Do You Need God To be Moral?

Religious people claim you need to pretend there is a god watching you all the time to behave morally. But this is not so. Secular countries have much lower crime rates than religious ones. In the USA, religious people are disproportionately represented in prisons. Evangelicals have a much higher divorce rate. The religious have higher teen pregnancy rates and higher abortion rates. Child abuse and sexual abuse is higher in religious households and even higher in very religious households. Yahweh himself is a bad role model. He has no impulse control. He tortures and murders like a reincarnation of Jeffrey Dahmer. Religion is essentially lying to yourself with comforting wishful thinking. That cannot help but warp your moral sense.

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One of the causes of Christian immorality is confession. The sinner confesses to a crime such as child molesting. The priest is bound to secrecy no matter how much damage the sinner is doing. The priest assigns a token secret penance, typically saying three Hail Marys for molesting. The sinner makes a donation. The priest does some magic and presto, supposedly it is as if the sin never happened. The sinner is washed clean, eager to sin again. But, of course, the effects of the sin are unchanged. Confession does nothing to make amends to the victim or to discourage the sinner from repeating.

This just shows you what a con the church was all along. They fool the congregation into believing they can magically undo sins in return for cash. It is just a trick to pull in the rubes. It is a doubly wicked con because they not only rip off the congregation promising and not delivering, they lead them into moral degradation. Finally, the priests learn secrets on everyone that they can hold over them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)