Cited Book: Super Species: The Creatures That Will Dominate the Planet

book cover recommend book⇒Super Species: The Creatures That Will Dominate the Planet
by Garry Hamilton 978-1-55407-630-7 hardcover
publisher Firefly Books 978-1-77088-010-8 eBook
published 2010-09-02 B008BHURL6 kindle
We humans have been quite flat-footed in our treatment of the environment. We have spread species over the entire planet where these invasive species take over ecosystems without their usual predators. We kill off species sensitive to man-made pollutants. Global warming means equatorial squid now live in Alaskan waters. Overharvesting some species cause blooms of others. The tough species that are taking over are not often what you would call poster children. According to Garry Hamilton in they include the American bullfrog, brown tree snake, chytrid fungus (frog plague), Humboldt squid, European green crab, eastern grey squirrel, killer algae, feral pig, giant African land snail, C. Difficile, Argentine ant, crown of thorns starfish, nutria, hydrozoan, kudzu, zebra mussel, jellyfish, house sparrow, water hyacinthe and Nile perch. book website. Firefly also has a huge line of books about fish, amphibians, reptiles and other animals and how to keep them. I could could not put this book down. It is incredible, scary, gross, packed with facts, balanced. There is no padding. Every sentence is interesting. It is also strangely heavy, as in kilograms, printed on heavy glossy paper.
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