USE internationaliser;
  * Notes by programmers, tied to a specific key. The comment applies to all locales.
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS programmercomments;
CREATE TABLE programmercomments (
   * which ResourceBundle this translation belongs to, project/ResourceBundle -- applies to all locales
   uniqueResourceBundleID INTEGER NOT NULL,
    * the key the Java source program uses to tie together all the translations resounceBundlename.getString( "key" )
    * This is case sensitive. You may use any combination of upper and lower case.
    * You can use any convention you like including adding punctuation characters like . and _
    * to create a hierarchy e.g. SEARCH.RESULTS.WEB.FOUND_DOCUMENTS
    * In the projects table, you can configure a project-wide REGEX
    * that determines if a translationKey is valid.
    * Dots in the key indicate levels of hierarchy.
   translationKey VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL,
    * comment from programmer.
    * There can be more that one of these for each translationKey.  It applies to all locales.
    * Programmer notes are automatically extracted from the Java source code
    * It might contain multiple lines.
    * It might contain URLS of screen shots. Note, we don't store images themselves.
    * person who wrote this comment
   initials CHAR ( 4 ),
    * when this record was last updated
   lastChanged TIMESTAMP,
   PRIMARY KEY( uniqueResourceBundleID, translationKey ),
   FOREIGN KEY( uniqueResourceBundleID ) REFERENCES resourcebundles( uniqueResourceBundleID ),
  INDEX changed( lastChanged)