USE internationaliser;
  * resource bundle, information common to a group of bundle translations.
  * Information common to all locales for the ResourceBundle.
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS resourceBundles;
CREATE TABLE resourceBundles (
   * a unique serial number assigned to each unique combination
   * of uniqueProjectID/resourcebundlename
    * short 8-char name for project. All lower case. Do not confuse with package name.
   uniqueProjectID VARCHAR( 8 ) NOT NULL,
    * package name of the Bundle. Which package this these translations are for.
    * Dotted package name.
   packageName VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL,
    * name of the bundle, not including the, or the package.
    * Normally the name will start with an upper case letter. Must be a valid file name
    * on any platform you use for source development.
    * It will become the name of the properties file
    * Converted to lower case, it must be a valid Java identifier
    * used in source code as xxxx.getString( "YYY" );  Must be unique within package.
   resourceBundleBase VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY( uniqueResourceBundleID ),
   INDEX ByResourceBundleParts( uniqueProjectID, packageName, resourceBundleBase ),
   FOREIGN KEY( uniqueProjectID ) REFERENCES projects( uniqueProjectID )