of large crowds. Canadian snipers can pick off targets from 2.48 km (1.54 miles) away. Presumably, classified weapons can do even better. Bombs can be hidden in venues long in advance hidden deep in heating ducts. His orange head makes him stand out from a crowd.

Trump has advertised himself as a bigger threat to the planet than even Hitler was. Forget the economic and ecological threats. Forget the promised bullying.

He said I love war, including nuclear war. He said What is the point of having nuclear weapons if you don’t use them? He has said he wants to start a nuclear war intended as simply a way to bully other countries. He does not understand how dangerous a strategy that is.

He is a climate change denier and he has appointed fellow climate change deniers to his cabinet. He wants to stop all work on climate change and environmental protection. He wants to dismantle the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). He wants to ban all climate change research (similar to Canada’s Stephen Harper). The problem is doing this will tip the planet over the edge. Nobody will be able to bring it back. The world will become uninhabitable from runaway climate change.

For these two reasons alone, every country with a secret service assassination team will likely consider it mandatory to take Trump out with no trace of who actually did it. Because of the severity of the threat, collateral damage will be ignored, making the hit easier.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)