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Whale Torture


The early Hawaiians used to hunt dolphins by banging two rocks together under the water. The dolphins would surface with blood streaming from their sensitive ears. The US Navy is now killing marine mammals, especially whales, in the same way using sounds billions of times more intense than those known to disturb whales. The sounds are 215 decibels, a level a million times more intense than considered safe for human divers.

Why Are They Doing This?

Their intent is not to kill whales, the whales are merely collateral damage in the military view. The LFA (Low Frequency Active sonar) is used to scan the ocean for submarines.

What is The Effect

Whales of four different species beached themselves in the Bahamas when the Navy tested LFA there. The sound is so unbearable, the whales prefer suicide. The whales suffered hemorrhages around their ears.

Is this Necessary?

The only nations with silent submarines are now American allies. Until that changes, surely this sonic torture of whales is completely unjustified.

The Navy are callous sadistic bastards. I hope those responsible die by torture.

Bush, The Whale Torturer

On 2008-01-16 George W. Bush overrode a court order and permitted the Navy to resume unrestricted torturing whales with low frequency sonar of the coast of California. The dolphins and whales are committing suicide to get away from the sounds by beaching themselves. The sounds pound their ears to a bloody pulp. The sounds are so loud, divers here in Canada can hear them.

I wish I could subject that bastard to equivalent torture.

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