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West Van High 2004 40th Reunion photos


Here is the photo I took on 2004-08-08 at the West Van accelerated class of 1964 reunion held at Hugh Maddin’s house in West Vancouver. If you have pictures, please pass them along by email or snail mail. I suggest viewing these with the Opera browser. You can then adjust the size to fit your screen.
the gang
Left to right, Laurene Atherton (née Temoin), Bev Morris (née Simmons), Robin O’Brien (née Tolhurst), Sue Donaldson, Florence MacKenzie (née Rowell (our French teacher)), Heather Hudson, Martha Baldwin (née Kennedy), Hugh Maddin, Paul Crowder, Barb Archer, Stephanie Green, Doug Winslow, Doug Baldwin, Robbie Jones, Rod McCloy, Dick Humphries, Roedy Green.

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