Creationists Ask Me To Distrust My Eyes

Creationists on the Internet assure me that a deity wrote the bible and that it is inerrant and thus we must do as it says literally and believe what it says trumping any other source of information including common sense, science or direct observation.

I personally have found many errors and contradictions in the bible. I have read of thousands more oopsies others have discovered. Creationists tell me that despite appearances, these errors and contradictions are not actually there. They say I should trust anonymous creationists on the net more than my own eyes.

When I ask them for a reason to believe this strange assertion, they say they cannot provide one. I must take it on faith. If I refuse their offer, they also threaten to have their imaginary god torture me for eternity, but only starting after I die. (So what? I will be just a pile of cremated bones by then. I won’t feel anything.)

In general, taking things on faith without any reasons is folly. For example, I could take it on faith I will win the Spanish El Gordo lottery without even buying a ticket and discard all my furniture and other belongings in preparation for buying new. Why then should I make an exception for this Christian wackiness which makes even less sense than winning a lottery? The creationists can offer no answer.

The only way I can see they could ever win a convert is to brainwash them as an infant. However, I know they do bamboozle adult converts every day. Why, is a complete mystery. Maybe some people take the threat of after-death torture as at least a thin possibility. To me, the creationists are as crazy as Charles Manson. I would ignore them if it were not for their success in the highest rungs of political power in Canada and the USA.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)