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West Van High 2002 38th Reunion photos


Here are the photos Heather Hudson took from the 38th reunion on 2002-08-11. If you have some, please pass them along. I have a scanner. I suggest viewing these with the Opera browser. You can then adjust the size to fit your screen.
West Van reunion Top row: Barb Archer, Dennis Rush, Lynn Harper (Lynn Kirby), Sally Kunz (Sally Rummel), John Macfarlane.

Middle row: Gordon Dunnet, Norma McNeillie (Norma Corker), Tara Cullis, Heather Hudson, Don Fockler, Paul Crowder, Robbie Jones, Wendy Armstrong.

Bottom row: Ann Patterson (Ann MacFarlane), Hugh Maddin, Bev Morris (Bev Simmonds), Laurene Atherton (Laurene Temoin) andrew Clement, Roedy Green (Munroe Green), Rod McCloy, Wendy Davis (Wendy Yeo), Stephanie Green.

Wayne McKenzie is missing. Roger Davis (Wendy Davis’s husband) took the photo.

Ann Patterson Ann Patterson (Ann MacFarlane)
Rod, Joan, Ann, Tara Rod McCloy, Joan Rush (Dennis Rush’s wife), Ann Patterson (Ann MacFarlane), Tara Cullis.
Barb, Normal, Tara, Lynn Barb Archer, Norma McNeillie (Norma Corker), Tara Cullis, Lynn Harper (Lynn Kirby).
Wayne, Dennis, Robbie Wayne McKenzie, Dennis Rush, Robbie Jones.
Don, Stephanie, Gordon Don Fockler, Stephanie Green, Gordon Dunnnet.
Laurene, Roedy, Header, Gordon Laurene Atherton (Laurene Temoin), Roedy Green (Munroe Green), Heather Hudson, Gordon Dunnnet.
Roedy andrew Roedy Green (Munroe Green) andrew Clement.
Robbie, Bev, Wendy, Paul Robbie Jones, Bev Morris (Bev Simmonds), Wendy Davis (Wendy Yeo), Paul Crowder.
Sally, Gordon Sally Kunz (Sally Rummel), Gordon Dunnet.
Wendy, Hugh Wendy Armstrong, Hugh Maddin.
Wendy, Heather, Wendy, Bev Wendy Armstrong, Heather Hudson, Wendy Davis (Wendy Yeo), Bev Morris (Bev Simmonds).
Gordon, Wendy, Rody, don, Ann, Lynn Gordon Dunnet, Wendy Davis (Wendy Yeo), Rod McCloy, Don Fockler, Paul Crowder, Ann Patterson (Ann MacFarlane), Lynn Harper (Lynn Kirby).
Sally, Roedy, Heather, Laurene Sally Kunz (Sally Rummel), Roedy Green (Munroe Green), Heather Hudson, Laurene Atherton (Laurene Temoin)

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